+The Original Naniwa Snow White 8K
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The Original Naniwa Snow White 8K
The Original Naniwa Snow White 8K The Original Naniwa Snow White 8K
The Original Naniwa Snow White 8K The Original Naniwa Snow White 8K

The Original Naniwa Snow White 8K

Item #: IF-0001

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This is the original Naniwa snow white stone (AKA IF-0001 Junpaku). When Naniwa updated their stone selection they offered one under their Traditional stone series that was white and when we asked about it they said it was a replacement for this stone but upon some of my customer's testing they seem to be convinced that the make up of the stone is a little different. So, we decided to offer them both. Word on the street is that this stone is a less thirsty, a little finer and a bit harder than the T-380. The stone measures 200mm x 70mm x 25mm. Please note we sell this stone in a thicker cardboard box to help keep them from getting damaged in shipping both to us and to you.
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5  Perfect For Straight Razors:, July 26, 2018
Posted By: Stephen Davidson - verified customer

This stone is perfect for straight razors. You get a lot more slicing instead of popping and it leaves a mirror like polish behind. This has been the only 8K stone that I've ever been able to get a quality shave off of without the use of a finisher which I still use in my progression. It's a SPLASH & GO stone due to almost no water absorption.

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5  Perfect Straight Razor Edges & It's Splash & Go:, July 17, 2018
Posted By: Stephen Davidson

The edges this stone produces on straight razors is dang near perfect. It's a splash & go stone apart from what the description says because there's almost no water absorbtion and the feedback is one of the smoothest I've ever used. I got a lot more slicing action instead of popping after replacing what was left of my Norton 8K combo stone with this snow white. The polish this stone produces is like a brand new mirror and the shaves have been epic as a result. A definite must have.

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5  Fond memories, June 19, 2018
Posted By: McNaughton

Bought one of these in 2011, and used it for years until my hands got so shaky I had to switch to an EdgePro. Last stone progression for me now is the Chosera/Pro 10k. Honestly, I'm thinking of cutting up my old "snow white" to use instead. It was that good. Others have mentioned the excellent feedback. I'd add surprisingly high polish for an 8k.

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5  Very Nice!, July 6, 2017
Posted By: Jeff B - verified customer

This stone has a sweet silky feel to it. Cuts great for an 8k and leaves a beautiful polish and a nice crisp cutting edge.

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3  Seems OK, September 3, 2016
Posted By: Carlos - verified customer
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Not impressed to be honest. Very... actually "extremely" thirsty. Seems to polish and cut ok. I wish I had ordered the Shapton Pro 8K.

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4  Naniwa Jyunpaku Snow White, August 6, 2016
Posted By: Steve - verified customer

It's a good stone, but very thirsty, i soaked mine a few minutes and still had to watch the water. It's a polisher, very bright straight razor bevels. But, I still prefer at this early point, the Shapton HC Glass 8k.Cheers, Steve

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5  Naniwa Junpaku IF-0001, December 9, 2015
Posted By: Life2Short1971 - verified customer

This is the revered original Snow White IF- 0001 that is highly praised for for straight razors. I have used it and the T-380 finding both equally impressive stones though very slightly different and those differences in speed and texture give the IF-0001 the advantage for razors and the T-380 for knives although differences are minimal and most people may not even notice a difference at all. thank you for making this stone available CKTG!

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5  Seattle. , November 30, 2015
Posted By: Joe - verified customer

Hands down one of the greatest stones I have seen in my life. Feedback is great. A nice hard slick stone that hardly clogs at all. For an 8000 grit stone it does some pretty nice cutting too so expect some big dwarf to go along with that mirror edge. I have owned this stone for over a year and a half and sharpening on it weekly or more and have yet to see any major dishing (I know right!??!)I am so excited to see it offered again here I might just have to buy a second one for the years down the road. Mark, thank you for tracking these down again.

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