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Red Brick 1K
Red Brick 1K Red Brick 1KRed Brick 1K
Red Brick 1KRed Brick 1KRed Brick 1K

Red Brick 1K

Item #: RedBrick

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Our Price: $55.00
The Red Brick (true name is Shingata Akamon) was the first stone I learned on to sharpen and I still use it all the time. A quick soak of 5-10 minutes is advised. We recommend you lap the stone before you use it too. The Red Brick is big, will last a loooong time, doesn't dish quickly and cuts fast. It's a great "house" stone for commercial kitchens or for people that do a lot of sharpening. Measures 215mm x 75mm x 50mm. Weight is 3 Pounds, 12 Ounces.

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  Solid stone , August 27, 2022
Posted By: Ryan R

I've had this for a few years now and it's an all around good stone. It's on the softer side and readily produces a nice red mud. I personally like to use it as a stepping stone if I'm going higher in grit, if I wanna try to keep a toothy 1k edge on a stainless blade or something I prefer something a little harder. It works well in conjunction with the Green Brick. It cuts fairly fast and offers good feedback. Some may like how muddy it is and some may not. It does seem to wear relatively slowly for how much mud it produces. Mine barely has a few millimeters taken off of it. It will last the rest of my life at this rate. I would recommend it especially if you go through stones quickly

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  Solid water stone, April 4, 2021
Posted By: Connor - verified customer

Cuts well and doesn't take long (2-5min) to soak before use. It's a beefy stone, so it feels like it'll last a long time. I was pleased by how quickly it cut my VG-10 blades, which had been a pain point for me in the past.

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  Red brick review, January 23, 2020
Posted By: Marten ten broek - verified customer

Cuts well. I hammerforge cutters, and most of my work is hand ground, sharpened and polished. I was attracted to the dimensions of the stone, because i use stones very quickly. It has good bite, and a slurry is raised quickly. Ive been hitting it with a lapping plate to raise slurry and try to keep it flat. The only thing i havent been so thrilled with is the propensity of this stone to chip on its edges with only reasonable pressure. I sort of muttered my disapproval and carried on. Not massive chips but anything that can change the datum of my motion has the potential to make scratches. I suppose i could use my lapping plate and chamfer the edges off, but i am loath to, as i like to use the edges of the stone sometimes. Otherwise, pretty satisfied.

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  impressive , February 19, 2018
Posted By: Damone Moss - verified customer

better than expected.

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  Great value !, September 13, 2017
Posted By: James Heath - verified customer

This stone was purchased for sharpening ordinary kitchen knives and straight razors as I am new to the professional chef knife community. I find this a great stone to start with as it cuts well and gives decent feedback so I can learn the steel profile of each blade. CKTG has a wealth of knowledge and can help you increase your skills just by browsing the site. Get yourself a knife and one of these stones so you can know the satisfaction of sharp steel in your kitchen.

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  It's a brick!, July 8, 2015
Posted By: David W - verified customer

The red brick I got definitely had some grit irregularity in the outer layer, I was worried that it might be the same all the way through (hard spots in the matrix that glazed and felt lumpy), but after some use and a few passes with the flattening stone it seems to have evened out nicely.This stone has good feel and removes metal quickly, it's hard enough for careful leading edge work, but soft enough to mud up easily. The scratch pattern it leaves is a bit coarser than I expected, but easily polishes away with a few passes on a finer stone. It will replace an Amakusa J-Nat in my stone progression, due to its consistency across the face of the stone and its faster cutting speed.I think I still prefer the 1k side of my King 1k/6k combo stone for feel and performance, but the King definitely wears faster and the size of the brick makes it a much more useful stone for regular or hard use.I would probably buy another one of these if I ever managed to wear this one out.

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  Product Review, July 6, 2014
Posted By: Kyle - verified customer

This stone is amazing it's the best 1k I've ever used. I just received this stone and have sharpened 3 knives and done tip repair in about 30 min tops. It's almost a splash and go stone I haven't soaked it for any period of time just spraying it as needed. It's just slightly muddy which is what I wanted in a 1k it's hard and cuts very fast but leaves a beautiful edge everything about this stone is perfect I will never need another 1k ever.

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  Product Review, January 31, 2014
Posted By: Jerry - verified customer

Really good 1k. Holds up very well and doesn't really dish. It's huge, so it's a good value. Very pleased.

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  Product Review, October 23, 2013
Posted By: TIm - verified customer

quick cutting and leaves a solid finish/polish for a 1000 grit. was using the 1000 grit off a shun combo prior to this, switching is like night and day. immediate results with all my knives! thing will last forever also!

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  Product Review, September 2, 2012
Posted By: Allen B. - verified customer

In 50 years of knife sharpening, I've accumulated probably every Japanese water stone on the market. And this 1000 grit red brick is as good as any of those, if not better than most. Every knife or tool sharpener should own one. Great price and fast shipping!

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  Product Review, March 6, 2012
Posted By: Jmbullman - verified customer

this is my favorite 1000 grit of all time it is a huge I mean huge like the big green brick and cuts like crazy without dishing I actually see this stone lasting most people a lifetime, I usually follow up with a small jump to the naniwa big green brick to finish the profile and get some of the scratches out before I jump to higher grits it's a great 1-2 punch to do it that way and marks service is unbelievable as usual. Jmbullman

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  Product Review, February 26, 2012
Posted By: Jmbullman - verified customer

this is a great stone soak it for ten minutes or so and you have a stone that can easily get the knife restaurant sharp with proper use or like me use it to clean up bevels set by dmt's and put a good edge on the knife before you make the next jump. This stone is so large you will probably be passing it down to your kids and it makes a beautiful red mud.

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