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Tojiro Roll Sharpener
Tojiro Roll Sharpener

Tojiro Roll Sharpener


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Our Price: $29.95
The Tojiro Pro Roll Sharpener is a great way to keep a sharp edge on your knives without the expense and time required to learn to sharpen by hand on a whetstone. This Tojiro Pro is a 2-stage handheld knife sharpener which features ceramic whetstones. It is ideal for all Japanese cutlery and is very easy to use.

It will work with any 50/50 beveled knife from Tojiro to Shun. The sharpener works in two stages. The first is a rough/medium grit and the second is a medium/fine grit. Simply place the knife sharpener under the faucet to moisten the ceramic whetstones and run the knife blade from the heel to the tip through the coarse whetstone slot 5 times, and repeat the same method in the fine whetstone slot to finish.

It is just as easy to clean as it is to use. The top portion of the sharpener can be taken apart from the base to rinse under the faucet. Be sure to dry it off completely before storing away. The body of the sharpener is made of durable stainless steel and features a rubber base for sturdiness. The base is made from polypropylene resin and elastomer resin. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews


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  idiot proof
Posted By: Lux

I was skeptical but this little thing really works. Got my knives sharp enough to work with again, takes very little time. Small and stores away easily. Sure, it's not as good as taking them down to the butcher shop, but it got the job done in five minutes and I didn't even have to put on shoes.

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Posted By: Eric - verified customer

I ordered this because I have four Tojiro DP knives and not enough motivation to learn proper knife sharpening. I followed CKTG's instructions, which are different from those in the manual, and it sharpened the blade on my Nakiri back to good-as-new shape, and it doesn't appear to take off too much metal. This is a great value product to ensure your knives stay sharp without the rigamarole of a whetstone.

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  Loved the sharpener!
Posted By: J. Wong - verified customer

I use this knife on my Tojiro DP Gyuto and it works wonderfully! Cuts sharper than new.

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  Tojiro Pro Sharpener
Posted By: Neiman - verified customer

Will there be any more of these available by the 1st-2nd week of October?

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  Product Review
Posted By: Eric - verified customer

very easy to use, just a few stroke and your knife is ready...

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  Product Review
Posted By: Jeremy - verified customer

Makes life so much easier. Perfect for any home cook looking to keep their Japanese knife sharp.

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