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Naniwa Super Stone 3,000
Naniwa Super Stone 3,000

Naniwa Super Stone 3,000

Item #: S2-430

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Our Price: $64.00
This is the new version of the Naniwa Super Stone with new packaging. They are made with a new resin bond and a tighter control of grit particle size. This bonding agent gives the stones two distinct advantages. First, the resin bond allows for a higher concentration of abrasive particles compared with less expensive methods of stone bonding. The higher abrasive levels contribute to the speed and ease of sharpening. Second, these resin bonded stones don't require soaking in water prior to use, just a sprinkle on the top is all that is needed. Do not soak these stones!

The Naniwa 3,000 Super Stone makes for a great final stone—a perfect step up from the 1,000 grit stone. It is also fine enough to be used prior to using a ultra fine 8,000 or 10,000 grit polishing stone.

For those seeking a silkier edge for their Western style knives, the Naniwa Super Stone 3,000 makes the perfect finishing stone. If you are sharpening Japanese knives, this stone will reduce your sharpening time when you move on to finer grit stones. This stone loads up very quickly and produces ultra smooth results.

If you are considering purchasing a set of Japanese waterstones, we highly recommend the Naniwa Super Stones as a great place to start your sharpening odyssey.

Do not forget that these are true splash-and-go type stones and must not be soaked under any circumstances. Just apply a slight sprinkle of water and you are ready to create that super edge you’ve been dreaming about!

They measure 210 mm x 70 mm x 20 mm.

We are happy to be the only US distributor of Naniwa Super Stones that come in the larger 20 mm thickness without bases.

Customer Reviews


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  Fantastic Stones
Posted By: Henry Rice - verified customer

I bought the 1k and 3k Naniwa Super Stones, and they make an awesome combo. The 1k stone cuts faster than the 800 grit diamond stone I used to use, and it cuts much more evenly. The 5k really gives you that extra 5-10% on your edge. 1k creates a really solid edge, but the 5k is the one that leaves a grin on your face as you feel the edge.

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  my finishing stone
Posted By: Brent Kirk - verified customer
3 people found this review helpful

3000 is where I stop. it is that perfect balance of razor sharp and toothy edge. and with easy splash and go

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  Product Review
Posted By: Jason Tav - verified customer
3 people found this review helpful

Although the price was initially a concern, I am very glad I got the 3K SS. I use this on straight razors and I love the feel of the stone - kinda like a pencil eraser but much firmer. Fast cutting very high quality product combined with great service from ChefKnivestogo makes this a perfect option to keep things sharp. Also a worry was how long this stone would last but after using it for a few days I cannot imagine this stone not long outliving me. It is such a fast cutter that it is hard to wear the stone down at all, as long as you don't overdue lapping this stone will have a 100+ year lifespan.

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