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Richmond 2oz Diamond Spray 0.25 Micron
Richmond 2oz Diamond Spray 0.25 Micron

Richmond 2oz Diamond Spray 0.25 Micron

Item #: RichmondSpray-25

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Our Price: $16.95
Introducing the Richmond .25 Micron Diamond Spray. This 2oz spray contains 10 carats weight of polycrystalline diamond powder up to .25 micron in size. We also use a non-clumping formula for even application. To use this item simply spritz on your favorite strop 2-3 times and let it dry. It will last multiple stropping sessions so a little goes a long way. This is our secret weapon when sharpening knives for our customers. Once you try stropping with this spray you'll see why. You'll be smooth shaving and putting scary sharp edges on all your razors, kitchen knives, and tools. Stay Sharp!

Customer Reviews


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  AMAZING - SUPER SHARP, April 11, 2023
Posted By: Doug Longmire

I am a bit of a knifeknut, and sharpening (mainly Japanese) kitchen knives is a passion/hobby of mine.
These diamond sprays, used on ultra smooth pine planks (18" x 3" approx) is my go to strop, after sharpening knives on waterstones, 1,000. 4,000, 10,000 grit, according to the Dave Martell process.
The final strop on diamond spray on the pine creates a screaming edge, and removes any last vestige of a burr.
Totally recommended.

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  Excellent edge finishing
Posted By: Doug Longmire

Sharpening Japanese kitchen knives, I start with Shapton stones, going up to 12,000, then strop. I have used many different stropping compounds on various different substrates. This spray is one of the very best. I use it on leather (smooth side) MDF, and also finely sanded New Zealand pine plank. (NZ pine is a high quality medium soft structural soft timber.) This spray is excellent ! It rapidly removes the final burr hones the edge to razor sharpness. The diamond concentration is quite high, and only a few sprays does the trick. Much better than CrO. Highly recommended.

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  great value
Posted By: Matt Jacobs - verified customer

I have used this a couple of times now. It seems like it will last forever. I am not sure yet but it seems to work really well.

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  0.5 Diamond Spray
Posted By: John Derkacz

This is a fantastic product. I'm using this on a leather strop and the results are amazing! Next level of sharpness and I've been hand sharpening for many years.
Awesome customer service.

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Posted By: John Hughes - verified customer

Quick delivery and well packed.

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Posted By: Hector Manuel Alvarez
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It takes your sharp knives and takes them to the next level!

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  It's My New Secret Sauce
Posted By: Will - verified customer
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I finally 'treated' myself to a high quality pocket knife, and with that, I thought I would give stropping a go as well. My blade is made of M390 which I have heard would be a hard steel to sharpen. I just put a couple sprays on the smooth side of my strop and it took my edge to the next level. I expect the spray to last me years of sharpening before I need more. It really help cut the steel well, and only needed about 20 strokes on each side. Using just bear leather most likely would not have done much to that steel on it's own in a reasonable amount of time. Now I'm new to stropping and it's been a while since I've sharpened manually but the edge I got is able to push cut through paper, open letters like hot butter and cut hair. It is not straight razor sharp, but that could be due to my in experience, perhaps with some more practice I could get there with this spray. I'm now curious to try some of the finer grits here on the site but that will have to be a 'treat' for another time. :) Oh, and if this helps anyone further for the record I sharpened on the Spyderco Sharpmaker, then stropped on the rough side of the leather with some generic green polishing compound, then stropped on the smooth side with the diamond spray. After doing it this way I do not really feel a need to work my way down in diamond grits from say 1micron to .5 to .25. The .25 cut fine on it's own.

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  Diamond spray
Posted By: Chris - verified customer

Takes a lot of shaking great for the final step for knife sharpening.

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