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Suehiro Cerax 1000 Grit
Suehiro Cerax 1000 Grit

Suehiro Cerax 1000 Grit

Item #: 1010

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Our Price: $32.95(You Save: $17.05)
Suehiro's Cerax 1K stone is velvety smooth and leaves a very fine edge. The stone requires a quick soak and comes with a small rubber stone holder that works very well. Measures 205x73x27mm. The Cerax are marketed in Japan as their new, super high grade stone series.

Customer Reviews


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Posted By: j

really nice stone that works great

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  Cerax 1000 follow up
Posted By: Cicone
4 people found this review helpful

My 3 year anniversary on the purchase of this stone will be here in a month. Between sharpening an average of 10-20 knives a month AND flattening, this stone has worn about 10mm or roughly a third of it's thickness. Given the amount of use on it, I am very impressed. It still performs like new. Great product. I suspect it still has a few years left.

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  Came Quickly
Posted By: Gian - verified customer
2 people found this review helpful

Came a few days earlier than estimated delivery date during the pandemic. Packaged well. Everyone loves this stone

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  Just buy this stone...
Posted By: Bob Brandl
1 people found this review helpful

It's amazing, in every way whetstones can be. Between this stone and a few others I have purchased, I'm phasing out my Shapton's from all the time use. Love my Shapton's Glass, but I enjoy these more.

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  Cerax 1000
Posted By: Cicone

I decided to see what the hoopla was about with the Cerax. Have been sharpening for 40+ years with an old Sears carborundum stone and wanted to compare with water stones out of curiosity. What a nice stone. It feels good and does a great job. The dressing stone is a huge help as the stone is very smooth out of the box. I sharpened 3 knives at a restaurant after a 20-minute soak and it performed well. 24 hours later, put in water and no bubbles, still saturated. After hitting it thoroughly with the dressing stone(which I didn't do on the first use), I sharpened a friends Wusthof 3 piece set. Perfect. Love it.

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  Great value and great stone
Posted By: JasonH
1 people found this review helpful

I couldn't be happier with this stone. It develops a burr quickly and finishes the edge with a nice clean finish. I finish up by stropping my knives on leather strops and have no trouble getting razor sharp results. I could just a easily strop the knife on this cerax and have a beautifuly clean edge. It is a great compromise between a sharpening stone and a polishing stone. If you are just getting started and on a budget start here with a leather strop and you will be very happy.

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  Smooth on Straight Razor:
Posted By: Stephen Davidson

This stone is awesome for setting bevels on straight razors & doing slight repair work. It kindly has a grainy feel to it but it's a fast cutter & leaves a highly polished edge. Think of crossing a Shapton 2K glass stone with a Naniwa Chosera 1K. You get the polished edge of the Shapton 2K glass but the speed of a Naniwa Chosera 1K.

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  Cerax 1000th
Posted By: Michael R Kinney - verified customer
1 people found this review helpful

Excellent feel and feed back. Highly recommend. Price is right.

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  Great base stone
Posted By: Christopher Willett - verified customer

Let me preface this by saying that this was, along with the Rika 5k, my first water stone and I don't have experience with other stones in this grit range. I taught myself how to sharpen with this stone and went from gouging the stone and scratching my German knives to being able to produce a very solid edge. The stone cuts well and even with dull knives (I've been sharpening friends knives now) it doesn't take very long with this stone to set a solid edge. It does not do a good job removing chips from stones or resetting a bevel on abused knives. I use an Atoma 140 for that now.I soak the stone for about 30 minutes. The stone creates a fair amount of mud relatively quickly. I usually work the knife for 5-10 minutes depending on size, dullness, and geometry, following the techniques shown in the videos here. This results in an edge that can cut paper easily, though not quite a hair shaving edge. I then proceed to the Rika 5k for only a few passes.The stone does dish relatively quickly, though that might be me using too much pressure. After 4 or knives I have to spend 2-3 minutes with the Atoma to flatten the stone. Given my lack of experience, this could be perfectly normal. The stone seems quite thick and I doubt that I'll wear it down to the point of tossing it any time soon. The small nagura that it comes with is helpful for cleaning up the sides, but I find the Atoma does a better job over all.The stone never completely dries out. It doesn't matter how long you leave it in the open air to dry, if you put it back in the box it came in within a day or so the box will start to mold. I now just leave the stone in the open air on a shelf along with my other sharpening implements.

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  Almost perfect!
Posted By: Mark - verified customer

The feel, the sound, the edge. I love it all with this stone. Probably the best 1000 grit stone you can get.

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  Excellent Water Stone
Posted By: Scott Walker - verified customer

I purchased this Cerax 1K water stone based on videos I saw on YouTube. So far, I like it a little better than my King KDS Deluxe 1K. The feel and smoothness is amazing. Both stones are great and you can't go wrong purchasing either.

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Posted By: Stuart - verified customer

The Cerax 1000 is an awesome stone that leaves a great finish;however, in my experience it loves to my soaked for an extended period of time. My Rikka 5K and 8K I usually soak for 10 minutes, but the Cerax takes about 30+. A great stone that rivals the Naniwa's

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  Fast cutter good price
Posted By: Gil - verified customer

Great fast cutting stone.

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  Love the feel on this stone!
Posted By: Carol T. - verified customer
1 people found this review helpful

This has been my favorite 1K stone to date in terms of how it feels. It has great feel, and is soft and smooth. It makes a lot of mud, and sharpens fast. However, it does wear really fast, or at least it did for me. I also ran into problems with scratching due to the mud, I found that I was getting cutting much farther up on the blade than I expected based on the angle I was using. In the end, how much you like this stone will depend on your priorities, in terms of balancing dishing, cutting speed, the feel the stone gives, and how well-defined a work area you want on your blade.

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Posted By: Sean C - verified customer
1 people found this review helpful

very smooth stone that leaves nice kasumi finish and can polish core steel very very well for a easy jump to higher grits! definitely removes deep scratches slower than some other 1k's however its ability to polish the core makes up for it! Reasonably hard stone, muds very well and is very fine mud. this stone + cerax 3k gives some very very nice results

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