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Tojiro R-2 Pro Set
Tojiro R-2 Pro Set

Tojiro R-2 Pro Set

Item #: R2-Pro-Set
Our Price: $399.95
The Tojiro brand name is synonymous with high-value knives and kitchen tools. They are the gateway brand for many chefs and home cooks entering the world of Japanese kitchen cutlery. We have been selling the ever-popular DP line for many years with users loving the price-to-performance ratio of these ubiquitous knives.

We are now offering a couple of new additions to the Tojiro line which we are certain will be popular with both home and professional chefs. The knives are a step up from the DP range. They feature an inner core of the highly regarded “super steel” called R-2. This is also known as SG-2 and it is a powdered metallurgical alloy. This is a very hard steel that has recently found favor with many leading blacksmiths. The core steel is clad with softer stainless steel.

Powdered metallurgical steels are high carbon, high alloy stainless steels that have been powdered into a very fine grain and then sintered back together. This results in steel that has consistent properties throughout the manufacturing process.

This 3 pc set comes with the most popular 3 pieces in the line at a great price. The set includes a 210mm gyuto, 170mm santoku, and 135mm petty knife. These blades have well-executed convex grinds. It is beautifully thinned behind the edge with commensurate levels of fit and finish. They also have superior sharpened edges that are finished by hand, unlike the DP knives. If you are seeking a knife that is a step above the DP line, but one that continues to offer a wonderful price-to-performance ratio, the Tojiro Pro R-2 set could be just what you are looking for.

  • Maker: Tojiro
  • Location: Sanjo City Japan
  • Edge Steel: R-2 Stainless Powdered Steel
  • HRC: 62
  • Handle: Black Micarta
  • Edge Grind: 50/50
  • Blade Brind: Even
  • Tojiro R2 Powdered Steel Petty 135mm (F-519)
  • Tojiro R2 Powdered Steel Santoku 170mm (F-517)
  • Tojiro R2 Powdered Steel Gyuto 210mm (F-520)
  • Boxed Individually

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