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Kurosaki Shizuku R2 Gyuto 240mm
Kurosaki Shizuku R2 Gyuto 240mm Kurosaki Shizuku R2 Gyuto 240mmKurosaki Shizuku R2 Gyuto 240mmKurosaki Shizuku R2 Gyuto 240mm
Kurosaki Shizuku R2 Gyuto 240mmKurosaki Shizuku R2 Gyuto 240mmKurosaki Shizuku R2 Gyuto 240mmKurosaki Shizuku R2 Gyuto 240mm

Kurosaki Shizuku R2 Gyuto 240mm

Item #: ShizukuR2-Gyuto240

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(5 out of 5 based on 9 reviews)

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Our Price: $350.00
Kurosaki-san is a young blacksmith from Echizen and is making great blades for us. He began his blacksmith work in 2002 when he started working in Kanehiro-uchi-hamono. He claims he was not a natural blacksmith from the beginning and wanted to quit many times. We are very pleased that he continued!

Here is the 240mm gyuto version of this impressive line from Kurosaki-san. This gyuto has a really nice profile with grinds that are outstanding and super sharp edges out of the box. R2 is a powdered steel that is fully stainless and has great edge retention. These steels are made with very unusual processes (powder metallurgy), and they have an extremely rich chemical composition resulting in some unique and desirable characteristics for knives.

As with his other gyutos, the specifications of the Kurosaki R2 Wa-Gyuto 240mm fall in the middle of blades its size. They are quite thin, especially behind the edge, slightly tall, and of average weight. There is nothing average about its performance or looks, however. You simply have to see and hold this exquisite instrument to truly appreciate the many wonderful attributes that Kurosaki has built into this fine knife.

Once you try this knife you will have a hard time picking up another. It's a great example of the craftsmanship this up-and-coming artisan is producing.

  • Weight: 6.8 ounces
  • Blade Length: 244 mm
  • Total Length: 400 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 3.3 mm
  • Blade Height: 51.1 mm

    福井県越前鍛冶 黒崎優 Blacksmith of Echizen Yu Kurosaki from Takayuki Shibata on Vimeo.

  • Customer Reviews


    9 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      World class
    Posted By: Seamus Riley - verified customer

    This knife is a world class piece of craftsmanship. Kurosaki pushes the limit and is modernizing the art of bladesmithing in Japan. Learn your techniques and how to care for a knife like this before purchasing. It is razor sharp and stays that way which means it can chip quite easily. Be prepared, sit back and watch this baby work.

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      Insane knife - my favorite!
    Posted By: Jesse Bikman - verified customer

    100% into this knife. Love the weight, the looks, the cut, the steel. Beautiful craftmanship and a joy to use.

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    Posted By: Mike - verified customer

    Love this knife!!!

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      This knife is amazeballs
    Posted By: Chris Raymer - verified customer

    It cuts everything like soft butter. A little sticky holds onto some starchy products. But omg prep is so easy now and fast. Getting used to the length as this is my first knife that is this long. I got the sharpening service so I can't say anything about the factory edge. But I use my knives a lot. And this thing is still about as sharp as it was when I opened the box.

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      Kurosaki 240mm Shizuku
    Posted By: Martin Gonzalez - verified customer

    This is the first Kurosaki knife I have purchased and it has not disapointed...light as a feather and sharp as a razor. This knife is the closest to a razor that I have ever worked with and I love it!!!!

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      So this is what I've been missing!
    Posted By: Teufelshunde3/5 - verified customer

    I grew up in a household used to getting by with economy knives. When we finally got a Chicago Cutlery box set I thought that was a big improvement. Once I was out on my own i adopted a quality over quantity approach when it came to buying things for the kitchen especially knives. My first major purchase was a Henkles Pro-S Santuko and paring knife. For a time I thought those were good. Then I learned about Shun and saved until I could afford the Reserve Chef's knife, which was at that time the highest quality offered. It put my Henkles to shame. Then I learned about CKTG and after a lot of research and deliberation purchased the 240 mm Kurosaki R2 Wa-Gyuto. As the title states, this is what I've been missing. This knife is hands down the highest quality knife I've ever had the pleasure of holding, let alone using. The unique hammered finish is something you have to see in person to truly appreciate. The blade is so light and nimble compared to other knives I've used that it's hard to believe it's also longer than any chef's knife I've previously used. This knife puts my Shun Reserve to shame. Buy one and you'll see what Im talking about.

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      Great knife
    Posted By: Matt - verified customer

    Since there is no 4.5 I will give it 5. Beautiful knife. Out of the box edge is pretty good. I was able to get it razor sharp with minimal work on a chosera 10,000. My only complaint is the transition on the handle is quite delineated. I feel that for the money it should be flawless and smooth like the Masakage that I picked up. Food release is excellent. It has a nice flat spot and is a great all around knife.

    Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
    Posted By: nicholas schubert - verified customer

    I own several knives made by Yu Kurosaki and this is easily my favorite line. It's not a laser, but cuts like one and feels really light and nimble in your hands. The grind on the knife is impeccable (even better than some knives three times more expensive) and it's really sharp OOTB. I like the fact that it's slightly taller than most 240mm gyuto and the hammered finished he use really makes this knife stand out. It's is probably the best buy at this price point.

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      Product Review
    Posted By: matt - verified customer

    great blade with beautiful fit and finish. It exceeded my expectations!

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