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Naniwa Professional Chosera 800 Grit
Naniwa Professional Chosera 800 Grit

Naniwa Professional Chosera 800 Grit

Item #: P-308

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Often overlooked in the sharpening routine is the importance of coarser grit stones. Coarse grit stones speed up the early stages of sharpening and allow freehand sharpeners to do edge repairs without excessive fatigue which can decrease angle control and diminish the quality of the edge produced. This 800 grit Chosera stone bridges the gap between extremely aggressive and coarse stones for repair work and stones in the 1k grit range where many sharpening progressions begin before moving on to a finer finishing stone. As with all Choseras, this stone is fast cutting and slow dishing and polishes above its grit rating. These stones are splash and go and soaking is not advised due to the composition of stone’s binder. The stone measures 210mm x 70mm x 20mm.

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  Chosera 800
Posted By: Steve Ogle
1 people found this review helpful

Only used it about 5 times at this point. Going to bridge the gap between my 400 and 1000 stones. It comes highly recommended and I like it so far.

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  Wonderful product
Posted By: Barbara Brown - verified customer
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Easily and effectively sharpened in the course of this process.

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  Great Stone
Posted By: S. Walker - verified customer

I purchased this 800 grit stone based on reviews I have read and seen on YouTube. I really like this stone. The feel and results I have achieved with this stone are better than anything else I have tried and I have other more publicized and expensive stones. The feel when sharpening and the results I get are beyond what I had expected. I also purchased the 3k Naniwa (Chosera) and the combination of these two stones is outstanding in the edges produced on kitchen knives.

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  Positive Stone Review
Posted By: Chef Mark - verified customer

Please see my prior reviews on the Naniwa/Chosera 400 and 2000 grit stones. As noted, this 800 grit stone is another outstanding stone for use in a progressive series of steps which results in a better than OOTB edge on knives that had been deliberately dulled on the edge of an Arkansas stone. Mirror polish on the blades once finished on the 2000. You get what you pay for and I highly recommend this line up of stones for purchase.

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  Product Review
Posted By: Chris Griggs - verified customer
1 people found this review helpful

I purchased this stone to use as a more aggressive alternative to my Sigma Power 1k. I'm finding it to be a great foundation stone for resharpening edges that need a bit more than just a quick touchup. I would categorize it as a 1k on steroids, as it does the same job just faster. It also has that same lovely, consistent, and smooth feel of the whole Chosera line. It's quite fast, especially when freshly lapped, and while it does leave slightly coarser scratches then a 1k, it is still fine enough that I can use it in the same progression in which I was using my Sigma 1k. While your mileage may vary, in most cases, I believe you could go to the same stones from this that you would go to from a 1k. On edges that are either small, hollow ground, or micro beveled, I've been jumping from it all the way up to my Snow White 8k. This may not work for you knife and razor guys, but many of us woodworkers love being able to do these big jumps. On larger areas of steel, such as blade backs, I put my Sigma Power 6k into the mix, and while it does take out the 800 scratches without any trouble, I'm thinking a Chosera 3k, which I've used but do not own, would be an ideal stone to follow the 800. I was expecting this stone to be quite thirsty, and while it works best with a soak, it works quite well with a heavy splash; the water tends to sit on top for a while rather than being sucked into the stone right away. Also, because it is relatively hard and fast it really helps you to get your edge geometry correct at the get go. So far I'm also finding this stone less prone to overloading and clogging than some of the other Chosera's I've used, and I think I like it a little better than the Chosera 1k, which I don't own, but have used a number of times and quite like also. This stone doesn't get a lot of press, presumably because it is an 800 where as 1k's tend to be more popular, but keep in mind that a Shapton 1k is also technically an 800 grit stone under the current JIS rating system. If you are looking for a ?medium? grit foundational stone, the Chosera 800 is a serious force to reckoned with. I highly recommend it!

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