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Harukaze G3 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm
Harukaze G3 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm Harukaze G3 Nashiji Gyuto 240mmHarukaze G3 Nashiji Gyuto 240mmHarukaze G3 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm
Harukaze G3 Nashiji Gyuto 240mmHarukaze G3 Nashiji Gyuto 240mmHarukaze G3 Nashiji Gyuto 240mmHarukaze G3 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm

Harukaze G3 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm

Item #: HG3-G240

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 10 reviews)

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Our Price: $130.00
Harukaze G3 Nashiji Gyuto 240mmn. Harukaze means "windy spring" in Japanese, these Harukaze knives have been made for CKTG exclusively from a medium sized factory in Tosa, Japan. This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high quality knife at a reasonable price. It starts with a core steel (G3) with an HRC of 62, then add a stainless steel cladding with a Nashiji (pear skin) finish to protect and beautify the blade. It is then finished off with a lovely oval magnolia wood handle with a pakka wood ferrule. As a bonus, it has a nice kanji engraving on both sides of the blade.

  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Blade Length: 245 mm
  • Blade Height: 50 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 2mm
  • Cladding: Stainless
  • Edge Grind: 50/50
  • Core Edge Steel: G3 Stainless Steel (AKA Ginsan)
  • HRC: 62
  • Handle: Magnolia Oval
  • Ferrule: Black Pakka Wood
  • Engraving: Kanji Engraved
  • Made in Tosa, Japan
  • Photos by Gustavo Bermudez

  • Customer Reviews


    10 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Great size, great value, August 25, 2020
    Posted By: Rod L - verified customer

    When I got this knife I was worried that it would wedge a bit--despite the narrow blade, it widens quickly from the edge to the nashiji area of the cladding. But it's been wonderful to use in practice and the edge has been great (after resharpening to 27 degrees). It feels light for a knife this size and the balance is fine. I did round the spine a bit to make it more comfortable to grip.

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      Good knife for the price, August 10, 2020
    Posted By: Julio Santiago - verified customer

    My knife arrived a little late but for me, it was ok , the knife came razor sharp and its pretty comfortable, I also love the details. For the price , its a very good knife. The only thing I didn't like was that the handle came a little dry, but that can be fixed with some oil , in conclusion I totally recommend it

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      Awesome knife, June 22, 2020
    Posted By: Mark Stiles

    I'm just a home chef, but a lifetime knife addict, and one who's always enjoyed sharpening pocket and sporting knives. I'm brand new to Japanese knives, or was. It's been a knife per week lately. This thing rocks. I've had it about a month now, and am still shocked at the edge I've been able to achieve using a Suehiro Cerax 1000/6000 then stropping with compound. The retention seems pretty good, but I do touch it up fairly often with the 6000 and strop. Couldn't be more pleased with Chef Kives to Go, or this awesome G3 steel. I had my doubts a the G3, but after watching the video I thought this would be a good knife to get my feet wet with, and I've been nothing but pleased.

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      Fantastic Knife!, May 22, 2020
    Posted By: Mo - verified customer

    I have been trying to buy a Japanese Chef knife for about a year and never could find anything that I really thought is worth the money for a person like me (not a chef, but I cook a lot at home). One of the things that was bugging me when I wanted to buy this knife was that whether the pattern actually looks nice in reality. It really looks perfect! That aside, the knife is super sharp and stayed sharp for the past month I've been using it on a daily basis (about 40 -90 mins a day), not heavy at all nor too light to make you feel that this knife is cheap or anything. The handle feels ok while holding it but I think it could've been better. Overall, if you want to buy a Japanese Chef knife, in this price range, this knife is the best you can get!

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      Harukaze ginsan gyuto 240, March 15, 2020
    Posted By: Mitchell - verified customer

    I love this knife. Quite sharp OOTB(thanks CKTG), I'm in love with ginsan steel. Quite hard, stainless, and good edge retainment!
    I need to buy a few more for gifts for family members, save me a few!

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      Beautiful Craft, February 14, 2020
    Posted By: Faber Monroy - verified customer

    Beautiful Craftsmanship
    Light and sharp.
    Fast delivery

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      Beautiful Knife, February 8, 2020
    Posted By: Daniel - verified customer

    This knife is great. The fit and finish on my example is outstanding. I finished the handle with a little tru-oil and it looks really nice. No sanding was required. I just did a little steel wool in between coats of the tru-oil. The blade is straight. You really need to use water stones to sharpen. I tried using diamond stones and the edge got brittle less than 12 degrees per side. I ended up using water stones and put a 12 degree edge on it. 300, 1000, 3000, 10000 progression and it now has a mirror polished edge. Extremely sharp blade. I am very happy with the knife.

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      Amazing knife, November 25, 2019
    Posted By: Alex V

    I don't have much to compare this to in the realm of fine Japanese knives but compared to the Shuns and Globals I've handled this knife blows them out of the water. Fit and finish is very nice with a light but comfortable handle and a beautiful blade that I often bind myself just admiring instead of using. I paid for the sharpening service and it is without a doubt the sharpest knife I've ever used. The video on this is absolutely correct that the handle is quite light so the balance is blade forward but I find this couples with the thinner blade to make it very easy to handle. All in all I'm very satisfied with this knife for the price I paid.

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      Awesome stainless knife, August 28, 2019
    Posted By: Chef Dan

    Insane amount of knife for the money. Beautiful pear finish, excellent blade profile, and attractive handle. Edge retention is decent. Easy to sharpen and no fuss with staining. Really thin blade, too. Very laser-ish

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      Crazy Blade Quality!, August 22, 2019
    Posted By: Chase Perkins

    Aside from the handle be fit slightly off center and the uneven edge bevel (which is easily remedied) the fit and finish is INSANE. The blade finish and work that goes into is phenomenal. You could easily tell me this knife is $180+ and I would believe you. if you are looking for G3 at a great price with an awesome finish, this is the knife for you. A rehandle on this blade would really take it to the next level.

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