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The Original Naniwa Snow White 8K Sale
The Original Naniwa Snow White 8K Sale The Original Naniwa Snow White 8K Sale
The Original Naniwa Snow White 8K SaleThe Original Naniwa Snow White 8K Sale

The Original Naniwa Snow White 8K Sale

Item #: SnowWhite

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Our Price: $99.95
This is the original Naniwa snow white stone (AKA IF-0001 Junpaku). When Naniwa updated their stone selection they offered one under their Traditional stone series that was white and when we asked about it they said it was a replacement for this stone but upon some of my customer's testing they seem to be convinced that the make up of the stone is a little different. So, we decided to offer them both. Word on the street is that this stone is a less thirsty, a little finer and a bit harder than the T-380. The stone measures 200mm x 70mm x 20mm. Please note we sell this stone in a thicker cardboard box to help keep them from getting damaged in shipping both to us and to you.

Customer Reviews


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  Great stone
Posted By: Joseph Powell - verified customer

Wonderful feel and feedback. A real joy to work with. Very fast, and leaves an edge surprisingly sharp and polished for an 8k. This stone has replaced my Shapton Pro 8k, which is a great stone, as my go-to 8k. Expensive, but worth it.

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  Best 8000 ever?
Posted By: Steve Rondone - verified customer

The Naniwa SW 8000 is the best 8k hone I've used on my straight razors. The "expert honemeisters" claim that at 8000 grit, you are only polishing. It does polish nicely however, if you want it to cut, it will cut, easily! Apply a little pressure and this stone will QUICKLY turn black. Also the feedback you get is outstanding like Chosera stones, and it doesn't load up at all. It's light years ahead of Superstones, and the price reflects that. I highly recommend the SW. I'll just add that this did not come in Naniwa retail packaging. I'm sure Mark probably buys these in bulk. It was VERY nicely packed, but I always like to have original factory packaging if I buy or sell something. After all, we're talking about a stone that's over $100.00. Oh yeah, I have NOT had any of this reported problematic hazing or cracking, but I DO let it properly dry.

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  Remarkable stone!
Posted By: Mark Kirkwood

I have the traditional version of this - it did not do a good job on some of my knives (particularly VG10 and White

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