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Tojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri 165mm
Tojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri 165mm Tojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri 165mmTojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri 165mmTojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri 165mm
Tojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri 165mmTojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri 165mmTojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri 165mmTojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri 165mm

Tojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri 165mm

Item #: F-702A

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 23 reviews)

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Our Price: $47.00
Tojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri 165mm

How do you spell deal? We think this knife screams the word. Made with the ever popular Shirogami #2 steel, the Tojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri is a lot of knife for very little money.

White #2 steel is a very popular alloy for kitchen knives. This inner core is covered with a soft iron layer using the san-mai style of cladding. This leaves the Shirogami #2 cutting edge and spine exposed. The blade is very well executed with a nice hairline finish on the upper portion and a sand blasted finish on the lower part. This gives way to the exposed cutting edge.

The nakiri is a popular knife for vegetable cutting. The square blade and tall profile make the task of chopping and slicing most vegetables a breeze. They are made thin to avoid wedging and to aid with food release. Remember that the iron cladding is reactive and will require careful cleaning and drying between uses. The well made blade is coupled to a simple traditional oval handle made from Ho wood.

This is the perfect knife for anyone looking to try a new style blade. But it also a great gift to a budding chef, student or anyone wanting to try a real Japanese kitchen knife.

Comes with a nice paper box and measures 165mm on the edge and 300mm overall. Weight is 110g.

  • Maker: Tojiro
  • Construction: San Mai
  • Steel: Shirogami (White #2)
  • Finish: Hairline
  • Type: Nakiri
  • Edge Length: 165mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Edge Even (See Photo)
  • Handle: D Ho Wood
  • Ferrule: Plastic

  • Customer Reviews


    23 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      I got a good one..., July 8, 2022
    Posted By: Christopher

    I ordered this knife because I have a gajillion stainless or stainless clad knives for every imaginable purpose and I wanted to see what a fully reactive knife would be like, specifically one in White #2. TL:DR, I'm glad I did. A few other reviews cited warped blades or dicey F&F; I didn't see any of that with mine.
    For the price point, I can't find much to criticize. Blade looked perfectly straight from the choil view, there was no unwanted daylight between the edge and cutting board, and the OOTB edge was much better than I was expecting; push-cutting a receipt was no problem. It was plenty thin behind the edge and the tang was mounted plumb in the handle. The knife was a real performer on onions, but it showed up my only real complaint: the natural patina process on the soft iron cladding raised a heck of a metallic odor for the first few uses. I thought it would take a quicker patina, but I guess it will need another dozen uses or so before the coating is thick enough to be protective and past the "dirty brown" stage. I'm sure this only surprised me because I'm new to soft iron cladding.
    If you can get past that part, I think this knife is a fantastic value. Yes, you will need to relieve the choil and spine with some sandpaper; edges were sharp and uncomfy at for me at first as a pinch-gripper. Yes, you will need to plug the tang/handle junction with some beeswax, oil the raw ho-wood handle, and smooth up the joint between the handle and distal end of the ferrule. I think these are all small prices to pay for a budget knife that performs this well, however, and part of the fun of bonding with a new knife. You can certainly enjoy using it as-is out of the box, of course, but a small investment of your time will pay big dividends here. I'd definitely buy this knife again.

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      1 year +, June 29, 2022
    Posted By: Amir Ahmadi

    I've had this knife for a while. While if feel like I'm generous with a 4 star don't think it's inaccurate.
    This knife performs incredibly well. The thinness behind the edge is what makes the magic happen. After a sharpening, you can glide through just about anything. Just be careful the shirogame is brittle and I've lost some material on stuff like melon or when my partner is particularly tough on the blade. But it survives.
    The fit and finish, and the overall build if the knife kinda hold it back from a 5 star. The handle doesn't meet the ferrule too well, there's a gap wheel the tang meets the handle, and the edge itself had a bit of concave where you'd expect it to be flat.
    Some might judge this knife a bit more harshly because there is some work that needs to be done to get this knife to 100% potential but the pay off is worth it for me at $50.

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      Okay, November 30, 2021
    Posted By: Alec

    I bought this mostly to see how I would like the white steel, having only used western stainless knives up till now. It is VERY sharp, but the build quality is lacking.

    I filled the gap where the blade enters the handle with some epoxy, which wasn't difficult, but it would have been nice for it not to have been there in the first place.

    The blade was visibly warped, though with a little work I could bend it back into shape. The belly of the blade, though, is flawed enough that when the edge is placed flat against a cutting board, there is a not-insignificant gap between the middle of the blade and the board. This made it impossible to cut some fresh basil and oregano I had; I'll have to spend some time with a file and my sharpening stones to fix it.

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      #2 Nakiri- fantastic introduction. , October 22, 2021
    Posted By: edward
    1 people found this review helpful

    This was my first Japanese knife. Yes, the blade had a tiny warp in it it, yes I needed to finish the handle a bit. I think it was $42 when I bought it 18 months ago, and I've already had two friends buy their own. I now only use my German knives for hacking and cutting pizza. I say this is a perfect starter knife, and you will enjoy it for 10 years. The Tojiro VG10 has better fit and finish, but some how I still prefer this one. I also discovered the non-stainless are fun to sharpen, where stainless is ? gooey? to sharpen.

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      A decent beginner knife, , October 20, 2021
    Posted By: RRH
    1 people found this review helpful

    I ordered a Tojiro Shirogami Hairline Nakiri 165mm on 13-Oct. It arrived about two days later and I've used it for five days. My principle guidance for prospective buyers is to first watch the video on the CKTG website, which is very candid and accurate. Below are their observations (with mine in parenthesis)

    - Weight varies, but generally a bit light (Too much variance may hint at a QC issue, but generally a light knife is what I wanted - I'm not cleaving bone but fast cutting veggies and some chicken/fish/meat)

    - The entire blade is reactive and there is no stainless (that's going to be true with a lot of high end Asian knives - get this relatively inexpensive one, learn how to care for the steel and make your mistakes without breaking the bank. Also, discoloration can be pretty easily removed)

    - The blade is on the thin side (thick blades take effort to push, they're heavy, and more steel costs more money)

    - Handle is basic, with some ridges and gaps near the blade (yup, not the best fit and finish there but I filled the holes with beeswax and capped with hard melted wax - took about two minutes)

    - It takes an edge pretty well (that's an massive understatement, if you know how to sharpen, and I suspect even if you don't, it takes a scary sharp edge. I'm can't really comment on how well the edge holds up under heave use because I haven't had it for that long though I suspect the edge needs 'not infrequent' maintenance)

    So why only four stars - we'll it's not really a $50 knife. Comments from two years ago indicate people where buying it for c.$30, and that seems about right. However COVID has driven up the costs of everything, particularly Asian imports, and put a lot of pressure on small retailers trying to keep the lights on. I get it and I'm not hating on the price, but it still feels a bit rich. If you weren't set on this style of knife and this type of steel (though you probably are since you're reading this...) I think you could likely find a higher overall quality German or French knife at around the same price.

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      Great Entry Knife, April 13, 2021
    Posted By: Garrett - verified customer

    Great entry level Nakiri for a good price. Fit and finish is mediocre, but that's to be expected for a knife at this price point. The spine isnt totally straight and you'll want to fill in the handle area where the tang enters the wood with some epoxy or wax. The blade takes a wicked edge and is very forgiving, so I've had a great time improving my sharpening skills with it. It is a very reactive blade, so be careful before blowing throw a bunch of onions or tomatoes fresh out of the box. I wiped mine down frequently in the first week or so of daily use, and now with a base patina building up it is more forgiving. The high reactiveness would also make it fun to mess around with forced patinas, though. Overall excellent value for the price and a great way to experiment with different knife styles before dropping a lot of money on something that you don't know you'll even like.

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      Warped, December 7, 2020
    Posted By: Torin McLeroy - verified customer

    The knife is warped and the engraving is visible on the opposite side. I don't expect the knife to last.

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      Excellent knife, November 22, 2020
    Posted By: Jeronimo Macias - verified customer

    This is a great entry knife into the world of Japanese knives. Extremely sharp out of the box and fits very nicely in the hand. I still have to get used to the style of knife since I have never had a knife of this profile before but it cuts vegetables very nicely. You must clean and oil the knife after each use. Great buy in my opinion.

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      Good knife for the price, July 12, 2020
    Posted By: David B - verified customer

    Bought it for sharpening practice, but it definitely cuts well. Very thin and takes a nice edge. Well balanced, too. I would suggest using something to fill the gaps between the handle and the blade. Mine seems to patina brown, with some grey, so keep that in mind if you're looking for that pretty blue.
    For those looking for a vegitable chopper, you might be better served with the ITK kiritsuke, though this is pretty nice to use.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Happy birthday to me, July 7, 2020
    Posted By: Todd

    I bought this for myself for my birthday. I've since used it to prep several meals and love it. It did need a quick pass on a whetstone out of the box, but it sharpened up nicely with very little work. This is my first nakiri and my first reactive knife but so far everything is great. Even have a bit of patina started from chopping garlic and onions.

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      Awesome knife!, July 1, 2020
    Posted By: Logan - verified customer

    Love this knife, it's my first entry into true quality knives (also bought a similar gyuto) and it's been a great entry point. Razor sharp and a very clean hairline along the blade. Personally I prefer the ITK finish on my gyuto, but am curious how this finish patinas.

    It's my first time working with a carbon steel knife too and I was expecting more rust. So far no rust, all I have noticed some tinting around the edge. I also was a little careless and already had this knife draw a little blood. Didn't notice until I saw the blood, so don't be reckless and it'll be a great tool!

    I added some mineral oil and another coat of mineral oil + beeswax to the handle (use the same for my cutting boards) but other than that haven't had to do any other maintenance at this point. Great knife for the money!

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Good knife, June 12, 2020
    Posted By: Robert Poindexter - verified customer

    It's a beautiful, balanced knife.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Birthday gift knives, July 3, 2019
    Posted By: Iris - verified customer

    Received this for my birthday from my father overseas. Beautiful product. Great packaging.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Fun knife - great bargain, January 16, 2019
    Posted By: Joseph D.

    I am loving this knife. Its my first Japanese knife, first carbon knife, and my first knife that's so reactive. I did have to start over by scrubbing some patina and very light rust off with barkeepers friend, but it took 2 seconds and I've been working on the patina ever since. It develops a brownish tan and in some places blueish hue. I like it. I'm new to sharpening on stones but this one makes me feel like a champ. Super simple to sharpen up on a cheap 1000/6000 wet stone. I can't wait to buy a different style and continue with the Japanese and carbon blade knife journey.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Wow! What an amazing value, December 1, 2018
    Posted By: Mike

    Hard to believe you can get so much knife for so little cabbage. This is a great knife for entry into carbon steel. As others have said, it's incredibly reactive. Cut up an onion, set it down, and you can watch it turn yellowish green in no time at all. Most carbon steel knives aren't this bad so if you can maintain this one any other shouldn't be a problem. It's perfect if you want to learn how to sharpen and hone as it sharpens quickly and easily and takes a fine edge.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Get what you pay for, September 26, 2018
    Posted By: Medardo C.

    You definitely get what you pay for. Great beginner knife, but requires a constant sharpening to keep it super sharp.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Amazing, Great Project Knife, but not for everyone, August 21, 2018
    Posted By: Michael Taylor

    I gave it 5 stars so I love it, but one can take the facts of my experience and justify any rating.

    It came with a course toothy edge out of the box that did not even last through this home cook's first bag of vegetables. On the other hand, it is easy to sharpen and takes a very nice edge.

    The knife came with a profile such that the middle of the knife cannot touch a flat cutting board. I am a beginner, but if I am reading right, a good, purist nakiri will have a dead flat profile, but some might have a slight belly. As a beginner sharpener, I was able to fix this problem in minutes with a 220, 1000, 5000 stone progression.

    Yes, it is reactive. Pay attention to this. However, this is not much of a problem once you get a patina and realize what a carbon knife demands. I always wipe.

    The handle needs some work. Still, reasonable for a $31 knive.

    Does it cut? Yeah. That is why I gave 5 stars in-spite of several short comings. I wager this thing cuts better than any other similarly priced knife on the planet.

    If you are interested and equipped for some sharpening, or willing to buy at least a medium/finishing combo stone this knife might be good for you. If you want something that just works out of the box, drive on.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Pretty cool , March 12, 2018
    Posted By: R Malone - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Well yes its quite reactive. It WILL rust in short order if you let it sit there wet. However, you are buying it knowing this fact. Don't bother forcing a patina, it will be there in short order. If a always pristine glowing knife is important leave this alone and go stainless. The handle is probably better than you deserve on a 30 dollar knife. I would say that the handle is better than the lower priced Okeya knives. Touch it up with sandpaper or a emery board and good to go. The choil and spine can use a couple minutes as well. But it will sharpen up to completely vicious. It's ridiculously thin and given the edge it takes it drops through most produce like you cut air. It's not a handmade beauty queen but it is a performer beyond its cost. It could use a bit more weight, but there again it would be thicker. I don't have the experience to say if that would be a beneficial tradeoff. Final verdict? Why the hell not if you don't have a better nakiri already?? I use it all the time.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Great knife, January 11, 2018
    Posted By: Andrew Sauseda - verified customer

    I love this knife, and all I've purchased from here.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Great Value for introduction to Japanese Knives, June 2, 2017
    Posted By: bob zaboski - verified customer

    For the price this is a good introduction to the good and not so good world of Japanese knifes. The good? Very thin blade came razor sharp out of the box. I was making shish kabobs and went right through the tomatoes, shrooms, pork tenderloin, bell peppers but when i got to the onions, the bad side of a fully reactive knife like this one is came out. The onions turned gray, the knife got nasty yellow and slowed down cutting. The other issue I had was my knife had a slight hollow in the middle of the edge so it couldn't touch the board.Back to the good..Fixing the blade on my sharpening stones was pretty easy, and this knife is super easy to sharpen and takes a great edge making it a natural for learning to sharpen.Final verdict: I would spend $10 more and get the Tojiro ITK Nakiri that has a Kurouchi finish to limit the reactive area of the blade.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Great knife, very reactive metal, May 26, 2017
    Posted By: John Hugues - verified customer

    The blade is great and has a nice ergonomic feel and is very sharp. However, after only 2 uses it has already formed a patina from the metal reacting to vegetables.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Great knife, very reactive metal, May 26, 2017
    Posted By: John Hugues - verified customer

    The blade is great and has a nice ergonomic feel and is very sharp. However, after only 2 uses it has already formed a patina from the metal reacting to vegetables.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      LASER LIKE PERFORMER, April 22, 2017
    Posted By: Neil Warren - verified customer

    I'd rate this knife 6 stars if I could. LASER LIKE PERFORMER!!! I REPEAT!! LASER LIKE PERFORMER!! Still cant believe that I paid $40 for this knife. Outperforms ALL of my more expensive jap knives. Crazy thin at the edge. Sharpened it with my shapton 1.5, 5, 8k and stropped it on some plain leather and BOOM! Got myself a lightsaber. HIGHLY recommended! I promise you wont regret it. Replaced my beloved takeda funayuki as my go to knife.. LASER LIKE!! Cant emphasize it enough! Amazing knife for the price!!

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
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