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Gihei HAP40 Petty 150mm
Gihei HAP40 Petty 150mm Gihei HAP40 Petty 150mmGihei HAP40 Petty 150mmGihei HAP40 Petty 150mm
Gihei HAP40 Petty 150mmGihei HAP40 Petty 150mmGihei HAP40 Petty 150mmGihei HAP40 Petty 150mm

Gihei HAP40 Petty 150mm

Item #: GHP-P150

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 7 reviews)

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Our Price: $195.00
The Gihei HAP40 Petty is constructed using HAP40 PM semi-stainless steel as the inner core (hagane) with a tough outer outer layer (jigane) made from a softer stainless steel. HAP40 is a really great steel for kitchen knives, especially when heat treated to 65-66 HRC. The heat treatment applied to Gihei blades is especially noteworthy. This combination results in a knife that takes a great edge and stays sharp through many long prep sessions. The Gihei company is located in Sanjo City and is one of the most innovative small blacksmith shops operating in the Prefecture.

Petty knives are small utility knives of Japanese design. They can vary significantly in both profile and size, going from 75mm to 210mm. Petty knives are very similar to the common western paring or utility knife and are adept at many small and detailed cutting tasks. They also excel at preparing garnishes and other artistic endeavors.

We love the way that Atsushi Hosokawa and his associates use the best steels and techniques. Partnered to the fine blade is a lovely semi-custom walnut octagonal handle with a burnt urushi finish. Sweet looks, great performance, and a fair price combine to make this versatile petty a great value.

  • Steel: HAP40 Semi Stainless
  • HRC: 65-66
  • Weight: 2.4 oz (68 g)
  • Edge Length: 150 mm
  • Total Length: 274 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 1.5 mm
  • Blade Height: 30.2 mm

  • Customer Reviews


    7 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Perfect little petty knife, August 6, 2022
    Posted By: Sam

    I bought this knife so I could check out the HAP40 steel and, according to my wife, we needed a medium sized knife. This knife impresses me every time I pick it up! The size is great, the edge has been nicely thinned and preforms amazingly, and the steel seems to have all of the good qualities and none of the bad. If Gihei comes out with a chef knife that is a little taller and a paring knife then I might just have to switch out those knifes on my board. Overall I am really glad I bought this knife.

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      Great knife
    Posted By: M Leonard - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    This knife out of the box was about a 6 out of 10 but a little sharpening and this little petty is awesome. Handle was a little rough on the feel but put a little mineral oil on it and it's much better. It's very light and very durable. Excellent overall. CKTG is my go to!

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      Great in every way
    Posted By: GaryT
    1 people found this review helpful

    This knife feels great in the hand. I found it easy to manipulate through anything. It looks great. The finish is beautiful. The handle looks great. I did sharpen it a tad more and it is unbelievable. Every knife I get from CKTG I think becomes my favorite. The same is true of this petty knife. Big enough to handle most jobs and small enough to be nimble. I like it !

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      Gihei HAP40 Petty 150mm
    Posted By: Bjørn Langfjæran - verified customer

    Extremely sharp, lightweight, excellent food release, good balance. It is in use many times every day

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      Gihei HAP40 Voodoo Steel
    Posted By: Brent - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    This knife is an amazing little petty. I like the profile, and I LOVE the steel~! OOTB sharp, but takes and holds a wicked edge. It is easy to see why some call HAP40 steel 'voodoo steel''. The blade is very thin and light, the walnut handle and maple ferrule are a great match as they are lightweight and nicer than a plain Ho handle. However, I personally find the handle to be a bit large for the blade - a smaller diameter handle would allow for a more nimble and adept use for a petty, in my opinion. Overall a great purchase from a great company, thank you CKTG~!

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      Really nice
    Posted By: Terry Faulkner - verified customer

    This Gihei Petty was sharp enough out of the box to slice through the newspaper test with ease. Besides great function on the cutting board it is a very attractive knife with excellent fit and finish.

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      Awesome Knife
    Posted By: Sam - verified customer

    Reading Mark's comments on the HAP40 steel, I decided to buy one of these Giheis.It absolutely glides through anything I have cut with it so far. I haven't pushed it hard,but it has been holding the sharp edge perfectly so far. The handle works well, and islarge enough for mid western hands. The edge shape works very well in the averageslicing motion. The narrow profile and optimal satin finish help it glide through foodswith almost no friction. The OTB edge is satisfactory. I have been working on optimizingmy sharpening skills using the Wicked Edge sharpening system. The edge I put on thisknife with the Wicked Edge system is unreal. Using the ceramic stones to fully polish thebevels further reduces cutting friction to almost nothing. Holding the knife with two fingersis all that is needed for slicing through a thick steak. I have sampled a variety of steelsand knife brands for my sharpening education project. I have no need to look further nowthat I own a Gihei.

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