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Ikeda AS Gyuto 240mm
Ikeda AS Gyuto 240mm Ikeda AS Gyuto 240mmIkeda AS Gyuto 240mmIkeda AS Gyuto 240mm
Ikeda AS Gyuto 240mm Ikeda AS Gyuto 240mmIkeda AS Gyuto 240mmIkeda AS Gyuto 240mm

Ikeda AS Gyuto 240mm

Item #: IkedaGyuto240

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Takumi Ikeda 240mm Damascus Gyuto. This knife is made with damascus cladding and aogami super steel on the edge. Ikeda-san is an apprentice of Katsushige Anryu and as you can see he makes beautiful knives. This knife comes with a nice, cherry octagonal handle with pakka wood ferrule. He is now making this knife with his standard, taller profile. Specs have changed with our new order and we updated the pictures on 8/17/2017

  • Weight: 6oz
  • Blade length: 245mm
  • Total length: 390mm
  • Spine thickness at heel: 3.34mm
  • Blade height: 52mm

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  KS clone version, August 17, 2017
    Posted By: salemj - verified customer

    I bought the KS clone version of this blade, which I suspect is actually very, very similar in terms of grind and overall performance. I bought it as a sort of project knife to compare to the original KS and to play around with the cosmetics, but from day 1, the performance of this knife has been terrific. Fantastic grind, work-horse like authority on the board, and a terrific heat treatment that is both hard AND tough. Highly recommended for people who want a knife that gets the job done, no questions asked.

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    5  Wow!, October 21, 2016
    Posted By: JD - verified customer

    This knife exceeded expectations. Fit and finish are very good, handle is excellent and fits the knife nicely. The cladding is subdued Damascus out of the box but once it gets some patina it really pops. My example came pretty sharp out of the box and I have yet to sharpen it. I stropped on 6K and then 1 micron balsa and went to town. This is a laser and performs like one. The edge has held extremely well needing only stropping after many hours of prep. It is light and nimble especially for its length. It has become my favorite for slicing proteins. I highly recommend it and feel like it is a bargain for the money.

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    5  No looking back, July 13, 2016
    Posted By: CF - verified customer

    This knife was recommended by several members of the forum. This is my first Japanese knife. I will never look back after using this for a few weeks. The knife is a beautifully crafted tool. The handle fits well and really looks good. More importantly, it feels good in hand. The blade is a little scary long, but that fear is quickly allayed. The balance is very nice. ( just ahead of the handle). The cladding is done in a Damascus style that just looks impressive. The chiseled kanji really finishes the look. As far as use, I have gone after root vegetables, turkey, a few different cuts of beef; the knife basically asks for a hand to hold and then does its work. A nice patina developed fairly quickly, but no issues with rust. The blade takes a wicked edge and holds it well. You will not be disappointed with this instrument in your hands!

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    5  Wow !!!!, July 7, 2016
    Posted By: Brian K Morrow - verified customer

    I was privileged enough to use one of these on load - private passaround.I had the knife for about a month, and fell in love with it!I own smaller knives; 120 petty through 210 gyuto.. so the size was a concern, at first.When I first picked the knife up I was impressed at it's weight. It is far FAR lighter than I expected from a knife this size.The damascus cladding was pretty, but not breathtaking like some I've seen,The AS core steel took a rather acute angle, and edge retention was what you'd expect from an AS blade. The fit and finish was good - as the handle is an Isaiha Schroeder semi-custom. It fits the knife well, and feels good in hand.Performance was exceptional, IMO.For the length it is very nimble and agile. I really liked the knifes flat profile!Having said that I typically prefer the smaller/shorter blades... If I do buy anything in the 240+ sized gyuto this remains my #1 choice at this time. Very impressed!

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    5  Ikeda 250mm Guto, December 4, 2015
    Posted By: Dylan W. - verified customer

    Great blade! I wanted to wait until I had the knife awhile until I posted a review. Its not very often I need this knife, but when I do have a cutting task that is appropriate. This knife rocks! Its very light and nimble, and it takes a scary sharp edge. It's my first all reactive gyuto, so it took awhile to know how careful I'd have to be while using it. It's no joke how long it takes for this knife to rust. ALWAYS keep your knife dry. It's all based on your vigilance, but I wouldn't rely on this knife for all my cutting tasks. I.E. regularly cutting reactive ingredients. If I recall correctly, this is the knife I accidentally ordered too small of a saya. The fine people at CKTG communicated and addressed the problem very quickly. You guys are awesome! I constantly refer people, professional and novice cooks to your site. Thank you!

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