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Naniwa Traditional Stone 220
Naniwa Traditional Stone 220

Naniwa Traditional Stone 220

Item #: T-102

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Our Price: $29.00
It's always hard to find a good, inexpensive low grit stone but Naniwa has a good one here. The Traditional stone series has a number of nice stones in their line and this one is a quick cutter that makes short work of setting a bevel and quickly removing steel before progressing to a finer stone. The scratch pattern produced on this stone makes it an easy jump to a middle grit stone like a 1K. Like most low grit stones they wear somewhat quickly and are thirsty so we recommend a 5-10 minute soak before you start sharpening and if it dries out during your session just splash more water on the surface. Measures 210mm x 70mm x 20mm

Customer Reviews


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  Excellent for the price!
Posted By: Spike - verified customer

The stone performed well with 5 min of soaking. It holds water well. The grit feels very consistent. Its easy to build a nice mud. I used a variety of knives on the stone. It builds a nice bevel and you can use it to thin. I will probably buy other stones in this line. Its a budget stone that cuts well and makes a nice mud.

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  just what I neede to get my edge ready for the higher grits I have
Posted By: john - verified customer

just a couple of passes and I am ready for the next grit, and higher.

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  Not bad
Posted By: Max S - verified customer

A green SiC naniwa. The stone is pretty much what I expected. SiC stones are all quite similar. The binder in this one is semi-hard, I have definitely used stones in this grit level that wear faster. The 220 took a good long time to soak, made little screamy/steamy sounds and fountains of bubbles while submerged under water for at least 10 minutes, and then still drank a bit as time went on. it DID however eventually hold it's water pretty well. As fast cutting as you would expect, the only real complaint I have is, the stone has a tendency to glaze over a bit with use. Sometimes while sharpening I feel as though it cuts more aggressively while the surface is semi-dry. You could probably use this stone dry if you wanted! Flattened it after extensive use with 60 grit SiC powder on float glass. Worth the money

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