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CKTG Thermoprobe
CKTG Thermoprobe CKTG Thermoprobe
CKTG ThermoprobeCKTG Thermoprobe

CKTG Thermoprobe

Item #: Thermoprobe1000

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews)

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Our Price: $12.95
This is a nice little probe thermometer that's quick and easy to use. Just hit the button and insert the probe and it will give you an accurate temperature in a few seconds. A battery is included. Here are the specs:

  • Measures -58 to 572 degrees
  • Hold function
  • Auto Off
  • Instant read within 4 seconds
  • Has a handy meat temp guide
  • Magnet on the back for easy storage
  • Color is more orange like the photo below
  • Probe measures 4.5 inches so it can go deep into roasts and other large items

  • Customer Reviews


    6 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      All you need, December 7, 2022
    Posted By: Matt F.

    I've got a fancier one from Thermorworks but this is all most people could need. Handy and convenient. I would add that in general if you're muddling along without a food thermometer, grab this. For the cost of a stocking-stuffer hint hint you can be sure about food safety and doneness. For beef alone that you like a certain way it's a godsend. Just get one already.

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      Works great. Kinda big
    Posted By: Pavel Gonzalez - verified customer

    So I didn't realize just how big this thing is. About a foot long when fully opened. Kinda cumbersome if your temping smaller stuff.otger than that works fine and gets a quick read.
    Also, wish it automatically turned on when opened but you have to actually push the power button. Minor issue.

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      These are great
    Posted By: Frankkj - verified customer

    Very close to accurate, +/- 1. So nice to not having to find weird batteries to make it work. Already bought a backup!

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    Posted By: David - verified customer

    Doesn't feel as stout as my $100 dollar W&S probe but it measured every temp right behind the more expensive one degree for degree. For the money I believe this will be a keeper and if it somehow fails I can buy 9 more.

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      Great tool
    Posted By: Adonijah a Lozano - verified customer

    Best thermometer so far. For the price a now brainer. The magnet keeps it out of harms way

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    Posted By: Nicholas Miller - verified customer

    Excellent at this price point. The read is fast, only reason not to give this 5 stars is the display is a little small and unlike a ThermaPen you can't insert it at a 90 degree angle it has to be straight out. For guys with bigger fingers (myself) it's a touch hard to open till you find the sweet spot on the probe. Love this for the price great product.

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