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Masakage Yuki Gyuto 210mm
Masakage Yuki Gyuto 210mm Masakage Yuki Gyuto 210mmMasakage Yuki Gyuto 210mmMasakage Yuki Gyuto 210mm
Masakage Yuki Gyuto 210mmMasakage Yuki Gyuto 210mmMasakage Yuki Gyuto 210mmMasakage Yuki Gyuto 210mm

Masakage Yuki Gyuto 210mm

Item #: YukiGyuto210

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 24 reviews)

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Our Price: $205.00
When the Masakage Yuki line was introduced it quickly garnered attention for its beautiful, elegant aesthetics. As more enthusiasts and pros put these knives to the test, their reputation grew for their performance. This 210mm gyuto couples Hitachi Shirogami #2 steel, reputed to take one of the keenest edges available in cutlery, with a uniquely thin grind resulting in a delicate, high performance edge. While Shirogami #2 is a carbon steel and will patina with use, upkeep is easy with stainless steel cladding.

  • Brand: Masakage
  • Blacksmith: Kato San
  • Location: Takefu Village, Echizen, Japan
  • Construction: San Mai, Hammer Forged
  • Cladding: Nashiji Stainless
  • Edge Steel: White #2
  • Edge Grind: Even (See Choil Shot)
  • Handle: Oval Magnolia
  • Ferrule: Red Dyed Pakka Wood
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Blade Length: 211 mm
  • Overall Length: 362 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 3.4 mm
  • Blade Height: 46.9 mm

  • Customer Reviews


    24 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Holy sharp!
    Posted By: Dev

    Just got this knife in the mail today! Shipping was extremely fast even with the pandemic going on, so far straight OOTB this thing is a razor! It feels good in the hand and is solid! Has a good weight, not to heavy not to light, you just feel good when you hold this thing! Today is my day off from work and the last thing I wanted to do is perp, but come on! I just want to work the hell out of this knife already lol hands down the best knife I have bought in the 13 years of being a chef!

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      Masakage Yiki Gyuto
    Posted By: Jared Kilberger - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Hands down an amazing knife. I love the handle, the blade, the finish its all incredible. Thank you.

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    Posted By: Jay - verified customer

    Seriously, THE BEST line of Japanese steel on the market Period

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      Amazing knife from an amazing company
    Posted By: Matthew B
    1 people found this review helpful

    The masakage yuki 210mm gyuto is an amazing knife. Super light in the hand with a razer sharp edge makes it a joy to work with. Masakage is one of my favourite Japanese knife makers and Mark was outstanding at helping with my international shipping issues. I always have and always will recommend chefknivestogo to all of my co-workers for getting quality knives!

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      Functional art
    Posted By: Michael Gillam - verified customer

    Absolutely beautiful blade and handle. Fit and finish was immaculate. Great OTB edge and edge retention. Very thin blade definitely more of a laser than a workhorse

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      Great knife
    Posted By: Nicholas Fore - verified customer

    A couple weeks into work at a fine dining, high volume restaurant in the NY area, using this as my main knife with a wide variety of produce and proteins (mostly fish). Sharpening weekly, 3k and 8k King stones, haven't needed 1k yet. Handle is unfinished and gets stained easily, recommend oiling/waxing it when you get it.

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      Great knife
    Posted By: Catalino

    The knife is excellent, very sharp, craftsmanship is really good. Very happy with the purchase

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      Great knife
    Posted By: Jared Proske - verified customer

    I never give reviews online but I really really like this knife. My first Japanese steel.

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      Very Nice Knife
    Posted By: Mark Kirkwood
    1 people found this review helpful

    After watching Steve's review of this knife I decided to get one! I was keen to try a 'white' steel knife as I have 2 'blue' ones. I'm blown away by the build quality of the knife: blade rustic finish/grind/ chiselled kanji plus an awesome handle fit - I love the reverse taper!

    The factory edge is pretty good (I have not felt the need to resharpen it) and the hybrid stainless cladding + carbon blade does not seem to need too much care and feeding (less patina development that my 2 blue knives).

    The balance is blade heavy, but this seems to be the trend for wa handled knives and works well with this knife design (Now I'm finding when using more neutral yo handled knives that I'm going - oh yes! A western handle! Then having to adapt my grip and cutting style).

    Overall, loving this knife!

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      Yuki 210
    Posted By: Matt - verified customer

    Super sharp edge out of the box. Excellent fit and finish.

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      This knife is amazing
    Posted By: Keith - verified customer

    This is my first grown up knife. I amUpgrading from - dont laugh - Calphalon knives. Anyway, I reached out to this community for advice and you guys pointed me in the right direction and the customer service at Chef Knives To Go is without rival. I cant wait for my second knife. What should I get, fellas?

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      Great, good looking knife
    Posted By: Ray Wilson - verified customer

    Love my Yuki 210mm. It arrived very fast and the knife was a perfect fit and finish.It a beautiful knife to look at.You can tell that the gentleman who made it has a life time of talent and know how.It's a beautiful piece of working art.I like it so well,I ordered it's bigger brother,the 240.I have been using the 210 Yuki like crazy.

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      More than I expected.
    Posted By: Carl Fuller - verified customer

    I was like a giddy kid waiting for Christmas after I ordered this knife. Even when ahead and got it expressed shipped so I could have it for the weekend at work since Saturdays are a big prep day. All I can say, is wow. Firstly the fit and finish is insane, this knife is obviously made by a man with over 50 years of experience because it shows in every detail. Also the recommended Saya looks super sharp with it too, happy with that addition as well. The oobe on this thing is great. Probably going to ride this edge out for a little while just to see how well it holds getting beat up on poly boards for hours a day. All-in-all I am incredibly happy with my purchase and would HIGHLY recommend this knife, and website, to anyone, whether working professional or at-home chef.

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      Lives up to its name!
    Posted By: Alex - verified customer

    This knife is every bit of perfection... Sharp as a razor if not sharper! Cuts like butter... Better than butter! I'm in love with this blade.. I can not say enough about how well crafted this knife is! Thank you CKTG!

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      I love this knife
    Posted By: tim levadnuk - verified customer

    I bought this knife to take over as the workhorse in my collection. I've used other Asian knives and German knives but the sheer quality of this one stands alone. The fit and finish was great plus the oobe was razor sharp. after using it for a few months i had to sharpen but mind you i use this knife everyday around 8 hours each day. So overall i love this knife. If you are looking for high quality at a far price than go no further than the Masakage yuki 210 gyuto

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      Everything I imagined
    Posted By: Travis Mccurdy - verified customer

    This was my first Masakage purchase and I can say with confidence that it will not be my last. This Yuki was a love at first sight attraction and I must say I was in no way let down when it arrived. I have been using it daily for about eight months now and it is still a joy to pick up each time. It is thin behind the edge and just glides through product. I can say that I am happy with the fit and finish as well. I have not had to resharpen or touch it up since owning it and the OOTB edge was right where I wanted it, surprisingly. Normally when I get a knife it needs at least some stropping but this was not the case.As I said I have been quite happy with it overall and the edge retention is great from the perspective of a home cook. How that will translate for a pro chef, I know not. The bottom line is that this is a very good knife that I feel anyone would be happy adding to their collection. If you have the chance to pick one up, don't hesitate.

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    Posted By: Derrick White - verified customer

    I am in love with this knife!!! It is beautiful and stupid sharp right out of the box. And thank you chef knives to go for all the information that you have on the the products that you sell. You have made my experience in shopping for a great knife enjoyable.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
    Posted By: John - verified customer

    I came from a Global professional series knife to this one. I had been looking for quite sometime to find just the right knife for a lefty. A coworker has another Masakage series and after looking it over, I had made my decision that I would be investing in a Masakage soon. I settled on this fine piece of work and placed my order. Three days later I get this thing out of the box and I am super pleased with the looks. (I had already went home for the day from work, so I had to wait to try it out) Needless to say, everything you read about the Masakage Yuki series is spot on. I couldn't ask for a better knife at work. RAZOR sharp...mine was uber sharp right out of the box. Fit and finish is amazing. I'll definitely be looking at another Yuki series or possibly the Shimo series for some of my other needs.Mark was a great help along the way with answering all of my questions as well. Top notch company ran by top notch folks!

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    Posted By: xristos - verified customer

    First of all congratulations to Mark for his great service! This knife is my first from this brand . The knife is perfect, is very easy to sharpen.i am speechless with this knife. I am left hand and the handle is really comfortable. I recommend it to any cook and again thank you Mark, you are perfect

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      What a knife!
    Posted By: Matt Paine - verified customer

    After months of research and reviews I have pulled the trigger and bought myself a Yuki. Only one word comes to mind when you first place your hands on it, WOW. The initial fit and feel in my hand was nothing but positive. The knife is much lighter and nimbler in the hand than I had expected. The fit and finish is exactly what you would expect from reading reviews. No gaps, rough edges, or defects in the handle or blade. When I ran the knife through the first ingredient, (a very soft skinned tomato), only one thing came to mind, light saber! It pushed through the skin and mushy interior of the tomato without deforming it or spilling it's juices. I have only been serious into kitchen knives for the past 2 years and this knife has put a smile on my face. I would recommend this knife to any home/hobby cook.

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      Product Review
    Posted By: Aaron - verified customer

    Well my first of the Masakage series and I'm very impressed. Sharp right out of the box and thin behind the edge and nice and light. The handle is comfortable and ever at 210mm (more like 215mm it's good enough to use in a pro kitchen all day. White 2 is very quick to sharpen while the stainless steel jacket makes care minimal. And the usual great service by Mark.

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      Product Review
    Posted By: Mikahil - verified customer

    Bought 5 of masakage knives for my mother. Have not tried them myself - would not comment on performance. F&F however is nice and the knives look really beautiful. My mother fell in love with the blade finish instantly.

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      Product Review
    Posted By: Jason - verified customer

    After careful review of many knives, I chose this one as my first from CKTG. I am very pleased with the quality of the knife. It is very well balanced, the fit & finish are almost flawless, and the blade is extremely sharp out of the box. I am looking forward to doing business with CKTG again to add more knives to my kitchen collection !

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      Product Review
    Posted By: Steve - verified customer

    What can I say? I LOVE this knife! Bought it about 10 months ago after meticulous research on CKTG and time has proven that I chose wisely.I've used a variety of knives and handled quite a few more doing the Quick Look product videos for CKTG. There's just something about holding a Masakage - you can feel the soul and craftsmanship that go into creating these great kitchen tools.The Yuki 210 Gyuto looks fantastic, has lower maintenance stainless cladding over the carbon steel core, comes super sharp OOTB, and it cuts like a dream. The Yuki's are very thin behind the edge and the combination of the grind geometry and refined rustic finish help food release as well. The edge profile shape is very versatile, and the tip is thin enough to fly through onions, brunoise shallots, mince garlic, etc. The blade also has enough weight to help cut through product. It's not a laser, but it's not heavy either.I have found the White

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