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Yusaku Blue #2 Gyuto 210mm
Yusaku Blue #2 Gyuto 210mm Yusaku Blue #2 Gyuto 210mm Yusaku Blue #2 Gyuto 210mm Yusaku Blue #2 Gyuto 210mm
Yusaku Blue #2 Gyuto 210mm Yusaku Blue #2 Gyuto 210mm Yusaku Blue #2 Gyuto 210mm Yusaku Blue #2 Gyuto 210mm

Yusaku Blue #2 Gyuto 210mm

Item #: C3510

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Our Price: $169.95
A young blacksmith named Kousuke Muneishi makes these lovely knives. He is a 3rd generation bladesmith heralding from Tosa Japan. His grandfather started the Muneishi Cutlery Mfg company in 1955 to produce farming and forestry tools. His son took over the management of the business and continues making these specialized cutting tools using mainly Aogami #2 steel.

Now, grandson Kousuke has begun making kitchen cutlery to expand the family business and add to his blade-making skills. We are very impressed with these first efforts and have high hopes of a long relationship with this talented young man.

We have named these knives Yusaku, and the kanji on the blade reflects this branding. The last character is pronounced Yu but also can be pronounced as Suke when used in a name. The first kanji is Saku, and it means work. So Yu-Saku means the work (or produced by) of Kousuke!

The first offering is a nice 210mm gyuto made from Blue #2 steel that is laminated with soft iron. He uses the san-mai method and leaves the forgerís scale (kurouchi) on the blade face. The grind is very well realized and quite sophisticated. It is thin behind the edge and has a nice profile that will match most kinds of cutting styles.

These are high-value knives that belie their keen price. The overall package of well-executed grinds, good fit and finish, and an all-purpose design add up to a knife that will appeal to many users, both professional and home-based.

  • Brand: Yusaku
  • Blacksmith: Kousuke Muneishi
  • Location: Tosa Japan
  • Constrcution: Hammer Forged, San Mai
  • Edge Steel: Hitachi Blue #2
  • Cladding: Soft Iron
  • Finish: Kurouchi/Sand Blast Shinogi
  • Edge Grind: Double Bevel/ See Choil Shot
  • Weight: 6 oz / 174g
  • Blade Length: 215 mm
  • Total Length: 355 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Heel: 3.0 mm
  • Blade Height at Heel: 43 mm
  • Handle: Purple Urushi Oak Octagonal

  • Customer Reviews


    2 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Excellent knife for price, June 9, 2021
    Posted By: Brannon

    I've used this gyuto now for six months on a daily basis. For the price, it's excellent. The grind is very good, and it was pretty sharp out of the box. I did sharpen it though (1000 and 5000 grit Shapton Glass stones) and it ended up razor sharp. Since then, I've only needed to hone it a couple of times per week - it has stayed really sharp. This is a rustic knife made with a reactive steel, so be prepared to take care of it. If you are looking for a gorgeous show knife, this probably isn't it, but I have it paired with a Yamashin petty and Daovua kiri cleaver so the look is consistently rustic. Care of blue #2 is more than stainless - I wipe it down frequently and occasionally wipe it with food grade mineral oil, so it has developed a bit of a patina, but for me its a tool - I just do enough so it doesn't rust. The handle (I have the burned walnut) is not the most beautiful, but it is comfortable. This knife is a bit longer than 210 mm and the length took some getting used to. I found it a bit forward heavy initially, but have figured that out by adjusting my grip. Tonight, I sliced tomatoes :) Put the knife on the tomato, barely moved it, and it sliced right through. Tried again with our Calphalon Chef's knive, which I do keep sharp, and it was like bludgeoning a basketball. Got to love blue #2 steel and a nice edge!

    This knife is okay both rocking and chopping, though you have to remember to bring the back all the way down as it has a pretty flat edge. Excellent for slicing anything. Overall, a great knife that I look forward to using every day.

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      Beautiful, functional, All-purpose Knife, August 11, 2020
    Posted By: Grace

    This knife is my holy grail. It has the perfect weight and balance for my work in a professional kitchen and at home.

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