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Idahone Fine Ceramic Rod 12
Idahone Fine Ceramic Rod 12

Idahone Fine Ceramic Rod 12" Black

Item #: R12-B

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 22 reviews)

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Our Price: $38.50
This ceramic rod is used to hone your knives and maintain the edge. This rod is considered a fine rod and has a 1200 grit. This rod has an optional leather sheath that you can purchase using the drop down box. This is the exact same rod as the other one on the site except for the handle color.

  • Weight: 7.6 ounces
  • Rod Length: 12"
  • Overall Length: 17.5"
  • Rod Diameter: 12.7 mm

  • Customer Reviews


    22 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Fine honing rod, March 29, 2022
    Posted By: dave

    It gets the job done.

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      The very best , March 18, 2022
    Posted By: Jeronimo Macias

    I was hesitant to buy this rod at first but my kids broke the one in the kitchen and I needed a replacement quick. I was super pleased that this rod fit nicely in my knife block. The handle is comfortable and it does the job a ceramic rod is supposed to do. I like this one better than my old rod as it has a finer grain and seems to do the job slightly quicker. Overall a great deal and cktg shipping is superb.

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      Great Knife Sharpening Tool, April 9, 2021
    Posted By: Robert Armstrong - verified customer

    The Idahone Fine Ceramic Rod is one of the tools you need in your kitchen, if you have to have sharp knives around. It is great for sharpening as opposed to honing your knife. It corrects the sharpening edge on the knife and does not strip off much metal. If you have expensive knives, the Idahone Fine Ceramic Rod is a must.

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      Idahone, October 13, 2020
    Posted By: Brent - verified customer

    Replaced steel rod that came with knife set (big upgrade). I've used it for about a month. Seems to work nicely
    I would recommend buying

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      Works great!, September 23, 2020
    Posted By: Ted Mielczarek - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    I bought this honing rod to keep my knives sharp between sharpening. It does the job perfectly.

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      Great tool!, July 9, 2020
    Posted By: Aaron Lewis - verified customer

    Great tool for keeping the edges razor sharp. It does a fantastic job on my newest acquisition - a beautiful petty from CKTG.

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      Excellent Ceramic Rod, June 5, 2019
    Posted By: Jeff B

    An excellent rod that works very well on any type steel. The 1200 grit rating is an ANSI(US scale) rating which is close to 3k on the JIS scale used for japanese stones. I have bought 5 of these in total for myself and as gifts.

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      Great, March 31, 2019
    Posted By: Tyler Tremaine - verified customer

    Solid product, shipping was FAST

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      great honing rod, but... , July 31, 2017
    Posted By: Jim - verified customer

    I took this ceramic rod and a CKTG diamond rod to a couple's kitchen and sharpened all their knives. I was able to get through a dozen knives in an half-hour and they were very pleased. The but... and the loss of one star is because I had to glue the rod into its handle to keep it from falling out. I live in a dry climate, but still... The leather holder is highly recommended. It's saved me from breaking the rod more than once already.

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      Best Honing Steel I've Found for High Carbon Knives, February 8, 2017
    Posted By: Jesse M Badger - verified customer

    Well made and very effective. Definitely spring for the leather cover though to avoid chips or cracks and get yourself a super eraser so it stays as effective as when new.

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      Best Steel I have used yet., August 7, 2015
    Posted By: Varut - verified customer

    i was looking for a nice steel that would work well with Japanese knives as well as regular, western knives and it seems i have found it. before this one, i bought a dexter russell polished butchers steel with the idea that it would only realign my preexisting edge, since it was smooth and would not remove metal. not so. it actually seemed to dull my knives. and yes, i made sure to very carefully use the same angle i sharpened with. there was no doubt about it, it was tearing off the teeth on my knives. but the steel i use at my dad's restaurant seemed to do what i wanted, and alas, it was a diamond steel. the dexter russell oval shaped one. i didn't think i would find a steel that could make my knives sharper than that one, but this one does the job even better. and its also ceramic, so when i finally buy myself a japanese knife, or a richmond kohetsu, it will work with that too. 100% the best steel i have used so far. i would say the grit is around 2K, definitely much smoother than the advertised 1200 grit. i have a DMT steel that is 1200 and that steel is much, much coarser than this one, which is why i am selling it and keeping this one. this and a strop is all you need, guaranteed. long story short, best steel out of the 5 i have used.

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      Ceramic is not straight, March 31, 2015
    Posted By: Nick - verified customer

    This honing rod works great to keep a clean edge on my MAC knife and it's much more affordable than the MAC brand one. However, there does seem to be a trade-off in quality. I don't know if I just ended up with a botched one, but mine has quite a curve to it. If I lay it flat across the butcher block, there is a 1/16 rise in the middle.

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      Product Review, June 26, 2014
    Posted By: A - verified customer

    I use this on some Japanese stainless and carbon steel knives. Fast and easy results. I should have bought this thing years ago. If you already have a bunch of stones and you get tired of setting up every time your knife needs a touch up, the Idahone will make your life a lot easier.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Product Review, May 19, 2014
    Posted By: Manny c - verified customer

    Works great. Chips easily so you may want to grab the protective sheath. Also if you not paying attention to the angle which you hold your knife you may cut this thing. I purchased this with my Tojiro because I read not to use steel on it.

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      Product Review, May 11, 2014
    Posted By: Glenn R - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Great performer. A big improvement from what I was using. Very happy with the purchase.

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      Product Review, February 12, 2014
    Posted By: Jameel - verified customer

    Excellent hone. About 3 weeks into using a new Mac Mighty Chef's knife, I felt a slight slip on one section of the knife when slicing a tomato. One series of strokes across this hone, and the knife was working like it was out of the box. The length is perfect for a 9.5 in chef's knife. Highly recommended.

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      Product Review, October 11, 2012
    Posted By: J. Brown - verified customer

    Excellent ceramic rod. Glad I decided on the 12. It's very comfortable with my 10 knives. The leather sheath is much nicer than I expected and a great add-on. Very happy with the purchase!

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Product Review, August 4, 2012
    Posted By: Brent Kirk - verified customer

    I use this after every shift and maybe a little between and It gets the perfect edge for all your kitchen work . the leather sheath is perfect. It cleans up real easily and never wears out. Other cooks in my kitchen have the diamond rods and when their start to wear out which will happen eventually they ask to borrow mine. its perfect

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      Product Review, May 10, 2012
    Posted By: CK - verified customer

    This is a great honing rod. Up to this point, I have used a global which seemed to do the trick. This rod is a finer grit than the global but seems to work every bit as well. (I don't know what the grit is, but perhaps somebody could chime in and say). When I purchased this, I also purchased the Mac rod which is also a nice addition. The Mac is a well made honing rod that deserves more time on my knives before I submit a review. That said, when using the both the Idahone Fine and the Mac, I have to say that the former gets the nod. The edge this puts on the blade is remarkably fine, provides some toothyness, all with just a few swipes. As for my knives, I have had success with this rod on the whole lot. This includes my softer all carbon Sabatiers, and my harder Japanese blades (Moritaka and Misonos, both carbon and Ux10s). Oh, and you Sabatier holders out there: Let me say that again. This rod does a very good job with the carbon Sabs: Just three or four swipes a side and you are really good to go. Great edge, great performance. Simply put, other than the fact that the build is not quite as robust as the Mac, this is a great rod for the price. Look at it this way, for the price of a decent bottle of wine, you can get a hone that really does help you maintain a screaming sharp edge with easy. What more could you ask for?

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Product Review, February 9, 2012
    Posted By: Larry Foy - verified customer

    Bought a ceramic sharpener then read that I should not use on my Japanese style knife???

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Product Review, October 8, 2011
    Posted By: Ed Lewis - verified customer

    Exactly as anticipated - beautiful tool along w/ eraser

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Product Review, March 21, 2011
    Posted By: Houston - verified customer

    Love these. They call it at 12000 grit and I think this is accurate. However, where this thing pulls double-duty is cutting the burr off of cheap steel edges. The 12000 grit with ultra light pressure leaves a fine edge for general kitchen chores. It is only fair to warn that these will break. They will also get stolen. My reason for purchasing here.

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