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Naniwa Super Stone 12,000
Naniwa Super Stone 12,000

Naniwa Super Stone 12,000

Item #: S2-491

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Our Price: $83.20
The Naniwa Super Stones are high-end sharpening stones (near the very top of the many lines Naniwa makes). CKTG is the sole North American distributor of these stones with no bases which are made a full 2 cm (0.75) thick. Many of the cheaper stones you'll find are just 1 cm thick and so can wear down after just a few years of use. Or worse, they stand the chance of cracking more easily since there's just not enough strength in the thin material.

The ceramic compounds used to manufacture these Super Stones are also of very high quality, and so they strike a great balance between their ability to polish a super fine edge without too much work while still being long-lasting and strong. They tend to sit on the softer side of stones available. These are truly excellent sharpening stones, suitable for any pro or serious home chef.

Overall size is also a feature, as smaller stones are more difficult to work with. It's nice to have the extra surface area when sharpening a santoku or chef's knife.

The 12,000 Super Stone occupies the high end of the grit range of this line and is one of the finest polishing stones available. It will be the final stone you use to obtain that perfect mirror edge.

This a splash and go stone so it must not be soaked.

Customer Reviews


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  Glad to have purchased this sharpening stone., May 10, 2023

Seven or eight years ago I bought this dual stone to sharpen my straight razor. I do use it with water though. The blade gets really really sharp. Very happy about it. :)

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  It's magic , February 6, 2023
Posted By: sm
2 people found this review helpful

I've tried everything, this is the best finisher on the market . Super stones are a unique product. If you need a true finisher, there isn't a better or more versatile finisher available at any price. This thing is amazing. This thing will quickly take even wear resistant stainless steels from a ~1k to a true mirror finish with excellent results. Quick and easy, good results. I have a lot of stones, this is my favorite finisher for all bladed tools. Knives, razors, planes. To does thing other polishing/finishing stones like the 5k-12k Shapton Pro, the 5k-10k Chosera, 6k-16k Shapton glass stones just can't do. It's got a rubbery texture that's different from all those other stones. It wears pretty slow yet somehow works very quickly but also gently, but it's not a hard stone like those. This is a true finisher that you're probably not going to use for anything other than edge trailing strokes. It's a powerful polisher that works very well and very quickly against against any steel you wound run into on a kitchen knife. Even hap40. Obviously these are excellent finishers for razors as well. I can't say enough good things about these. A real stand out, and yes they are true splash and go, they even work quite well dry. If you want a true finisher for any tool, consider super stones. This 12k is magic, and yes like every stone the grit is pretty arbitrary. The finish this leaves is on the level of the shapton 30k stones. Extremely similar to those, but it works better, and it costs less.

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Posted By: Dave - verified customer
2 people found this review helpful

Fast delivery, and well packed!
One of, if not the, the easiest stones I've used to put a good edge on straight razors.

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  Awesome stone
Posted By: Jeronimo Macias - verified customer

I have always wanted to get this stone but I never pulled the trigger on it until now. I got this stone to replace my Shapton 12k which to me seemed a little too rough for the grit, although it works fine. The stone came relatively flat and it feels super smooth. Left a wonderful finish on my razor. Quite happy with my purchase.

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  Naniwa SS 12000
Posted By: Scott Lockwood - verified customer

If you get the best edge possible before using the Naniwa ss12k you will be rewarded with a sharp but also very comfortable shaving edge.

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  Favorite Finishing Stone
Posted By: Chris P - verified customer
1 people found this review helpful

This has become my favorite finishing stone. It has basically obsoleted my 8,000 stones because it cuts pretty much just a fast (after lapping a slurry with an Atoma 120), but leaves no scratch marks on mirror polished knives when some of the slurry abrades the body of the knife.

For knives that I sharpen at least once a week, I generally don't even need to go to a lower grit stone. This i quite practical for me. I find the screaming edge from a Shapton 30k is fun as well but will generally reserve it for knives that won't be touching the cutting board (otherwise it degrades to a 12k finish anyway).

I threw out my cheap chromium oxide after reading its medical safety data sheet (toxic, cannot be washed off with water/soap or rubbing alcohol), and stopped using diamond sprays because the were making my throat itch (I suspect the lapping material spring launches the diamonds into the air when it compresses). Plus, I really don't want to get out a pair of gloves every time I sharpen.

This stone is Made in Japan.

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  Naniwa Super Stone 12,000
Posted By: Marty - verified customer

Stone arrived quickly, it was well packaged, exactly what I was looking for.

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  Fine but soft
Posted By: Marcus - verified customer

It's just what you would expect.....a fine honing stone that's fairly soft, but it does it's job well.

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  Mirror Finish
Posted By: EJ

Great stone for straight razors. It puts a hair popping edge on my straights.

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  fun stuff
Posted By: Max S - verified customer
1 people found this review helpful

The first thing you hear people says about this stone is, its a lot harder than the 10k. Sure its a harder stone, but the finer stones are almost always harder... its still quite similarI bought this stone primarily for razors, and it does its job great. Ridiculous polish. This stone is very easy to lap with a diamond plate, leaves a creamy slurry after flattening. Not quite as wear resistant as I would have thought, however you shouldn't need much time on this stone to get the job done. Has the most incredible feedback, just like most of the naniwa super stones. Softer hones that polish really nicely. The rumors you have heard are true, its a fantastic razor stone! Just do not expect it to be rock hard.

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  Product Review
Posted By: Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson - verified customer

This is a beautiful stone to work with on a Suehiro rubber base. Even slurry produced and you can see exactly what and where material is removed because the stone is white. I'm really glad I got this 12K stone before I strop the blade. I don't soak the stone, just spray on water or spread a palm full from the faucet. Highly recommended.

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