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Home > Knife Brands > Tojiro Knives > Tojiro DP > Tojiro DP Gokujo Boning 150mm
Tojiro DP Gokujo Boning 150mm
Tojiro DP Gokujo Boning 150mm Tojiro DP Gokujo Boning 150mmTojiro DP Gokujo Boning 150mm
Tojiro DP Gokujo Boning 150mm Tojiro DP Gokujo Boning 150mmTojiro DP Gokujo Boning 150mm

Tojiro DP Gokujo Boning 150mm

Item #: F-827

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews)

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Our Price: $122.00
Tojiro’s DP line of knives is the gold standard for high performance Japanese cutlery offered at accessible price points. Indeed, the DP series has been a favored entry point for many accomplished home and pro cooks to the world of fine Japanese kitchen steel for many, many years. Tojiro employs VG-10 stainless steel at the core of the company’s DP line. The maker has expertly treated this steel to provide a cutting edge that can achieve extreme levels of sharpness, exhibits great retention properties, and is easy to maintain and sharpen. The cladding on these knives is a softer stainless steel which adds to the ease of sharpening and integrity of the blade. Fit and finish is high with beautifully integrated bolsters and flush rivets and tang with the stamina wood handle.

The Tojiro DP gokujo is very similar to a Western boning or fillet knife and should be a familiar pattern for most cooks. The accentuated curvature of the blade makes this knife particularly good at filleting smaller fish like trout, stripers, or red snapper, as well as boning work that may require a thinner, more dexterous blade.

  • Weight: 5.7 oz/ 162g
  • Blade Length: 155mm
  • Overall Length: 305mm
  • Spine Thickness at Heel in front of finger guard: 2.2mm
  • Height at Heel in front of finger guard: 26.4mm

  • Customer Reviews


    6 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Tojiro Boning Knife, July 29, 2020
    Posted By: Walter Shubsda - verified customer

    I have been smoking a lot of brisket lately, and a whole packer brisket requires A LOT of trimming. It contains copious amounts of fat that have to be trimmed. The goal is not to cut off all the fat, but instead to get it to approximately 1/4 inch in thickness, so it is not a matter of hacking away, the trimming has to be done precisely.

    The blade on this knife is thin, but is certainly not razor thin. The blade is not flexible at all, so one can maintain precise control. I bought it for trimming brisket, but it could also be used successfully for cutting up whole chickens. If one were going to use if for filleting fish, I think because of its lack of flexibility, it may not work as well for that.

    Fit and finish was very good. Sharpness 6/10. I like the knife a lot and it does well for the purpose I bought it.

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      Brisket Slayer, April 22, 2020
    Posted By: Sam - verified customer

    Fast shipping on a great blade. Well balanced and beyond razor sharp. Makes prepping brisket a breeze. Need to hide it from the wife or she'll put it in the dishwasher and chuck it in a drawer full of hammers and files.

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      Great Knife and Excellent Value and Performance, November 2, 2016
    Posted By: J Chuck - verified customer

    I primarily used this for prepping brisket and spare ribs for BBQ. Great feel in my hand and excellent weight and durability. Keeps edge very well despite the abuse it receives. Have been in service for 1+ year. Happy with my purchase.

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      Thanks the knife is good, October 2, 2016
    Posted By: Chris - verified customer

    Knife is great, wish it was a bit thinner and a. It more bend to it but I like the curve and I appreciate the quick service. Cheers

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      Product Review, November 8, 2011
    Posted By: Eric - verified customer

    product better than i hoped for,delivered as promised, very pleased

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      Product Review, January 3, 2011
    Posted By: Rob Babcock - verified customer

    I really like this one. The Gokujo is basically a Japanese version of a Western boning knife. The fit & finish is very good and it was exceptionally sharp OOTB- I felt no need to sharpen it before taking it to work. The only minor quibbles I have are that the unsharpened portion near the heel end of the blade is a bit larger than it would need to be, and that the knife was a little larger than I thought it would be.All in all this is a superb knife and a screaming bargain at the price.

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