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Atoma for Edge Pro 140 Grit
Atoma for Edge Pro 140 Grit

Atoma for Edge Pro 140 Grit

Item #: AtomaEP-140

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 7 reviews)

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Our Price: $49.95
This 140 grit plate is cut to fit the Edge Pro. These plates are excellent for wear-resistant metals like ZDP-189 or M390. This grit is also great for quick stock removal for resetting bevels or tip and edge repair. They are even great for keeping your other Edge Pro water stones flat. The layout of the diamonds keeps the plate from sticking to the stone during the flattening process.

Customer Reviews


7 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
  Worth it!
Posted By: Joe - verified customer

I make knives and this stone allowed me to go from unsharpened edge to setting a bevel in no time without the threat of overheating the edge. I'm probably going to buy the entire set, but this 140 will do most of the work.

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  Very efficient for basic bevels
Posted By: Michael Orkild - verified customer

This was a game changer in concern of shortening down time spent on making a basic knife bevel, specially on very hard steel.

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Posted By: Mike H. - verified customer

Used the 140 grit to re-profile a bunch of kitchen knives I screwed up in my education.. The majority of the work done with the 140 then stepped my way up with the Shaptons with phenomenal results. However, the 140 bogged down re-profiling the steel of my two Global knives, but soldiered on while stones would have fared much worse. Overall, the 140 eats steel just slows down on the bullet-proof blends. 4.9999 stars!

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  atoma 140 EP
Posted By: H. Ray - verified customer

really removes metal for reprofiling

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  Atoma 140
Posted By: Jim Pudar - verified customer

I have used this 140 grit diamond stone to sharpen hundreds of different knives on the edgepro. I run a small sharpening business for local chefs, and switching to the atoma plate for fast reprofiling simplified my workflow substantially.Most chefs abuse their edges on a grooved steel, and when I receive them they have worn away their primary edge completley. A good deal of steel must be removed to create a new edge, and the atoma plate just chews through steel and keeps on taking it. The edges are always perfect since the stone can not dish. After a few dozen knives, the plate will mellow out and not cut quite as fast in the middle. However, the edges you can create get better as the plate is broken in. I would estimate my very well used 140 to be closer to a 300 grit. I generally use this stone to do 95 percent of the work, then switch to a 1000 grit shapton stone to knock off the burr and polish the faces of the edge. I will be purchacing a higher grit atoma as soon as they come back into stock here!

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  Product Review
Posted By: wessel - verified customer

Main advantage is that it does not dish. Probably a bit faster than the EP 120 stone. Rating is lower because the diamonds are in metal that rusts. I must have stored the stone moist, because I found rust spots in between the diamonds after a few days. Also, the finish of mine was not great. A ridge of metal at the top was elevated higher than the diamonds. No biggy, but I expected a bit better for this price.

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  Product Review
Posted By: Matt - verified customer

WOW!! This this is great for reprofiling and is super fast. It might seem a bit spendy at first, but once you get it and use it some, you will know it was worth it.

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