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Edge Pro Apex 1
Edge Pro Apex 1

Edge Pro Apex 1

Item #: Apex1

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Our Price: $185.00
Edge Pro is a leading maker of quality knife sharpening supplies and we are proud to offer their products at CKTG. The Apex Model Edge Pro Sharpening System is a highly portable unit which we especially recommend for home users and those chefs on the go.

The Apex Model Edge Pro is a patented system that will sharpen any size or shape blade (up to 3 " wide), including serrated knives. Knives can be sharpened at exactly the same angle every time, making re-sharpening so fast you will never work with a dull blade again. The water stones in this basic kit have been custom formulated to free you from messy, gummed-up oil stones. They last a long time and are inexpensive to replace. The Apex will remove far less metal than electric sharpeners or grinders, eliminating wavy edges and adding to the life and performance of your knives. If you have ever wanted to put a great edge on a knife without having to spend the time practicing free hand knife sharpening then the Edge Pro Apex system is for you. We highly recommend these tools! The Edge Pro Apex 1 sharpening set includes:

  • Edge Pro Sharpening System
  • Black Cordura Carrying Case
  • Instructional Manual
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Water Bottle
  • Edge Pro 220 Grit Stone
  • Edge Pro 400 Grit Stone

  • Customer Reviews


    8 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Great Sharpener
    Posted By: Richard

    Excellent results on large and small kitchen knives. Chef Knives to Go is an authorized dealer and shipped fast! Very happy with the Apex 1 and the service from CKTG! I'll be back.

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      Superb Sharpening System
    Posted By: Eric

    This system is not the magic bullet. It is not fool proof. If you've never sharpened before there will be a considerable learning curve before you perfect your edges. You will likely damage your first few knives, so be sure to practice on cheap ones you don't care about. That said, if you understand the basic concepts of sharpening, with a little practice you can get very uniform bevels and screaming sharp edges with this system.

    Some people complain that the system isn't fixed (no clamp). I actually like this as it offers more flexibility and feels a little closer to freehand. They offer magnets to help held the blade in place, but I think those are unnecessary once you get the hang of holding the knife in place. I also don't see much need for the bench mount unless you don't have smooth surface to place it on. For smooth surfaces, the suction cups work perfectly well. The drill stop collar is a must have and an excellent value from CKTG. I also bought the small knife attachment, but rarely use it.

    The included stones are good, but not great. The produce very keen edges on soft-medium steels, but they struggle with high hardness or high wear-resistant steels, which is to be expected with Aluminum Oxide abrasive. The 400-grit stone leaves a really nice toothy but sharp finish that will easily pop hairs. Even the 220-grit stone will give you a shaving edge if you take time to deburr properly. My biggest complaint is that the stones dish quickly. I can clearly see with the naked eye where they are out of level even after one or two knives. Therefore, some sort of flattening solution is necessary right out of the gate. The CKTG 140-grit diamond bench plate is a great value and perfect for flattening these stones. I also added the CKTG 140-grit edge pro plate for hogging off metal, and it works much faster than the 220-grit edge pro stone. At the top end I added the 1000-grit edge pro stone, but I actually prefer the finish left by the 400-grit stone. Wish I had gotten the 600-grit stone instead of the 1000.

    CKTG service was excellent and shipping was fast. It was a nice touch that they bundled all my add-ons together with the stock edge pro kit in the carrying case. Would definitely buy from them again. You won't get that kind of service from the big river site!

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      I'm just not there yet
    Posted By: RB - verified customer
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    I bought this one versus the other choices for a few reasons. One it was in stock. Two I didn't want to spend more money on higher end stones if I wasn't going to like this machine and I if I am going to ruin a stone let's ruin a cheap one. That being said I researched tens of hours between an edge pro and other machines. It was less money, build quality was decent for home use. I just need to sharpen kitchen knives so spending more on something that could lead to a career change sharpening knives for people just wasn't what I wanted to do. I have sharpened a few now and I am happy with the results but the consistency isn't there yet. The factory stones wear fast. I can actually see stone wear only after two knives. It works well for what I am using for. My fiance says she likes the edges I am making. I want to be able to really get them wicked sharp and I'm not sure I will be able to without a clamp holding the knife.

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      Product Review
    Posted By: Max - verified customer

    This is a good start, but 2 things you are desperately going to need. One is the CKTG custom made drill stop thingy, it is a must have at 4.00 dollars. You will also need either a lapping stone, or the edge pro stone leveling kit, you can't sharpen more than a couple knives before your stones will dish out and deform. This is a real pain, the leveling kit is about 50 bucks. I bought this kit with the drill stop and the 1k stone, I was getting along great but had to wait for the leveling kit to ship from edge pro. GREAT system though.

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      Product Review
    Posted By: Brian - verified customer

    Bought the basic model and the two extra stones to avoid paying for the ceramic and all the extra stuff I dont want. It came out cheaper. Shipped and arrive pretty fast also. I recommend getting an angle cube just to make sure your angle is right. Its not the products fault, the built in angles do not work for all products. No product is capable of delivering that kind of accuracy. This product and site is good.

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      Product Review
    Posted By: nick - verified customer

    really goodreally easy

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      Product Review
    Posted By: Ron - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Great product and exceptional customer service

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      Product Review
    Posted By: Dexter - verified customer

    I bought the Edge Pro Apex 1 kit about a month ago and I am delighted with my new little friend. The edge pro system gives you the precise repeatable sharpening motion that you need to sharpen almost anything. I bought the Apex 1 because I was skeptical and wanted to start with the basic model and I also wanted the freedom to buy just the sharpening stones I actually need. I am very happy with the results ? If you need a sharp knife like I do then the Edge Pro Apex is for perfect for you.

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