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Kaneshige Hinoki Cutting Board 16.5
Kaneshige Hinoki Cutting Board 16.5 Kaneshige Hinoki Cutting Board 16.5Kaneshige Hinoki Cutting Board 16.5
Kaneshige Hinoki Cutting Board 16.5" X 9.5"Kaneshige Hinoki Cutting Board 16.5" X 9.5"Kaneshige Hinoki Cutting Board 16.5" X 9.5"

Kaneshige Hinoki Cutting Board 16.5" X 9.5"


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Our Price: $69.95
This medium size Hinoki cutting board is a pleasure to use. Hinoki wood is a type of Japanese cypress renowned for its beauty and has a nice fragrance. It's very popular in Japan for cutting boards because it has a soft feel that is gentle on your knife edges. Kaneshige's Hinoki wood is grown in Japan under the forest stewardship council (FSC) certified for sustainable forest management practices. Care of your board is simple, just wet the surface before use to prevent staining and hand wash using a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly after you are done. Do not wash in the dishwasher. Measures 16.5" long by 9.5" wide by 0.75" deep.

Customer Reviews


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  Nice cutting board but ..., May 24, 2020
Posted By: Andreas Tjoe - verified customer

I'm just a home cook so I am not an expert but I'd like to share my thoughts: I bought a nice Japanese knife and after reading online, people recommend getting a Hinoki cutting board to prolong your knife's edge so I did. I didn't want to get Shun cutting board as I think they are somewhat mass marketed. I ended up choosing this Konosuke board as I think they make nice products. When I got mine, I found the smell is very aromatic and quite inviting, like subtle herbal/medicinal. This product is made of 6 strips of wood glued together. On mine, I found that the bottom strip was not sanded and smoothed. I am not sure if all comes like this or maybe they just forgot to sand mine. I used a 220 grit sand paper and tried to smooth it out as much as I can but it doesn't look as finished as the other strips above. Oh well.
As a cutting board, I find that my knife sometimes digs into the board itself and that speaks of the softness of the board which is what it's supposed to do in order to protect your knife's edge.
Overall, I would definitely recommend this board. I just hope yours is smoother than mine.

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  Great Board, August 12, 2018
Posted By: Edward Roth - verified customer

I love hinoki boards...They are light weight for easy transfer of product to pan or bowl. Soft enough to play nicely with sharp blades and the scent is fresh cypress! I spray mine with water on each use to prevent staining but remember to dry off thoroughly after cleaning. I had one board that got a very musty smell that took forever to rid. And this one is nice and thick!

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  Nice Wood, July 17, 2018
Posted By: Gabriel Weldon - verified customer

Love this board. Just in time too as not a day later and my old one broke apart. Wood is soft so a good sharp knife is essential. Perfect size, easy to clean and beautiful too. Thanks

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  Nice, March 16, 2018
Posted By: nate b - verified customer

I like it, nice and light but still thick and stout, clear vertical grain, very high grade wood. Only negatives I can think of are it stains easily and it is soft, if you bang it off something the edge will dent. It smells nice, my wife thought that transferred to the food, I did not. I'd buy another one if there was a smaller sized choice.

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  Good board for wife, August 22, 2017
Posted By: Dan F. - verified customer

Light, easy to clean, no odor residue, get the rubber feed with your purchase.

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  Great cutting board, May 13, 2016
Posted By: Mo - verified customer

I thought there were some negative reviews to this board, esp with respect to softness, but maybe not. Just wanted to say it's a great board. Yeah, it's soft, but the life of my knife's blade is much longer with this board than with any of the six, seven wodden boards I have. I'll just get another one when the need arises, and since I have had it now for at least six months and use it daily, i do not see that happening any time soon

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