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Kohetsu HAP40 Santoku 180mm
Kohetsu HAP40 Santoku 180mm Kohetsu HAP40 Santoku 180mmKohetsu HAP40 Santoku 180mmKohetsu HAP40 Santoku 180mm
Kohetsu HAP40 Santoku 180mmKohetsu HAP40 Santoku 180mmKohetsu HAP40 Santoku 180mmKohetsu HAP40 Santoku 180mm

Kohetsu HAP40 Santoku 180mm

Item #: KHP-S18C

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews)

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Our Price: $209.95
Occupying a sweet spot between a gyuto and a large petty, the santoku justifiably earns its reputation as a great all-around knife. In fact it fulfills the primary knife role in many kitchens. It also earns its name. Santoku, meaning “three virtues” in Japanese, is an all-purpose knife with a taller blade profile than a gyuto. Its three virtues are the knife’s ability to cut fish, meat, and vegetables. Santokus have flatter bellies than gyutos and are ideal for push cutting or chopping. The profile makes them easy to sharpen too.

HAP40 steel is at the top of our knife steel list. This excellent alloy is manufactured by Hitachi Metals. It is a fine grained alloy that can take a really sharp edge. It can also be sharpened with relative ease. The inner core is further strengthened and protected by a fully stainless outer cladding.

We are very fortunate it be able to offer these exclusively made knives to you. They represent a merging of traditional (methods) with modern (materials) and they would make a great addition to your kitchen knife roll or block.

  • Brand: Kohetsu
  • Maker: Tsukahara san
  • Location: Seki City Japan
  • Edge Steel: HAP40
  • HRC: 65-66
  • Edge Grind: 60/40
  • Handle: Charcoal Grey Pakka Octagonal
  • Weight: 5.5 ounces / 158g
  • Blade Length: 180 mm
  • Overall Length: 315 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 2.2 mm
  • Blade Height: 47.3 mm

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  • Customer Reviews


    6 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Good value for a hap40, March 14, 2022
    Posted By: Kalvin

    Almost good as my konosuke 180mm hd2 petty, the edge was poorly grind and uneven from tip to heel. The wide edge was not full polished, still scratches from the sharpener. The stamped side had two different angles for the edge. Knife is not fully straight, curves slightly to the left and the tip curves slightly to the right. But after sharpening it, works as well as my other 180mm petty. The handle is a little smaller than my other petty s well. I enjoy using this knife but, wish it was slightly more refined. (Sushi chef)

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      Great knife at a great price, August 4, 2020
    Posted By: Alex Barham - verified customer

    Bought this santoku for my wife to use on the line at our restaurant. She was looking for something that could hold an edge well, feel nimble, while still being capable of fairly large scale prep tasks. This knife has faired exceptionally well on every task that's been thrown at it. Vegetable prep, herbs, mincing, slicing fish for crudo, you name it. The knife itself feels solid, polished, and sexy. Cladding has held up great to acidity making for easy upkeep. All in all, a great performer for a great price.

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      Second Look at the Santuko, July 11, 2017
    Posted By: Edward Roth - verified customer

    It has been a few weeks now that I have had this jewel in collection. This knife gets crazy, wicked sharp on a 6000 King stone...and it doesn't take much! Edge retention is great though not as miraculous as the voodoo label might instill. The Santoku, at 180mm has me a believer, at first I thought it would be too long but it is just about perfect. The profile is such that I can do just about everything...slice, dice, chop on veggie, meat and fish. A true all purpose knife. It is light, fits my hand well for both full grip or pinch. This Santoku also has a nice profile for rocking, push-pull slice or chopping. Thank-you Mark and Sue for a great line-up, web-site a wonderful selection of knives. The only downside is the amount of out-of-stock items and the wait to replenish them.

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      First Impression, July 5, 2017
    Posted By: Edward Roth - verified customer

    I'm not sure why one review was not the greatest. Bear in mind this a first impression and i will review further as I grow to know this knife better. I bought this knife for the steel, and am very impressed. Out the box sharp has never been a criterion I have much truck with...that said I went through onions, celery and chiles like they hardly slowed it down. I haven't even touched the santoku to a stone. I can only imagine what a good sharpening will do. The fit/finish is, if not superb, quite good as this knife is about the steel and not over priced handworked hilts and handles. Personally I really like the look...elegant and simple. The knife is light and nimble if a santoku can be nimble and fits my hand just right, full grip or pinch. I think the Kohetsu HAP40 180mm Santoku is well worth the price of admission and a bargain at 180USD

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      SOLID, June 12, 2017
    Posted By: benito - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    Sharp, durable workhorse. It sticks a little, can be prone to microchipping if used aggressively; but gets really sharp and holds its edge well. I reach for this knife for long veg prep sessions, push/pull cuts. In terms of eccentricities: there is a very gentle rocker to the blade that gives it a faint whiff of versatility, but rocking this santoku on rubber boards just gets it stuck. other than that, it's not quite what the kids call a laser, but it does tick all the right boxes in what you want for edge geometry in a thinnish santoku. it's got a nice weight, balance. the handle is whatever. It's cool this knife low key tho. Or, Ugly is the new Beautiful (LOOKIN AT U TAKEDA SAN). This knife is total MF'n prep monster. You reach for her, when you have veg prep: lots of it. Feed her Shaptons, keep her happy.

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      Disappointed, April 17, 2017
    Posted By: JakeKnife - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Disappointed with QC and sharpening on the blade and fit and finish of the handle. OK I'm a relative beginner with Japanese knives, but I expected more from this one. My Koishi Bunka makes this knife look very bad through all product, but even a couple of Shun performed better. While I didn't have time to put it side-by-side with Global and others through a variety of product, I don't think it would have faired better except where the thin blade helps more than other factors.Looking at the edge, which has the extreme edge asymmetry reported on these knives, it looks like a mess for consistency. Especially on the shallow side it seems to vary from maybe 5 to essentially 0 deg. I've spent some time trying to find the issues and I'm not sure it is just the edge that needs work, but there seems to be a curve in the blade. I'm still trying to understand the over all strange performance. I would say stickage on this knife is extreme, but hopefully that will lessen eventually when I can use it more. The clading is not only soft as mentioned, but VERY soft. The handle seems poor quality even with immediate and multiple mineral oil applications it was deteriorating after just a handful of uses all with very careful and quick cleaning. I'll put a wax and professional wood protector on it soon and hopefully that will help, I may have to lightly sand first. It seemed OK OOTB, but quickly went down hill.I bought this for the steel so I hope it works out in the end, but it's become a so called project knife. The 120mm Western Petty has faired better so far on all counts which is a good sign. I'm hopeful one I get it straightened out (hopefully just the edge and no need to straighten the blade) the light weight and the HAP40 will prove very useful. Maybe not the bargain it seems, I'd recommend the sharpening service for those that just want to get the knife and start using it to see how it suits them.

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