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Okeya White #2 Ko-Bocho 120mm
Okeya White #2 Ko-Bocho 120mm Okeya White #2 Ko-Bocho 120mmOkeya White #2 Ko-Bocho 120mmOkeya White #2 Ko-Bocho 120mm
Okeya White #2 Ko-Bocho 120mmOkeya White #2 Ko-Bocho 120mmOkeya White #2 Ko-Bocho 120mmOkeya White #2 Ko-Bocho 120mm

Okeya White #2 Ko-Bocho 120mm

Item #: JKK-B120

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Our Price: $119.95
Ko Bocho means "little knife," and Okeya specializes in making these little cutting tools for their Japanese (and now American) customers. The knives have nice decorative cladding and use good quality carbon steel called White #2 steel. These knives are single bevel knives and they're fun to sharpen. Many of our customers use them to practice sharpening. This knife is primarily used for small cutting tasks. Makes a good, small boning knife and can also be used for vegetable slicing and paring.

  • Blacksmith: Fujiwara san
  • Location: Miki, Japan
  • Construction: Hammer Forged, San Mai
  • Edge Steel: White #2
  • Stainless
  • Finish: Hairline/Sand Blast
  • Weight: 2.6oz
  • Blade Length: 120mm
  • Total Length: 245mm
  • Spine Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Blade Height: 30mm

  • Customer Reviews


    5 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Interesting knife
    Posted By: Richard Malone - verified customer

    Well I bought this knife primarily to sharpen a single bevel. As previously mentioned the handle leaves much to be desired. I expected that it would be and at this price point it's acceptable. I rounded off the front and back of the wood and oiled it, definitely made it more comfortable.. Mine was not very sharp out of the box. But between articles and a couple videos I manged to make it very sharp. At first I was disappointed because no matter how sharp it is it simply sucks for any kind of dicing (potatoes and onions). I have a Tojiro dp petty and while not efficient it will absolutely handle that job. BUT, it's amazing how thin this little knife will slice if you do your part. Overall it's not really a petty in my book. But it's a neat little boning knife that will let you play with single edge sharpening and slicing. Give it a shot, sharpening a single bevel isn't anywhere near as difficult as some make it out to be.

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      Great knives
    Posted By: Andrew Sauseda - verified customer

    Love this knife, and all I've purchased from here.

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      get used to single bevel
    Posted By: Ryan Barneski - verified customer

    This knife is very sharp OOTB (IMO), and requires some getting used to a single bevel, but after that, it's quite nice. the abundance of stickers on the handle cheapen it slightly (I might take them off at some point), and it doesn't seem to take oil as well as my other knives. But other than that, it's a great multi-purpose, small-job, good looking knife for a decent price.

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      Well, it's intresting
    Posted By: Frank K - verified customer

    Mainly bought to see if I could sharpen a single bevel knife. Was not overly excited with the handle/ ferrule fit, but for the price, it's OK. The edge was was not screaming sharp OOTB and still isn't.Plenty sharp to bone out a chicken, however, I did not do a great job on the stones. More to sharpening a single bevel than I thought. Gonna have to work on that a little, but that's not the knife's fault. The steel feels like it wants to take an edge.All in all, it's a pretty like thing. I believe we are going to get along just fine. For the price, it will be hard to beat for a small boning knife.Frank K

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      An adorable boning machine
    Posted By: Richard D - verified customer

    I just received this knife today and it's already a favorite. Without giving the edge any attention on my stones, I used it to bone a chicken and it performed beautifully. It will probably continue to fill in as a mock-honesuki, but will also become my go to general purpose kitchen knife.

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