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Yuuka San Woodblock Print “Yoshitsune”
Yuuka San Woodblock Print “Yoshitsune” Yuuka San Woodblock Print “Yoshitsune”
Yuuka San Woodblock Print “Yoshitsune”Yuuka San Woodblock Print “Yoshitsune”

Yuuka San Woodblock Print “Yoshitsune”

Item #: Samurai-Warrior
Our Price: $179.95
Yuuka san is a woodblock print artist from Japan. We commissioned her to make these amazing prints to celebrate our 20th anniversary. This one is of a samurai warrior.

She named the new woodblock print “Yoshitsune.” He lived about 850 years ago in the Kamakura Era and is considered a folk hero. Minamoto no Yoshitsune was small in size but lightning quick and he fought and beat another big, strong warrior named “Benkei” in Kyoto who then became his loyal follower. Yuuka san was inspired to make a block print depicting Yoshitsune in full armor at the moment of attack.

Yuuka san made 20 numbered prints in all. We took #1 for our office. The second photo is of her original drawing which she used to cut the wood block before printing. If you watch the video below you can see her making a small print for demonstration.

  • Artist: Yuuka San
  • Location: Miki City Japan
  • Wood Block Print Size: 130mm x 180mm
  • Frame size : 200mm x 275mm
  • Signed with one Red Seal
  • Numbered Prints with 1-20.
  • Mat and Frame Included

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