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Okeya White #2 Petty 150mm
Okeya White #2 Petty 150mm Okeya White #2 Petty 150mmOkeya White #2 Petty 150mmOkeya White #2 Petty 150mm
Okeya White #2 Petty 150mmOkeya White #2 Petty 150mmOkeya White #2 Petty 150mmOkeya White #2 Petty 150mm

Okeya White #2 Petty 150mm

Item #: JSR-B150
Our Price: $129.95
Okeya White #2 150mm Petty

Patriarch Okeya-San started his blacksmith shop many years ago to produce Kogatana blades. Kogatana are small knives used for woodworking and other cutting and whittling jobs. Wishing to expand the business, the Okeya clan recently moved into the world of kitchen knives. The Okeya line of kitchen knives seems to be growing every week and we are really pleased by the price/performance balance that the son and grandson team have managed to achieve. The knives are very simple but made with care and attention to the main purpose. Cutting stuff!

What we have here is a really nice petty made from the ever popular Shirogami #2 steel, better known as White #2. It is hardened to a Rockwell rating of 60 and then clad using the san-mai method of awasi. This entails covering the blade faces with a softer steel while leaving the edge and spine uncovered. The cladding is then subjected to a ornate and good looking finishing technique called Tsuchime. Not only does this look great but it also aids in food release. Of course, as a carbon steel blade, this knife needs careful cleaning and drying after use.

This is a typical petty in size with a nicely pointed tip for accessing small places and making very fine cuts for garnishes. It comes with a simple oval Ho wood handle, all at a very nice price!

  • Brand: Okeya
  • Blacksmith: Okeya-San
  • Location: Miki Japan
  • Construction: San Mai
  • Method: Hammer Forged
  • Cladding: Tsuchime Finish
  • Core Edge Steel: Hitachi White #2 Steel
  • HRC: 60
  • Edge Grind: Even: See Choil Photo
  • Blade Style: Petty Knife
  • Handle: Ho Wood Oval
  • Ferrule: Black Plastic
  • Weight: 2.7 oz/ 78 g
  • Blade Length: 154mm
  • Overall Length: 277mm
  • Spine Thickness at heel: 2.4mm
  • Blade Height at Heel: 31.3mm

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