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Home > Shop by Steel > White #2 Steel > Makoto Knives > Makoto White #2 > Makoto White #2 Gyuto 210mm
Makoto White #2 Gyuto 210mm
Makoto White #2 Gyuto 210mm Makoto White #2 Gyuto 210mmMakoto White #2 Gyuto 210mm
Makoto White #2 Gyuto 210mm Makoto White #2 Gyuto 210mmMakoto White #2 Gyuto 210mm

Makoto White #2 Gyuto 210mm

Item #: MW2-G210

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 15 reviews)

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Our Price: $175.00
We are suckers for modestly priced knives that cut outside of their price bracket. So when we got to see these new knives from the brother of one of our favorite blacksmiths, Yu Kurosaki, we were excited to add them to our catalog.

Makoto Kurosaki has been apprenticing for Hiroshi Kato for several years and continues in that tradition to date. He has recently been making some blades for us and we are thrilled with the results of his maiden solo voyage.

His steel of choice is Hitachi White #2 carbon alloy. It is universally liked in the kitchen knife world for its ability to take an extremely fine edge. White, or Shirogami, #2 is very pure with a slightly lower carbon content than Shirogami #1 steel. It is capable of achieving a high hardness level without being overly brittle. It is great steel for professional or home cooks who like to keep their knives extra sharp.

The inner core is covered with a stainless steel cladding in the san-mai style. The outer layer features a nicely executed kurouchi finish for added protection and increased food release characteristics.

The most outstanding attribute of these new knives is the superb grinds. They really are as good as we have seen in knives costing far more than these. These blades are real cutters and we think you will be impressed when you use them. The handle is a very well made rosewood octagonal type with a black pakka wood ferrule. Makoto knives push the price/performance envelope in a way rarely seen.

  • Brand: Makoto
  • Blacksmith: Makoto Kurosaki
  • Location: Echizen, Japan
  • Construction: San Mai
  • Method: Hammer Forged
  • Quenching: Water Quenched
  • HRC: 62+-
  • Finish: Kurouchi
  • Edge Steel: Shirogami #2 (White #2)
  • Cladding: Stainless Steel
  • Handle: Rosewood Octagonal
  • Ferrule: Black Pakkawood
  • Edge Length: 215mm
  • Height: 48mm
  • Edge Grind: Even (See Choil Photo)
  • Weight: 5.8oz

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Absolutely Beautiful, July 9, 2020
    Posted By: Josh - verified customer

    A gorgeous knife, sharp out of the box with a beautiful finish and edge. The choil is perfectly rounded, allowing for a comfortable grip. I've been using this knife for everything since I've received it, and will continue to do so for as long as I can

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    5  Superb knife, July 9, 2020
    Posted By: Jerry - verified customer

    While I only cook at home, I have an appreciation for high quality knives. I've been wanting to try white #2 and I've had my eye on this Makoto for some time now but it was always out of stock. I submitted my name to receive an email when it was available a few months back and was happy to see an email telling me it was back in stock a few weeks ago. The email was several hours old, and by at the time I clicked on the link, it was already out of stock again. But, to my surprise, I received another email a few weeks later saying it was back in stock again. I didn't hesitate and was happy to see I was indeed able to purchase one. It does not disappoint. Beautifully done and razor sharp right out of the box. Fit and finish are fantastic and the handle is beautiful. Its probably my favorite knife out of my 5 knife rotation. If you see it in stock, don't hesitate!

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    5  Worth the Wait, May 28, 2020
    Posted By: Adam
    1 people found this review helpful

    This is my third knife from the Kurosaki brothers (2nd from Makoto). In general, their knives are fantastic. While I have not used it much, this one feels exceptional. Quality, as always, is fantastic. I had been waiting ~8 months for Mark to get these in stock. If you have the chance you should 100% purchase. Price point is also very fair.

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    5  Outstanding knife, November 8, 2018
    Posted By: Colleen Fogarty

    Just received this knife with a stunning custom handle. Wow, this makes quick and easy work of dense vegetables and slices proteins effortlessly. I don't know what else needs to be said - if you have the chance and the funds, buy this knife! I received the usual exemplary customer service, which means a lot. Thanks to all at CKTG for bringing hand forged knives into mainstream America.

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    5  LOVE THIS KNIFE, August 13, 2018
    Posted By: Alex

    Absolutely love this knife. It is a light and thin style gyuto. Has seen daily use since Jan 2018 and it's in great shape. Carbon edge has taken a knife patina and the kurouchi finish is holding up well. The fit and finish is very high. The White #2 steel is so easy to sharpen and it gets crazy sharp. With regular stropping on a ceramic rod/leather strop I can keep a sharp edge for months. I have only sharpened it twice, once when I got it and then last week when I thought it could use a little honing. Have only used my Rika 5k on it, no need to go to a lower grit. I kind of bought this for my wife who wanted a smaller size gyuto (was using a Hiro AS 240mm). Turns out I love and use this knife as much as she does. I will be buying more of this makers items. Great value.

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    5  Thrilled!, June 21, 2018
    Posted By: Ben Hulsey

    Based on a thread in the best value knife available I bought myself an early birthday present. Lucky for me since it was out of stock the day after I bought it. It's lovely, light, and scary sharp. As always shipping was really fast. I'm really excited to play with this knife.

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    5  Updated Review: VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER, June 13, 2018
    Posted By: Justice

    First off the knife is beautiful and razor sharp. The steel looks great and the handle Is amazing.I thought there may have been a problem with the knife which ended up being nothing at all just my own misunderstanding. (I'm new to Japanese hand-forged knives) BUT what was AMAZING was Mark's customer service.. And even more detailed info on how to properly care and use my knife (with videos). Mark just made a long time customer!!!

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    5  Makoto review , May 9, 2018
    Posted By: Mike

    As soon as you pick it up you can tell this is an amazing knife.. fit and finish flawless.. incredible polish on spine and choil. Great deal at this price point. My only knock is on the shipping service offered. Intl shipping to Canada is quite expensive and took nearly 2 weeks to arrive. At the price for shipping I expect it to be here the same week. I ordered a knife from homebutcher in Texas and got it in 3 days for 20$ shipping..somethjng to consider if you're an international customer

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    5  Excellent value, April 7, 2018
    Posted By: RobertB
    1 people found this review helpful

    Thank you CKTG. You guys are a class act. The video was helpful making my decision and did not disappoint with this Gyuto. After I got the shipping notice I realized I'd forgotten to add the initial sharpening service. The knife arrived sharp, but after 10 minutes on a leather strop with fine compound, it's hair splitting sharp now. This is my first Japanese Gyuto and what a difference from the heavy German knives I'm used to. Cheers!

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes No
    5  makoyo 210mm w#2 gyuto, February 17, 2018
    Posted By: dennis horcicak - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    clean handle install fit and finish polished spine and choil excellent.very nice grindes.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes No
    5  Maloto gyuto, February 13, 2018
    Posted By: Darren - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    Great blade, great price, i used it for alot of mincing and slicing for hotel functions. Makes for quick work.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes No
    5  Beautiful!!!, February 1, 2018
    Posted By: Leo Carrasco - verified customer
    5 people found this review helpful

    This knife is awesome!!! I own several Japanese knives, some of which are very popular, and I like this knife the best. I mainly use Sakai style lasers, and while they are very fun to use, this knife has been giving them a run for their money. I was surprised how well it performs on the horizontal cuts on onions. So far it has cut everything well, and does have a usable flat spot at the heel for some chopping. I mainly push and pull cut, and while my skills are not great, I have not left any accordion cuts. The fit and finish of this knife blows away my lasers. The spine and choil are polished to jewelry levels of finish. I find myself just staring at it, while I ponder what else I can cut. The handle is also beautifully polished and balances the knife very well. It is right on my pinch grip. I am already trying to figure out a way to buy more of Makotos knives without my wife finding out! I highly recommend this knife, and as always the service at Chefknivestogo was beyond excellent.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes No
    5  Would be great at twice the price., January 6, 2018
    Posted By: Geoff - verified customer
    2 people found this review helpful

    The level of fit and finish on this knife is wonderful. I realty appreciate the sealing where the tang is inserted into the handle, and the polished spine is beautiful. The knife is incredibly sharp, takes a a great edge, and feels so good in the hand. The most pleasant knife I have ever used. I have not had a lot of experience with non-stainless kitchen knives in the past, but daily use in a busy banquet kitchen has not proven to be a problem for me, and I haven't had to baby it excessively. For the price, I can't recommend it enough.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes No
    5  Get One! , June 10, 2017
    Posted By: Jan T. - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    I can't believe the price for this knife. Much,much more beautiful in person. Amazing detailed F&F - excellent handle, detailed polished spine and back of the choil, KU is beatiful... balance is right on the money for a pinch grip, excellent grind and edge. This one is a huge steal.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes No
    5  this is going to be sold out for a long time. , May 10, 2017
    Posted By: Ben - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    Out of box it was amazing, more polished and sharper than a konesuke and crazy sharp with a grind that went about half way up the knife. A week later and probably 400-500 lbs of assorted produce later it's still shiny and sharp, if a 240mm appears I will buy it again no questions asked.... probably also a 270. It's that nice, I'd buy three of them. The price is absurd, it would be a steal at double the price.

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