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Yoshimune White #1 Bunka 170mm
Yoshimune White #1 Bunka 170mm Yoshimune White #1 Bunka 170mmYoshimune White #1 Bunka 170mmYoshimune White #1 Bunka 170mm
Yoshimune White #1 Bunka 170mm Yoshimune White #1 Bunka 170mmYoshimune White #1 Bunka 170mmYoshimune White #1 Bunka 170mm

Yoshimune White #1 Bunka 170mm

Item #: C2162

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Our Price: $259.95
CKTG Bunka Saya
The Yoshimune White #1 Bunka is made by a single blacksmith named Kawamura San in Sanjo Japan. His shop is next to a large number of rice paddies and he's free to make as much noise as he wants. The croaking frogs don't seem to mind. Kawamura San came up with this unique Tsuchime pattern for the cladding by first imprinting the cladding with an attachment to his spring hammer and then polishing it afterward. It's a really well-made knife featuring a unique and attractive stainless steel cladding. We are very excited to be able to offer these fine knives to our customers in the USA.

The White #1 line of knives are constructed with an inner core of Hitachi White Paper #1 carbon steel. This alloy is also known as Shirogami No.1 or Shiroko No.1. It is a hard steel with a very fine granular structure. It has the highest carbon content of all the White steels which results in a blade that is the easiest to sharpen. As it is a carbon steel it will discolor or corrode if not cared for properly.

Bunka knives are basically cool looking santokus that are used for general purpose work in the kitchen. The length and the height are ideal for a wide variety of tasks. It's easy to control and makes short work of most cutting tasks in the kitchen.

The blade is mated to a beautiful custom octagonal handle that our team of woodworkers make to enhance the gorgeous and great performing blade.

  • Brand: Yoshimune
  • Blacksmith: Kawamura san
  • Location: Sanjo Japan
  • Construction: San Mai, Hammer Forged
  • Edge Steel: White #1
  • Cladding: Stainless Hammered
  • Weight: 5.5 ounces
  • Edge Grind: Even
  • HRC:62
  • Engraving: None (He has difficulty stamping it over the finish)
  • Blade Length: 169 mm
  • Overall Length: 310 mm
  • Thickness at Heel: 3.5 mm
  • Blade Height: 45 mm
  • Handle: Custom Octagonal
  • Photos are of the actual knife you will receive
  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  My go to knife, April 29, 2019
    Posted By: T.M. - verified customer

    Iíve never used a bunka before so thought Iíd give this a try. Boy am I glad I did. Iíve usually used a Nakiri for most of the cooking I do or a newly obtained 210 Mazaki Gyuto for little larger jobs or meat slicing. Now, I find myself grabbing this bunka most often. The pointed tip is great for dicing up things like garlic and the relatively small size makes maneuverability so easy. Blade height makes chopping a breeze as well. A surprise I found which may sound stupid was how easy it is to aim and cut with the tip. Slicing out seeds from an apple wedge to cutting out that first piece of a pie, I could get the two cuts to meet exactly. I really feel stupid talking about that cause it just never bothered me before but now that I can get such precision, it bugs me when I get over cuts or the cuts donít meet all the way lol! Ootb edge was pretty good but still stoned a little and got a ridiculous edge without much effort at all. First thing I cut was a strawberry cream cake. To my surprise this baby went right through a whole strawberry with pretty much a straight push cut and the strawberry didnít even sink down. I do a lot of Japanese cooking and this has been a great cross between a Nakiri and Gyuto as a home cook. Iíd say about 85% of the cutting I need to do can be accomplished with this knife alone. Maintenance is also very forgiving as well. I love my new Mazaki but i find it very susceptible to corrosion where as with this knife, while it is stainless clad, even the core steel seems to not require the constant wiping down that many of my other carbon steel core blades require. Since the first sharpening, Iíve just stropped to bring back a screaming edge and this is with daily use. So far, Iíve had zero chipping issues. Iím seriously thinking about purchasing more of these as gifts. I would highly recommend this to home cooks for light to medium tasks.

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