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King Combo Stone 800/6000
King Combo Stone 800/6000

King Combo Stone 800/6000

Item #: ST-04

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Our Price: $60.00
This is the perfect stone combo for new or occasional freehand sharpeners. It combines an 800-grit side for edge setting and sharpening and a 6000-grit side for final polishing and honing.

The King Deluxe stones are made with aluminum oxide particles suspended in a clay matrix. This combination allows the user to feel the cutting effect and thus control the process with more precision. Using water as the lubricant, the cutting particles are constantly washed away and replaced with new sharp particles that efficiently continue the polishing or honing process.

These stones are on the soft side of the scale and as such will require resurfacing as they will dish quite quickly. They need to be soaked in water for about 15 minutes prior to use.

King stones have earned a worldwide reputation as one of the go-to waterstones and they are a natural choice for many first time practitioners of the freehand sharpening art. This is a great combo stone to “hone” your skills! And an exceptional value for such a good all-around product. Measures 185 x 63 x 25mm.

Customer Reviews


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  Great First Stone, May 17, 2020
Posted By: Jacob Rogers

Super happy with this combo stone. I haven't hand sharpen since Royal Rangers 15 years ago, and i sucked at it then. After watching some youtube videos and a little practice I'm genuinely surprised with the edges i was able to put on my knives. First time I've ever cut paper with a knife that wasn't brand new. Super nice to get a good sharping stone and a polishing stone together for a reasonable price.

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  perfection, October 17, 2017
Posted By: dragostin - verified customer

The stone is prefect !!!!!!

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  perfection, October 15, 2017
Posted By: dragostin - verified customer

The stone is prefect !!!!!!

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  Great stones, easy to work with, August 10, 2017
Posted By: Melanie - verified customer

I have only used these stones once at the recommendation of a friend, and they were very simple to use. I sharpened to paper slicing with the lower grit stone and finished it up with the higher, and the knife was wonderfully sharp!

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  a good starter kit, July 12, 2016
Posted By: ryan - verified customer

Hard to beat the price for a starter kit that really performs. Though they dish fairly quickly, that is a fair tradeoff for their soft, forgiving feel. An intermediate stone, as mentioned by other reviewers, will allow for a more refined end product, but these two stones will give a nice, toothy edge that I find close to ideal for my gyutos. The 800 grit side is a great start for kasumi finish, with a nice contrast between the core steel and cladding, and has become my primary use for the king. This can be further refined with natural stones or by dropping back down to this stone, with light pressure, from the 6000 side or other higher-grit stones. Overall, for your first stone or a backup stone on the cheap, or playing with refinishing, I recommend it. Spares the life of my other stones when sharpening for friends and family.

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  Product Review, April 29, 2013
Posted By: Vittorio - verified customer

Very very very easy to set up an use, the coarser side works well for very dull knives and for repair work, the finer side is great for quick resharpening and regular maintenance. I bought a cheap diamond plate for flattening the stone, from Chefknivestogo, which is a good companion piece.Great purchase as a beginner set, by the way.

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  Product Review, June 30, 2012
Posted By: Brad - verified customer

A good combo stone for the price, with a caveat: for best results, get an intermediate grit stone like the Bester 1200k or Naniwa Aotoshi 2000k to bridge the gap between the 800k and 6000k surfaces on this stone.Also be aware that this combo stone is somewhat smaller and should be used with either the included base or a dedicated stone holder.

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  Product Review, June 25, 2012
Posted By: Connie - verified customer

This was part of a gift of different size knives including a chef's knife. My husband is extremely pleased with the quality of this product and feels it is well worth the price.

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