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Arashiyama 6K (Takenoko)
Arashiyama 6K (Takenoko)

Arashiyama 6K (Takenoko)

Item #: Arashiyama6000x

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Our Price: $63.00
Arashiyama 6000x also sometimes referred to as Takenoko 8000x Water Stone. Splash and go. It's a fast cutting stone that gives good feedback and can be used as your last stone for kitchen knives.
  • Size 210mm x 72mm x 25mm

  • Customer Reviews


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      Wonderful finishing stone, but ** don't soak it! **, January 29, 2023
    Posted By: Chad S.

    I've had this stone for 10 years now, and absolutely love it - it's a wonderful finishing stone, and I highly recommend it. Nice feedback, and I often use this as the final step when I'm not looking to achieve a perfectly stropped mirror edge. I definitely prefer this over my Shapton Pro 5K and 12K stones for most uses.

    That said, I was gutted to discover cracks in this stone a week after my last use. The only difference I can think of is that I had allowed the stone to soak about 15 minutes the last time I used it, rather than my usual quick dunk & splash. So, despite the suggestion that this stone may be OK with soaking, I would strongly recommend against it.

    Stick with splash & go use, and this stone will serve you very well.

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      Excellent 6k Stone, June 14, 2022
    Posted By: Mike H

    I ordered this stone as an addendum to my Shapton Professional stones. This is a bit softer than the Shaptons and took a bit of time to get used to, however, once my learning curve adjusted, I found great pleasure and excellent results using this stone.

    The stone develops a nice slurry, does not load up, and puts a very bright sharp edge on all of the steels in my collection - blue #2, Swedish Misono steel, and also my r2/sg2 knives. I have heard it suggested in the CKTG forums that stainless steel knives should not be sharpened above 3000K, however the edge on all of my r2/sg2 knives is absolutely superb, so perhaps that suggestion does not apply to powdered stainless steels. This is an excellent stone to add to my Shaptons and a joy to use.

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      Excellent finishing stone
    Posted By: Spencer Bralley

    This is my personal favorite finishing stone. It cuts fast, has excellent feedback, and leaves a very nice edge that bites well. Being splash and go, it's great for touching up knives between full sharpening sessions without having to wait 30 minutes for a soak.

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      like it
    Posted By: Brian Renaud - verified customer

    I'm new at water stones, but I really like this 6000 grit stone and it arrived quickly.

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      Great value
    Posted By: Ryan R

    I think this stone represents one of the best values to be had in the 6k+ finishing stone world. There's a lot of things to like about this stone. It's a relatively hard stone but not hard in the same way as a Shapton Pro. From what I understand this is a splash and go stone(it absorbs some water) but it can be soaked without harming the stone or the performance of the stone. That's a good quality to have compared to some other hard splash and go stones that are not as durable and require more care. It is a joy to sharpen on, good feedback and feel. It is easy to raise a little slurry with a small plate or something to produce a nice slurry if you want to. I get very good edges off of this stone as well, I can't really think of a bad thing to say about it. The 6k Arashiyama is a proven stone, I would easily recommend to anyone in the market for a stone in this range. I think it gets overlooked as new stones come in and out of the market but it shouldn't be forgotten about because it remains a solid contender and is a very nice stone in many ways.

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      Very Nice Stone
    Posted By: JimmyMc - verified customer
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    Use this after my 2000grit Kohetsu. Amazing feel and amazing finish. Fast yet leaves a glassy finished surface. Doesn't plug up on my White

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