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Gihei HAP40 Santoku 165mm
Gihei HAP40 Santoku 165mm Gihei HAP40 Santoku 165mmGihei HAP40 Santoku 165mmGihei HAP40 Santoku 165mm
Gihei HAP40 Santoku 165mmGihei HAP40 Santoku 165mmGihei HAP40 Santoku 165mmGihei HAP40 Santoku 165mm

Gihei HAP40 Santoku 165mm

Item #: GHP-S165

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 10 reviews)

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Our Price: $225.00
We have been working with Gihei for many years and during that time they have produced some of the nicest blades we offer.

The santoku featured here is constructed using HAP40 PM semi-stainless steel as the inner core (hagane) with a strong outer jigane made from stainless steel. HAP40 is a very good steel for kitchen knives, especially when heat treated to 65-66 HRC. The heat treatment applied to Gihei blades is of notable quality. This combination results in a knife that takes a great edge and stays sharp for a long time.

Santoku knives are probably the Japanese knife best established in the western marketplace. Santoku knives are prized for their handy, user-friendly size and gyuto/chefs knife-like versatility.

This santoku is paired with a lovely oak octagonal handle with burnt urushi finish.

  • Brand: Gihei
  • Blacksmith: Mr. Hosikawa
  • Region: Sanjo City, Japan
  • Construction: San Mai
  • Cladding: Stainless Steel
  • Edge Steel: HAP40
  • Handle: Octagonal Oak with Urushi Finish
  • Weight: 4.1 oz (116 g)
  • Edge Length: 170 mm
  • Total Length: 307 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 1.7 mm
  • Blade Height: 45.9 mm

  • Customer Reviews


    10 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      HAP40, July 29, 2022
    Posted By: Colleen Fogarty

    Wow is this knife sharp! I’m a big fan of AS and Blue 2 steel, but I give HAP40 the nod for the best steel I own. Gihei produces some incredible knives with gorgeous fit and finish. Looks like I’ll have to double up on knives because I’m not giving up my Takedas…no buyer’s remorse here on my Gihei Santoku purchase.

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      Sweet knife
    Posted By: Kurt Spear - verified customer

    Excellent fit and finish. A quick sharpen and it's good to go. Nice medium size addition to the tool kit.

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      Gihei HAP40 165mm Santoku
    Posted By: Bill Brown - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    The Gihei HAP40 165mm Santoku is excellent in all ways. Its finely finished and is a very handsome knife. It was moderately sharp out of the box but was easy to sharpen and took a great edgebetter even than my Kurosaki AS Santoku, which is itself no slouch. This is the 2nd knife Ive owned made with HAP40 and its an impressive steel, taking and holding an edge very well. Highly recommended.

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      Gehei HAP40
    Posted By: Todd Vitt - verified customer

    This knife is fantastic! Fit and finish was very good, no sharp edges.where tang enters handle was sealed. The OOTB edge was not great so I sharpened it to a 6k stone and stopped it.the blades now ridiculously sharp.because of sharpness and it's very thin blade, this knife just glides through produce with little effort. highly recommend this knife

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      Gihei Santoku
    Posted By: Scott Smith - verified customer

    Very impressive craftsmanship. Knife seems a little small due to the blade height. I have large hands and the handle is perfect but my knuckles hit the board when using it. Still a very well make knife and extremely sharp.

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      Light-Weight, Great Balalnce, Razor Sharp, & Beautiful
    Posted By: Steven - verified customer

    Working with good tools is inspiring, and this knife is not only high quality, but beautiful as well. I had Mark fit mine with the cherry handle and it's a pleasure to behold and to use! I'm a home hobbyist cook, so having it come out of the box with a razor sharp edge was a delight. I also love the light weight and great balance. Excellent customer service, as usual!

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      I love this santoku
    Posted By: Nameless Stranger - verified customer
    3 people found this review helpful

    Ease of sharpening: 3+ (HAP40 !)Edge retention: 5+ (HAP40!!)Wedging: 5 (thin geometry, almost laser)Food stickiness: 2 (thin geometry...)Profile: 4

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
    Posted By: Will Clark - verified customer

    This thing is made of lasers or something. It's incredibly light, and cuts like nothing I've used before! It arrived extremely sharp and I can hardly believe how it cuts. I thought my other CKTG knives were amazing, but this is a new feeling. (I have a Takeda AS Classic Gyuto and a Kohetsu Nakiri which I relly love.)I admit I haven't used it long enough to know about the sharpening properties, but as it stands right now I can't recommend it highly enough.

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      If you are thinking about getting this, DO IT!!!!!
    Posted By: Zachary Baker - verified customer

    Easily the best knife i have ever had in my hand. Would have totally spent twice the amount I did and still would be satisfied!!! Get it!

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
    Posted By: Jeff540 - verified customer

    My first review here. Since there's no review so far for this wonderful knife, I'd like to offer some of the justice it deserves. I'm a passionate home cook, and I've had this for about a month now. it's my second J-knife. Wonderful fit and finish, but the steel is simply incredible. I'm a neophyte sharpener, but even my elementary skills were sufficient to put a hair popping edge on this knife. All this translates to a wonderful experience in use: I find myself relaxing in the kitchen when using this knife; I'm no longer in a rush to get tasks finished quickly, almost a Zen thing.

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