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CKTG Sujihiki Saya 270mm B
CKTG Sujihiki Saya 270mm B CKTG Sujihiki Saya 270mm B
CKTG Sujihiki Saya 270mm BCKTG Sujihiki Saya 270mm B

CKTG Sujihiki Saya 270mm B

Item #: CKTGSaya-Suji270B

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Our Price: $35.00
This saya was designed to fit a 270mm sujihiki with a thicker spine.

It is best to buy a knife and saya at the same time so we can ensure a good fit. If you’re buying a saya separately, we will need to know which knife you’re buying it for. Please let us know in the Comments section of your shopping cart.

If a knife has a compatible saya, it is shown and linked on the knife’s page. If no saya is shown, then we do NOT have a saya that fits, in which case we recommend a felt blade guard.

We do not sell sayas for knives we do not carry on the website.

Customer Reviews


5 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
  Misono Swedish Steel
Posted By: Samuel Ciccarelli - verified customer

Will the Misono Swedish Steel Sujihiki fit in this saya?

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  Protect your Sujihikis
Posted By: Matt B - verified customer

Bought a couple of these to go with my Masakage Yuki and Shimo Sujihiki knives. Absolutely fantastic Sayas for the price, well crafted and will serve as great protection for my knives. With a few coats of oil/finish, they'll be perfect.Blade fit is a bit loose for my Masakages, that's 100% understandable as these Sayas are made to fit various shapes of knives, still does it's job just fine.Note that, on the Sayas inner surface (one side only), Isaiha has prepared some sort of wedges to help secure the knife blade and keep it from rattling in the Saya. Sort of one size fits all feature, which is great. Just make sure you check for this before you mindlessly jam your blade into the Saya. You have to insert the knife in a specific way and if one is not careful, I imagine, could break/chip the tip of your expensive knife on those wedges.

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Posted By: JL - verified customer

Will this fit the kurosaki as ku 270mm Sujihiki?

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  Near perfect for the price
Posted By: Ramon - verified customer

I'm giving it5 stars for the price . I own 3 different ones. I do have a small complaint. The pin is a little too snug, especially on the one for the 270 suji. This one would actually get stuck. I had to pull it out with pliers and scuffed up the pin a little. I had to gut the whole a little bit and I oiled it. It's gotten broken in better now and is not as big of a problem, but I do have to be carefully to minimally push it in. This one the issue was the worst and I still bought two more after. The other two weren't as bad. It was less of an issue.

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  First CKTG Saya
Posted By: Gil - verified customer

Excellent product for those looking to protect their knives. It fits my Fujiwara FKH perfectly and the fit and finish is great; especially when compared to a Yoshihiro saya. My only complaint was that the pin hole could have been slightly wider because the pin can get stuck and may be hard to remove at times. Additionally, I recommend getting the wood treatment to maintain the wood and prevent cracking.

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