+Konosuke MM Ginsan Gyuto 240mm Custom
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Konosuke MM Ginsan Gyuto 240mm Custom
Konosuke MM Ginsan Gyuto 240mm Custom Konosuke MM Ginsan Gyuto 240mm CustomKonosuke MM Ginsan Gyuto 240mm CustomKonosuke MM Ginsan Gyuto 240mm Custom
Konosuke MM Ginsan Gyuto 240mm Custom Konosuke MM Ginsan Gyuto 240mm CustomKonosuke MM Ginsan Gyuto 240mm CustomKonosuke MM Ginsan Gyuto 240mm Custom

Konosuke MM Ginsan Gyuto 240mm Custom

Item #: C2027

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CKTG Gyuto Saya 240mm A Walnut
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The Konosuke brand is synonymous with quality—quality of workmanship, performance, fit and finish. They are one of our most popular brands in terms of desirability and pride of ownership. Because they use many different smiths and sharpeners, they can employ varying techniques, materials and price points in their many lines of Japanese knives.

The new MM range of knives is slowly growing, and right now is comprised of five different knives. The latest additions are constructed from the much liked semi stainless steel known as Ginsan, or G3. This steel is made by Hitachi and in the hands of a good blacksmith it can offer similar sharpness and edge retention to carbon steels. Ginsan is also known as Silver 3 or Ginsanko. The MM line utilizes Ginsan as the inner core which is then clad with a soft stainless steel to further protect and strengthen the blade. The fine hairline fish on the blade is further enhanced by some fine kanji elements hand engraved by noted artisan, Mr. Kawamura.

The Konosuke MM Ginsan Gyuto 240mm is a perfectly proportioned blade that possesses wonderful balance and ergonomics. Like all Konosuke knives, fit and finish are also of the highest standards. These are knives that can be used hard and maintained with ease. They are adaptable to most normal cutting requirements and fun to use. We really like these new offerings from one of our favorite knife companies.

  • Maker: Konosuke
  • Location: Sakai, Japan
  • Consrtruction: Hammer Forged, San Mai
  • Edge Steel: Ginsan
  • Cladding: Stainless
  • Finish: Hairline
  • Engraving: Hand Engraved by Mr. Kawamura
  • Handle: Custom Octagonal
  • Length: 230mm
  • Height: 47mm
  • Weight: 206g/7.02oz
  • Spine Thickness: 3mm
  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Delivers and delivers, August 21, 2019
    Posted By: Dan

    I've had the pleasure of handling quite a few knives by now, and Konosuke never seem to disappoint. While other Konos have a rather upswept profile, this one keeps quite flat, and plays right into my comfort and technique.
    The blade is something of a light-middleweight (or a hefty laser), and exhibits a fine convexity that just takes it sailing through any and every food I've yet to try. Sweet potatoes and carrots melt before it. Soft product need not be mentioned.
    The balance is perfect for a pinch grip; fit and finish are superb (as usual with Konosuke); stainless understated vertical-line finish (the stainless cladding does discolor just a wee bit, but no trouble at all); Kanji is well articulated and eye-catching; sharpness ootb is impressive.
    Overall, for the price you get a very well made knife! Buy it again

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    5  Amazing Daily Driver, April 24, 2018
    Posted By: salemj - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    I'm still getting to know this knife, but it strikes me right off the bat as doing exactly what I hoped it would: it provides an excellent, refined cutting experience without any of the hassle, worry, or concern of much more expensive (but only slightly more refined) blades. Here you have something that will outperform 90% of blades at its price point 90% of the time, while also performing as well as most blades that cost twice as much at least 50% of the time. And yet, with all of that, this knife also feels safe to use on just about every ingredient in any circumstance—in this sense, it feels much more robust than a Konosuke laser. I took some picks on P.33 of this tread: http://www.chefknivestogoforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3869&start=640

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