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Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 240mm
Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 240mm Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 240mmKanehide PS60 Gyuto 240mmKanehide PS60 Gyuto 240mm
Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 240mmKanehide PS60 Gyuto 240mmKanehide PS60 Gyuto 240mmKanehide PS60 Gyuto 240mm

Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 240mm

Item #: PS60-1212

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 20 reviews)

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Our Price: $150.00
Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 240mm. The base of the steel is Hitachi Gin5 which is the most popular steel made for razors and is used by razor blade manufacturers around the world. The steel is almost identical to AEB-L and 13C26. Kanehide was able to increase the hardness to HRC 60-61 through special heat treating and also increasing the wear resistance by giving the blades a cryogenic treatment with liquid nitrogen at minus 180 degrees C. The sub-zero treating works to change retained austenite to martensite, and as a result, it is effective not only to enhance the hardness but also the wear resistance. Kanehide has been looking for any steels to be effective in kitchen knives and unknown in the market for a long time, and has just found out what they wanted, and named it privately as Ps (Pure stainless steel).

We've been testing this knife for the past 2 months and it's quite simply the best Western-handled stainless steel knife in its price range. It's fully stainless, sharpens extremely well and has a nice handle. We think it's better than the Mac Pro, Masamoto VG, Tojiro DP, Misono UX10, Richmond Artifex, and the Fujiwara FKM which are all in a similar price range. If you're looking for a good, entry level stainless knife this is our pick!

  • Brand: Kanehide
  • Location: Seki City Japan
  • Construction: Laser Cut/ Mono Steel
  • Bevel: Double Bevel
  • Edge Grind: Asymetric 70/30 (Ok for lefty or righty)
  • Handle: Western, Rosewood
  • Steel: PS-60 Stainless
  • HRC: 60-61
  • Weight: 7.6 oz/ 216g
  • Blade Length: 241mm
  • Overall Length: 368mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 2.0mm
  • Blade Height at Heel: 49.5mm

  • Customer Reviews


    20 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Good but not wow
    Posted By: Kristian Holmstrøm

    I bought this knife, and was looking very much forward to finnaly get reasonobly priced knife with good fit and finish, but there are still some thinngs which could be smoother and so... The rivets are poing out of the handle at there are some small gaps by the holster -- ok knife, but not as higle praised as in the video rgarding fit and fish - steel seems very nice nice at this price rate - and im looking forward to shapenings and to se how it reacts...

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      VERY happy with this purchase.
    Posted By: Sam - verified customer

    I'm posting this review at the 5 month mark. This is the first time I've had to sharpen it with a whetstone (I probably strop it every half dozen to a dozen uses or so). To give you all a point of reference, my preferred degree of sharpness is when the edge can push straight into the edge of a sheet of printer paper without needing any forward/backward motion of the blade. Some of you might sharpen more than this, some less, but I figured I'd give you a reference point. I can maintain this edge for about 3-4 days before it could benefit from another strop. The part that dulls though is the top third of the blade, which is always in contact with the cutting board (though with only a finger's worth of downward pressure). The heel of the blade lasts significantly longer, which is why I said I don't strop every week. In fact, about 2" of heel was still perfectly sharp before I put it to the stone, here at the 5 month mark, with only stropping for maintenance. The rest of the blade couldn't be brought back with just a strop to my preferred sharpness though.The edge retention is probably twice as good as the Mac santoku in the short term. Combine that with all of the other benefits, and I'm quite pleased with this purchase. Never going back, lol.

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      An all around great knife
    Posted By: Mike9 - verified customer

    I bought mine used through the forum classified. I couldn't pass it up for the price thinking I would gift it to my BIL. Boy am I impressed with this knife!! Thin, nimble and takes and holds a great edge. It falls through product very well. Not for hard squashes, or root veg, but we all have "workhorse" knives for those tasks. For the price point this is a hard to beat knife. The scales are shrinking a bit in winter, but will be back to stock in summer. To tell you the truth this knife is worthy of a rehandle.

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      Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 240mm
    Posted By: Tucker - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Fantastic knife! Beautiful fit & finish, with nicely rounded edges on the spine and choil. Lovely chestnut colored pakka wood handle is seamlessly attached and slightly larger in diameter than the Mac I formerly used. Fits my hand perfectly. Nice balance for my style of grip (pinch). Super lightweight for a western style knife, with a nice thin blade that just falls through food. Great edge right out of the box. Did some stropping to to bring it up a bit, but no sharpening needed yet, despite heavy use. 60 Rockwell is a sweet spot in my opinion. A bit more toughness and elasticity of the steel means less chipping of the edge. I'll update the review when I have the necessity to sharpen. The overgrind on the right side of the blade is a little odd, but a can't complain about the performance. Best knife I've ever owned, and a screaming bargain. I love it. Buy it, you won't regret it.

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      Great value
    Posted By: Rodrigo Batista - verified customer

    This is a really great knife for its price. It feels very much like the Masamoto VG10 in many ways but it's cheaper. Still not sure about the edge retention as this is a recent purchase.Btw, as someone mentioned before, why it has this overgrinding on the heel and tip? Quite curious too :)CKTG: outstanding service as usual.

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      Not sure what all the hype is about
    Posted By: Nicholas - verified customer

    I've been using this knife for three months. I was very excited to begin using it based on all the positive reviews. When it arrived the bevel towards the tip of the knife was very poorly done and while sharp it wasn't that sharp - no way it would cut through a tomato as pictured above. After a few months with regular stropping after each use it has a couple of dents in it (the hardest task it was put to was spatchcocking a chicken) and is not as impressive as discussed in other reviews. I appreciate the feel and shape of the knife but my knife has not held its edge well. I purchased this knife with the intention of getting a lot of use out of it for a long time but I don't see myself getting more than another year out of it. For the price I couldn't give it one or two stars but I wouldn't put it above three.

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      Best deall on CKTG
    Posted By: Jeffry Bartash - verified customer

    The Kanehide is a terric value, but that's an almost underhanded compliment. The PS60 is a terrific knife, period.Thin, super sharp and a nimble tip, but tough enough to handle most tasks. Holds an edge for a long while and is fairly easy to sharpen.Fit and finish is surprising good, indeed just plain good, and better than anything else at this price point. A good workhorse for restaurants or a nice entry point for home cooks experiencing Japanese knives for the first time. Don't let the nice price fool you.

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      After 4 months: I really love this knife.
    Posted By: Rob O - verified customer

    Updating my January review after 4 months of heavy - almost rough use. I really, really love this knife. I a m so very glad I have it. It gets all of the really tough tasks. We're not exactly opening paint cans with it but it takes so much more abuse than any of my other, more expensive, blades. It's been used on not so great cutting boards, once directly on granite (not by me), hit bone a few times and left out unwashed. Frankly, it hasn't even really needed a strop in 2 months let alone sharpening. I'm completely amazed by this knife. Even with all that it has a nice balance, little wedging and very nice performance overall. Highly recommended.

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    Posted By: Stephen - verified customer

    Went from a Tojiro 270mm to this knife after my kit was stolen. I've had it for one month and use it in a pro setting. I typically don't use this knife on protein, lest I need a slicer in the moment. It mostly sees veg and garnish prep. It's wonderful. The out of the box fit and finish are superb, especially going from the tojiro, which I had to sand to my liking. The edge seems to have a slight overgrind at the heel and tip. I wonder if this is intentional, and I'd actually be interested to know if it is and why. It's a lovely edge. I haven't sharpened it once, and taking it to a ceramic rod daily is all that's really needed to make it more than serviceable.I love the heft of it. It is nimble, thin behind the edge, thin to the spine. It's a pleasure to use and I could not recommend it enough.Thank you for the fantastic service as usual CKTG.

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      Great knife
    Posted By: Jacko - verified customer

    This is a great entry level knife that performs right out of the box. I bought this knife as a gift for my son and his wife and they love it as one of the best knives they have ever used. I'll get a chance to update this review if they ever need sharpening.

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      Excellent for the price!
    Posted By: David - verified customer

    Stellar for it's price!Home cook here who cooks often. This thing has conquered everything in it's path. From raw proteins, pineapples, and butternut squash, it has never really struggled at all. Great edge out of the box, better than some other knives I have that cost over twice as much. The tip works surprising well, better than I expected. While it's an additional price over the Tojiro, it's definitely worth the upgrade in performance.A great general performer and a winner at the current price point.

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      Great First Japanese Knife
    Posted By: Ryan B (Cochese) - verified customer

    This is my first Japanese knife and I've had it for almost a month now. I use it in a home setting, but I cook a fair amount. Since this is my first J-knife, I opted for a western handle. It feels light for its size, very well balanced, very comfortable to use. I am also glad I went with the 240mm instead of the 210mm. I don't have a large kitchen at home either and it is not oversized or awkward in the smaller kitchen.As far as the edge and steel goes, I don't have much to compare to other than German knives. I have used it on hard wood, bamboo and poly boards and cut everything from veggies to raw meat to cooked meat. The OOTB edge was outstanding to me, so I haven't used any stones on it. All I have done is strop on balsa with CrOx paste and that has kept the edge just as sharp as day one so far.Last thing I would like to mention is this is a very good looking knife. Puts my other knives on my rack to shame. I know this may not be something important to some, but I have my knives on a magnetic rack on the wall in my kitchen, so it is nice to have something aesthetically pleasing hanging there.Overall, this is just a great knife, especially for the money. I think is the perfect transition into the Japanese knife world.P.S. CKTG is a class act and a real pleasure to deal with. Thanks again!

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      Great value!
    Posted By: Brian M (GopherBroke) - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    This is a great knife for someone looking to replace their German/French knives. For $130 it is a true performer!The out of the box edge was good, but wasn't too refined. Like most knives that I buy, new or used, I sharpen them myself soon after receiving them. My knife has held its' edge for a month now without any stropping or touch-ups. I've experience no chipping or issues with the edge/blade to this point. Fingers crossed :)The handle is very nice and very well finished.There aren't any gaps or steps from wood to metal, and it feels good for a western (yo) handle. The balance of the knife is very good with a pinch grip, and isn't as heavy as it appears. I gave it 4/5 because of the mis-grind on the edge and the edges' roughness out of the box.This is a great value for entry level or even a knife for "others".

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      Excellent Mid-level gyuto value priced
    Posted By: Fausto Beltran - verified customer

    Surprisingly good edge out of the box, small over-grind at the tip. Excellent performer, ive been using it for two days and it has a great feel, i really like the heft and its definitely a great choice for pro kitchens.

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      Excellent Value.
    Posted By: Rob O - verified customer

    Extremely pleased with the performance of this knife. Nice feel through veggies and handles denser ingredients easily with relatively little wedging. Flat(ish) profile lends itself to chopping but its tip is swept enough to allow for rocking when necessary. What I really like about this knife is how well it retains its edge -- yet it's still very easy to sharpen. Over the last few weeks I treated its out of the box edge quite a bit rougher than normal. It held up extremely well with no chipping and hardly any edge rolling. Amazingly the steel was easy to sharpen and I had no difficulty at all getting a screaming sharp edge. Highly recommened for anyone looking for a highly performant knife to leave out on their board and not worry about it.

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      A winner!
    Posted By: Paul M. - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Short summary is wow we have a winner! Relatively new to J knives, so comparisons are to Tojiro DP 210 which is not really fare as this costs ~2X but is clearly worth it in my opinion. Fit and finish is excellent, personally I like the look of the handle and as Im coming from western knives the weight seems to be a non issue. Very comfortable to pinch grip and they did a nice job finishing the spine and choil edges (no need to smooth these as on the Tojiro). Really sharp OOTB edge, will pop hair off your arm no issue, have been using this for a while now (home use not a pro) and have not had the need to touch up the edge yet, it just keeps going (again, comparison to the Tojiro DP I had touched up with an Idahone several times by now). Flies through veggies, both chop and push cut (I dont do much rock cutting). I would recommend this to anyone, big worthwhile step up from the Tojiro DP.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Excellent Knife
    Posted By: Jeff B - verified customer

    Glides through product. Excellent fit and finish, beautiful handle. Great knife at an awesome value!

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Is it really this good? (yeah)
    Posted By: william phillips - verified customer

    My ONLY reservation is the handle. Balance is fine but I prefer lighter weight.Knife handles well from tip to heel with all vegetables, including the harder root ones.Has me wondering if this is going to reign as the 'IT' budget all stainless gyuto(until Mark uncovers another one.) Cutting action does have a wow sensation. I'm still scratchingmy head. Have not touched up OOTB edge and await the verdict on retention and sharpening experience.Meanwhile, kudos. Kanehide has managed what looks to be another winner.

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      Excellent Knife!
    Posted By: Nicholas Miller - verified customer

    I had to go with 4 stars, there was a slight over grind at the heel and tip, also the weight is a little beefy.I let my domestic partner use this to prep stir fry, and based on her comments it's stellar! Fantastic knife, excellent handle, glides through onions and some tougher root veg, love the look and feel.I did cut up one onion to get a good feel for the blade (surgery healing can't do more) it's just great to work with and will definitely see time in the work rotation once I head back.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Great Knife
    Posted By: Kirkystyle - verified customer

    Great stainless steal knife. Perfect weight for a western handle . Very sharp out of the box. Handle very well done . Nice and thin grind.

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