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Naniwa Super Stone 1,000
Naniwa Super Stone 1,000

Naniwa Super Stone 1,000

Item #: S2-410

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Our Price: $58.00
A 1,000 stone is a very popular grit because it really starts to refine the edge of a blade. It is a great choice after using a 220 or 400 grit stone. If the edge is not dull or does not need a new bevel set, you really donít need to start any coarser than this. The Naniwa Super Stones work well for everything from restoring an edge or repairing chips to simply touching up the edge.

Employing a new resin bonding method, these stones have a higher grit concentration and thus provide a fast, efficient and smooth sharpening process.

Thousands of people have learned to sharpen with these excellent stones and continue to enjoy the results they give. With their slightly softer qualities they are one of the easiest stones to learn to sharpen on and should provide you with years of productive use. The extra thickness of the new Super Stone aids in its stability and long life. Stone measures 210mm x 70mm x 20mm. Naniwa changed the packaging and model number on these stones in 2015.

Do not forget that these are true splash and go stones that should not be soaked at all.

Customer Reviews


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  Naniwa Super Stone 1,000, May 24, 2020
Posted By: Richard Rudol - verified customer

This is an excellent stone. Chefknivestogo is the only place I was able to find this stone without a bamboo stand. I highly recommend this product.

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  Favorite stone, March 20, 2019
Posted By: Jesse

I originally bought this stone many many years ago when I started sharpening straight razors and found the bester1200 i was using to not be appropriate for this purpose. After using it for a really long time on kitchen knives, I've found it's practically the only stone I need unless I damage a knife. It can get a blade sharp enough to shave with, which is sharper than a kitchen knife needs to be. It removes metal from hard steel fast. It stays pretty flat. It doesn't clog up if you are careful.It doesn't have any odd sized particles to chip a blade. It has a soft, smooth feel to it that makes it enjoyable to use. I have dozens of stones, but 99% of the time I'm using this one. For anyone wanted to get started, this is the perfect way to do it.

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  Great Stone, August 2, 2017
Posted By: Edward Roth - verified customer

Great starter stone to greet your good knives. Nice feel and feedback. Use this first to move to 2000 or higher to finish! Great buy!

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  Surprised, February 11, 2017
Posted By: Frank K - verified customer

Thought I wanted a different 1k stone after reading some of the reviews. Boy was I wrong. This light blue stone is the cat's meow without the cat. Cuts quickly, maybe not as quick as some other 1K stones I have tried, but quick enough. I like the feed back which is not soft, but not unresponsive either. Leaves a moderate polish for a 1K stone. If I were to wear it out, which is not likely, I would buy another.Frank K

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  Not bad at all. Worth it., April 3, 2015
Posted By: Max S. - verified customer

This stone is a really cool color, I love looking at it! For some reason that is important to me. The stone its self is a bit softer, a little softer than shapton glass stones, and quite a bit softer than the shapton pro stone. I like the soft feel, it lends its self to more feedback. Some people will not like this. The stone is relatively slow wearing and splash n go. This thing REALLY polishes well for a 1k stone.If you are used to using something like a king 1k stone, and you try to replace that king 1k with this Naniwa 1k, you will be in trouble. Generally a 1k stone is considered to be a medium coarse, or a medium stone. The naniwa super 1k is more like a medium fine stone, perhaps more like a 2k grit. I can easily set a bevel, repair damage and shape a knife with most 1k stones, this stone however is a bit too fine for that I think. There is nothing wrong with this, just know that it is finer than your typical 1k stone. The only things I don't care for is: as I said before, its a bit too fine for a 1k, but it also has a tendency to load up quite a bit, and can be hard to clean off with a nagura. Stones this coarse really should not load up, this one does. Not a deal breaker though. Overall I very much enjoy the 1k, and went on to buy a 5k afterwords! Buy it!

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  Product Review, March 14, 2014
Posted By: ctrippy1 - verified customer

These stones are softer than any others I've ever used, very easy to gouge. They seem to cut more slowly than the Norton stones I had previously but I like the finish it leaves on the edge. Easy to flatten.

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  Product Review, July 17, 2013
Posted By: Chris Miller - verified customer

This thing is smooth as butter. Leaves an impressive polish for a 1K. It is soft,but if your a slow and deliberate sharpener, like me, it shouldn't be a problem.

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  Product Review, June 17, 2013
Posted By: Katherine Winters - verified customer

A great stone.The hone feedback is great. Chef Knives To Go had my $61.90 order in my hands in TWO days, at no cost to me. So long as they offer the thicker Naniwa Super Stones Without the base, I will be back. Thank You CKTG

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  Product Review, June 22, 2010
Posted By: Tinh Khuong - verified customer

Cuts on the slow side and soft. Aside from that it's a very nice stone. Good feedback and very forgiving. Just be careful not to gouge it when leading with your edge.

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