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Home > Knife Brands > Tojiro Knives > Tojiro White #2 Series > Tojiro White #2 Gyuto 185mm
Tojiro White #2 Gyuto 185mm
Tojiro White #2 Gyuto 185mm Tojiro White #2 Gyuto 185mmTojiro White #2 Gyuto 185mm
Tojiro White #2 Gyuto 185mm Tojiro White #2 Gyuto 185mmTojiro White #2 Gyuto 185mm

Tojiro White #2 Gyuto 185mm

Item #: F-693

Average Customer Rating:
(4.5 out of 5 based on 9 reviews)

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Our Price: $65.00
The Tojiro White #2 gyuto is made from Shirogami, or White, #2 steel. This is a highly regarded steel in the knife world. The alloy is very tough and takes a very keen edge. In the case of this knife, it is clad with a soft iron layer which protects the inner core while lightening and adding strength to the blade. Both metals are reactive, so care must be given to clean and dry the knife carefully.

The blade itself features a great profile and a nice tip, which makes this gyuto a very good performing knife, fit for many slicing and chopping tasks. This 185mm gyuto is about as short as the breed gets and performs most tasks in the kitchen with ease. This is the all-around blade that many home chefs would reach for first. It is able to slice and dice most vegetables and proteins while being versatile enough to handle all kinds of delicate tasks like garnishes.

The blade is mated to a traditional D-shaped handle made from ho wood with a black resin ferrule.

  • Maker: Tojiro
  • Construction: San Mai, Hammer Forged
  • Steel: Shirogami (White) #2
  • Finish: Kurouchi
  • Type: Gyuto
  • Edge Length: 185mm
  • Height: 44mm
  • Edge: Even (See Photo)
  • Handle: D-shaped Ho Wood
  • Ferrule: Black Resin

  • Customer Reviews


    9 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Sharp!, April 8, 2021
    Posted By: John - verified customer

    Bought this as a birthday gift for an amateur chef and she absolutely loves it! I tested it before I gave it to her by cutting some paper while holding it up with my hand, went right through it.

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      Excellent value, March 2, 2021
    Posted By: Matt Freeman

    Very solid knife at a great price. If you want the technical advantages of the Japanese approach with traditional styling, you're all set. The only reason I held back a star is it's pretty clearly factory made and doesn't have a lot of soul. If you want a unique, handmade knife, this isn't it. If you mostly need to cut stuff, it's certainly one of the best deals going IMHO.

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      Beautiful knife!, June 6, 2020
    Posted By: Matt Davis

    I just received this knife as a gift. It is my first carbon steel knife. I knew that I wasn't going to be getting the best knife on the planet being this thing is only 60 bucks BUT, that being said I'm really impressed with the knife as a whole. Especially for the money. Right out of the box it cuts paper with ease. I plan to get a whetstone and learn how to sharpen myself. Also, I cut some cucumbers and onions just to play around with it and it cuts great, it has already started to get a little patina on it which I'm pretty stoked about. I smoothed out wood handle just ever so slightly and it is smooth as hell now. All in all I'm really happy with the purchase. Would recommend if your looking to get into the carbon knife game on a budget. Thanks CKTG

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      My first lightsaber, May 13, 2020
    Posted By: Anonymous - verified customer

    This is my first carbon steel knife, and it does not disappoint at all. Sharpening it on a 1000/6000 grit is a meditative experience, and it push cuts ad paper after honing on the 6000 grit. Worked it through batches of salads, curries, vegetables, and all I need to do is hone on the 6000 grit every week. It is reactive, but I keep a dry and wet towel next to my chopping station, and it developed a beautiful patina in a week without any hint of rust. I like the unfinished texture of the handle, since it gives me a good grip. I have slightly larger hands than average, and I get good knuckle clearance. The balance is a hair's width ahead of my pinch grip, which is ideal for me. I purchased thinking it would be a good introduction to carbon knives, but I cannot imagine needing an upgrade.

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      Manager, January 6, 2020
    Posted By: Ronald Brandt - verified customer

    Very sharp and handles beautifully and a complete joy to use

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      Great knife set, March 4, 2019
    Posted By: Tyler Gregory - verified customer

    Sharp out of the box. Great knife, very reactive with the carbon. Mine already has a beautiful patina and I've only been using it for a couple weeks. It's my first carbon steel knife and I love it.

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      Not too shabby, December 31, 2018
    Posted By: Suhail Karimi - verified customer

    Bought this as a knife to keep on the line with my limited space, wasnt quite happy with edge retention and the knuckle clearance isnt quite as much as I need so i repurposed it as a fat petty which is what I use it for now, over all not bad for the price

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      Great value!, August 1, 2018
    Posted By: David Slauson

    I was looking for a smaller gyuto to complement a favorite 240mm Konosuke and decided to take a chance on this $50 Tojiro. Glad I did! It arrived fairly sharp OOTB and I merely touched it up a bit using a 5000 grit stone.

    Pros: very good blade profile, and I really love the handle size and shape; it feels very good in my hand. It uses a good quality carbon steel; it sharpens easily and seems to hold its edge. It's not a laser, but nevertheless glides through food quite well. Cons: Fit and finish are somewhat below average and is no doubt why Tojiro can offer this knife at such a low price. The spine edges are noticeable, the fit between the handle and ferule is not seamless, and the front of the plastic ferule also had an uncomfortable edge. At this price the general fit and finish isn't a deal killer by any means; It's certainly serviceable out-of-the box; but I decided to spend 30 minutes or so with some sandpaper and smoothed out all the edges, and now it feels great! It wasn't hard to do.

    Overall, a great value at this price!... especially if you feel comfortable spending some time smoothing out the more noticeable edges. I ended up really liking this knife.

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      Surprised, January 29, 2018
    Posted By: Frank - verified customer

    Bought this gyuto because the length seemed perfect to travel with. Fairly sharp OOTB but I put it through a 1k, 3k, to 6k just to see if it was really worth fooling with. Trust me when I tell you I was very surprised and thankful. Edge gets screaming sharp and seems to be holding well after several uses. Slight patina on white core, but nothing on the cladding. Nothing wrong with the blade at all, nice even grinds and slightly weight centered toward the handle.Only reason I gave it a 4 star rating is because of the typical Tojiro handle and that damn plastic ferrule. Try as I might, I can't get past the plastic on these things. Will have to do something with the handle. For the money, this knife is a steal. If like me, and you like inexpensive knives that will rust, but yet have good core steel, this knife fills the bill.Frank K

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