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Takeda Classic Gyuto 270mm Large
Takeda Classic Gyuto 270mm Large Takeda Classic Gyuto 270mm LargeTakeda Classic Gyuto 270mm LargeTakeda Classic Gyuto 270mm Large
Takeda Classic Gyuto 270mm LargeTakeda Classic Gyuto 270mm LargeTakeda Classic Gyuto 270mm LargeTakeda Classic Gyuto 270mm Large

Takeda Classic Gyuto 270mm Large

Item #: TakedaAS-Gyuto270

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 11 reviews)

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Our Price: $420.00
A 270mm gyuto is a large knife by any standards. The Takeda is made more so by its wider than a normal blade.

The 270mm gyuto is popular among those who like larger knives for larger jobs and tasks that require single long cuts. But for all its size, it is also a light and responsive instrument. Able to process the smallest or biggest produce with ease and speed. There is no disguising the fact that this is a blade made to perform in the most intense situations. Long prep sessions will feel easier and less tiring when using this razor-sharp and well-balanced knife. Takeda’s grinds are super thin, among some of the thinnest we see. The angle of this blade edge coming in at about 10 degrees! Almost half of the average western chef knife. So please be aware of the need for care in use and maintenance. This is a Ferrari, not a Jeep! But use it and treat it correctly and you have an instrument capable of great things.

Takeda Hamono's knives are a different kind of blade. We highly recommend trying a Takeda knife. Once you do you will be smitten. With other companies, the price of an Aogami Super steel knife would be many times this cost. So while not cheap, you cannot beat the price for such a high-quality steel, forged with such skill. This knife can really be considered a "best buy."

  • Blacksmith: Takeda san
  • Location: Niimi Japan
  • Construction: Hammer Forged, San Mai
  • Edge Steel: Aogami Super Steel
  • Cladding: Iron
  • Finish: Kurouchi
  • Edge Grind: Even
  • Handle: Stained Maple Octagonal
  • Ferrule: Black Pakka Wood

  • Customer Reviews


    11 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      another level , March 9, 2017
    Posted By: Nick Baker - verified customer

    I've had traditional brands before, Shun, Wusthof, and they were good for what I needed. But this knife has been an eye opener, truly on another level. The size is cumbersome at first, but after the first day, due to it's lightness, it becomes an extension of you. The edge is easily kept razor sharp with a small amount of time on the wet stone. Nothing gets stuck to the blade. It is awesome.

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      Amazing, January 6, 2015
    Posted By: Phil - verified customer

    This thing is an absolute monster. By far my largest knife, and by far my favorite. It's extremely light for its size, and oddly flexible. I also want to mention how prompt the shipping was, it took 4 days to Canada. Thank you very much!

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      Product Review, July 18, 2013
    Posted By: Timothy - verified customer

    Light thin and displays near zero sticktion. Takeda has the formula down on sticktion free knives as I own his nakiri and it cuts virtually sticktion free also. My only surprise was that the blade is somewhat flexible.Cutting edge measured 10 3/4 on my example.

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      Product Review, November 29, 2012
    Posted By: David Duffy - verified customer

    Easily the best knife that I have ever used. Thought it would be difficult moving from western handles, but the transition has been seemless.

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      Product Review, May 3, 2012
    Posted By: Boyfrommerthyr - verified customer

    Seriously an amazing blade. It truly is like cutting with a laser. It is light, large but incredibly agile. Cutting masses if brunoise is so easy. Wipe the blade often and ensure it's dried after use. Super comfortable even for large quantities of hard veg. Hard blade stays super sharp for a long period of time without losing anything. I've found sharpening and tuning this blade to be very easy at 50/50 and I've gone as high as a 12,000 stone. A bit excessive but a crazy edge when it's super polished like that very slow to lose the edge like I've mentioned. If your looking for a large gyoto for chopping large quantities of any hard veg. this is the one!!! Enjoy!!!

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      Product Review, October 10, 2011
    Posted By: Jesse - verified customer

    Don't be intimidated by the size. The knife is a ferrari among hondas. Could have come a bit sharper out of the box but the edge was set very, very well, and once honed is extremely, extremely nice to cut with. It's a real pleasure to own one.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Product Review, March 31, 2011
    Posted By: Lou - verified customer

    First off, delivery took less than a week (to Canada), so thanks CKTG for that.I was like a kid at Christmas unwrapping this one! Mine is very close to 11 inches on the blade. Considering that, the knife is surprisingly well balanced and light and is not nearly as awkward to use as I find most western 10 inch chef knives to be. The kurouchi finish seems to be doing a good job at preventing stickiness and looks very good (mine's quite dark and rustic looking, which I like). I could find no flaws whatsoever in the cutting edge, which was razor sharp out of the box. All in all, it exceeded most of my expectations and probably won't be my last Takeda!

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      Product Review, February 14, 2011
    Posted By: Ryan - verified customer

    This knife is fantastic. The size of the blade is a little intimidating at first (the one i got is closer to 280mm and very tall), but the knife handles amazingly well. Out of the box it was very sharp with a very steep bevel, which feels amazing. The video that accompanies the description of the 240mm is very accutate. The Aogami Super holds an incredible edge Overall, this knife feels fantastic, cuts like a dream, and definitely looks unique. The quality and craftsmanship of this knife make it stand out next to anything. The service at CKTG was great, thanks for the amazing knife.

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      Product Review, January 11, 2011
    Posted By: Kyra - verified customer

    I was scared i wasn't going to be impressed, but this knife makes me so happy, i nearly cried the first time i used it. It practically cuts by itself. It's my baby!!

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
      Product Review, October 4, 2010
    Posted By: Sami - verified customer

    This knife is just amazing. I have a long history on using western 10 chef's knifes and this knife beats them all by far. The blade is approximately the same size as German 10 knifes, but half the weight. I would say that the finish is very good, and handle fits me perfectly. This is a 10 knife that handles like an 8. even my wife prefers this over an euro 8....

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      Product Review, June 25, 2010
    Posted By: Hans - verified customer

    One of my largest gyutos, this is also one of my lightest. I was impressed by the factory edge, which was set at a very steep bevel, and the significantly flexibility in the blade. For such a hard blade, the flexibility in this knife is impressive. It's very attractive, although the black residue from forging does come off when you clean it a bit. The fit and finish is not great, which is why I only rated it four stars. There's a significant amount of glue where the tang meets the handle, and some irregularities in the shape of the blade. However, it is fast, cool looking, and uses a great steel. I would recommend the smaller size to most people, however.

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