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Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 210mm
Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 210mm Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 210mmKanehide PS60 Gyuto 210mmKanehide PS60 Gyuto 210mm
Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 210mmKanehide PS60 Gyuto 210mmKanehide PS60 Gyuto 210mmKanehide PS60 Gyuto 210mm

Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 210mm

Item #: PS60-1211

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 18 reviews)

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Our Price: $135.00
Our number 1 pick for a good quality, entry level gyuto! The Kanehide PS60 Gyuto 210mm is a lotta knife for the money. Hitachi makes this steel for the razor industry and has a dominant share of the market world wide. The steel is almost identical to AEB-L and 13C26. Kanehide was able to increase the hardness to HRC 60-61 through special heat treating and also increasing the wear resistance by giving the blades a cryogenic treatment with liquid nitrogen at minus 180 degrees C. The sub-zero treating works to change retained austenite to martensite, as a result, it is effective not only to enhance the hardness but also the wear resistance.

We tested this knife for over 2 months and it's quite simply the best Western-handled stainless steel knife in its price range. It's fully stainless, sharpens exceptionally well, and has a nice handle. We think it's better than the Mac Pro, Masamoto VG, Tojiro DP, Misono UX10, Richmond Artifex, and the Fujiwara FKM which we also sell and are all in a similar price range. Give it a try and we think you'll be as delighted with this knife as we are.

  • Brand: Kanehide
  • Location: Seki City Japan
  • Construction: Laser Cut/ Mono Steel
  • Bevel: Double Bevel
  • Edge Grind: Asymmetric 70/30 (Ok for lefty or righty)
  • Weight: 6.3 ounces
  • Blade Length: 210 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 2 mm
  • Blade Height: 46 mm
  • Steel: PS60 Stainless
  • HRC: 60-61
  • Handle: Western, Rosewood

  • Customer Reviews


    18 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Stop shopping for Gyotus here, this is the one you want!
    Posted By: Steve

    I've owned several brands of Japanese knives, this one is by far the best edge out of the box and at another level of overall quality. I broke the tip on my Masamoto VG and purchased this as the replacement, the Kanehide far exceeds the Masamoto in every category. In this price range the Kanehide cannot be beat.

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      Perfect Choice
    Posted By: Donovan - verified customer

    I did plenty of research before buying this knife, and I couldn't be happier with it. It puts every other knife I own to shame, and the best part is I don't have the nagging feeling that I would with a carbon blade, that I forgot to dry it well enough or shouldn't be cutting something potentially acidic.

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      Kanehide 210mm Gyuto
    Posted By: John Marotta - verified customer

    Fantastic knife , Super Sharp , Awesome

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      Amazing knife!
    Posted By: mat

    I work in a fine dining kitchen and this is my new daily workhorse. It stands right up to the ux10. Came razor sharp out of the box, has great edge retention and isn't reactive at all. Highly recommend!

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      Finally, a different class!
    Posted By: Ben

    I have been collecting knives for quite some time but do not have tons of cash. I've owned the Sun Sora gyuto, Shun classics, a Bob Kramer Shun, and Tojirp DP Gyuto. All these knives were great but felt like better versions of regular knives, sharper and holding an edge longer, but not fundamentally different. This is the first kitchen knife I have purchased that FINALLY feels like a different class of knives. It flies through food with little to know resistance. Do no shy away from the proprietary steel, it's excellent, I've waited to do this review for several months to really get a feel for this knife and all around it is excellent. I purchased this at Chefknivestogos review that this was there preferred over the Misono UX10 which I was looking at. I pulled the trigger on this and it is absolutely a high performing knife. My only complaint is I don't like the printed label on the blade, I would prefer they lazer etched it or stamped it, the ink stands proud of the blade and feels cheap. So my one complaint is ink. Overall fit and finish of this knife is easily 5 stars and for the price I have a hard time thinking of anything that would functionally perform better. I highly highly recommend this knife.

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      Very happy with this purchase
    Posted By: Josh - verified customer

    What a fantastic product! I'm a home cook and this is by far the best knife I have ever had the pleasure of using.

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      First quality Japanese knife
    Posted By: Martin Bi

    I've loved knives and cooking ever since I was a child. Owned and used a combination of Zwilling and other export quality knives off the Chinese market but this blows them all away. Cut a carrot yesterday and my first reaction was that something was wrong with the carrot. Amazed at how easily the knife just glides through. I've also done a bit of sharpening with stones but never gotten to this level.

    Time will tell regarding edge retention.

    Only downside is that the wood seems to have shrunk just a bit, making the tang protrude a little so it's not perfectly flush. Will soak and rub with some mineral oil to see how it goes.

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      Kanehide knife
    Posted By: Maxwell Lewis Perry - verified customer

    Pretty good quality

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      Great knife
    Posted By: Austin Wadlow - verified customer

    Definitely a winner if you are looking for a western handle Gyuto. Had it sharpened by CKTG and it came with a razor sharp edge. If you are looking for a reasonably priced Gyuto that will hold a great edge, then definitely consider this one, especially if the western handle is appealing to you.

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      Love my knife.
    Posted By: Brad Lebowitz - verified customer

    The weight and balance, fit and finish are all to my liking. I'm very happy with this purchase.

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      A great start (or finish) on the J knife journey
    Posted By: gastro gnome - verified customer

    This knife felt so comfortable and performed so well that it felt an extension of my hand. Great fit & finish helps a lot in this regard. It goes through a variety of product well and felt free and easy in use. The edge retention seemed very good. This a great performer and a fantastic value if you want a Western handle. You could easily gift this to a friend who is trying his or her very first Japanese knife and it will leave an impression. But I think it still offers a lot even to those who have a few knives to choose from.

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      Just Awsome
    Posted By: Chefcallari - verified customer

    If your looking for a bad ass fully stainless line knife... This is it! Thin, yet feels solid in the hand. Really good grind, performs like a boarder line laser, yet the steel is tough... Think AEBL with better edge retention... But sharpens up like a dream. Too that with being fully stainless and boom... Awsome. Lets not forget about the look though! Super polished choil and spine and a beautiful redwood handle make it a stunner. But it

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      Damn nice!
    Posted By: Andrew - verified customer

    This is an excellent knife for the price. Nimble and efficient, sharp OOTB. Fit and finish could be a bit better around where the handle meets the bolster (there's the tiniest little gap on one side on mine), but I can't complain given how nice everything else is for the price.

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      Great product, great service
    Posted By: Colin - verified customer

    Out of the box sharpness was exactly as desired, the knife itself is a visually appealing knife, and I received outstanding service from CKTG. Definitely would recommend to all!

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      Solid Knife With A Comfortable Handle
    Posted By: Blake Davidson - verified customer

    I got this as a gift, and because of that I didn't get to test the sharpness out of the box. I ended up trying it for the first time after about two weeks of regular use and it was already ready for a sharpening. It sharpened up nicely on my 1000/4000 combo. I haven't used AEB-L before, but I think I prefer my VG-10 over it- I didn't need to sharpen that knife for almost two months. That being said, it's a good knife for the price. Low maintenance. I love the small handle and the wood is absolutely gorgeous.

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      Best knife ever
    Posted By: Chefspence - verified customer

    I may be biased because I like bang for my buck, but damn this knife is amazing. Great f&f, sharp ootb, nice looking handle. Spine and choil well rounded and very comfortable. The knife is quite thin and light with a great profile. Cuts amazingly and glides through food. I absolutely fly through prep with this thing and I use it more than any other knife I have. I own a konosuke laser, and this thing is only a half step behind for half the price. I took the recommendations, bought this knife, and I can easily say that if I had to choose the best knife for the money his is it!!

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      Worth every penny!
    Posted By: Brian M (GopherBroke) - verified customer

    I own the 240 as well, but wifey was a bit intimidated by its' size, so we got her a smaller one. Like the 240, the fit and finish is excellent.The out of the box edge was excellent as well. A few passes on a leather strop and it was screamin' sharp! The 240 has great edge retention, and mine has only been sharpened once since getting it (the 240) in November; it's now February :)The blade is insanely thin and slides through product like a laser. The balance of the knife is superb.With a pinch grip the entire weight of the knife is in your hand - the blade almost becomes transparent/non existent. It's going to be difficult to beat this knife at it's $109 price tag.

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      Kanehide PS60 210 Gyuto
    Posted By: FH12 - verified customer

    F&F are beyond exemplary. All blade edges finished nicely. Grind is made to perform: thin behind a 70/30 edge with not a misstep. OOTB edge ready to work, but a few pulls on a 1 micron balsa and it now screams. Exciting distal taper will not slow you down. Weight is in your hand (grip size initially feels bulky, but that feeling fast disappeared), which makes for an agile blade for skillful dexterity on the board. I purchased this knife to be an everyday, lie on the board, grab it for at need tasks, with forgiving maintenance needs blade - my performance knife is a Yuki 210. The Kanehide is all I wanted it to be, and it will be more as the days pass by.

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