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Imanishi Pink Brick 220 Grit
Imanishi Pink Brick 220 Grit

Imanishi Pink Brick 220 Grit

Item #: Imanishi-Pink-Brick

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Our Price: $59.95
Imanishi Pink Brick 220 Grit Stone. This is an excellent low grit stone that cuts most anything fast. Like most low grit stones it dishes as it cuts. We recommend soaking this stone for about 10 minutes before you start. You can flatten this stone with a DMT XXC or Atoma 140 grit plate. Size - 205mm x 75mm x 50mm

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Posted By: Kurt

Helpful as it makes short work of raising a burr on dull knives when I am sharpening for friends.

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  Imanishi pink brick
Posted By: Michel Nader - verified customer

this brick is worth every cent, just five mins soaking are enough to get her going. cuts quickly with a very nice feedback. Very good 220 grit stone to have, will last very long time.

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Posted By: Travis (Kit) - verified customer

This is a very good stone and particularly for the price. It is much harder than it seems, but still not what I would call a hard stone. It is fairly muddy but not overly so. The mud it produces is very gritty or sandy in feel. It removes steel quite quickly for a stone but it is not a substitute for a plate. A great stone for thinning clad blades or repairing chips. It offers good feedback as well. It is a soaker though and requires a long air out to dry! Keep that in mind. I suggests at least overnight.

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  Exactly as it is!
Posted By: Roger Chueng - verified customer

It came exactly as it is in perfect condition. I bought this to help sharpen all the cheap knives we use at work to prep since I was having a hard time with the 1k grit stone that I got from CKTO.

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  Product Review
Posted By: Mark M. - verified customer

I'll have to say, this stone can cut it. (Pun intended) !!!! Haha. Yes, literally, whatever the need be. From chips in the edge, and even for lapping, the Pink Imanishi is now the one I turn to for such major tasks. I don't even use my flattening stone, or my other 220-stone, when I can accomplish everything I need for labor intensive work as mentioned. This stone really can cut it. Give it a try if you're tired of other stones dishing so bad and washing then down the sink. All my hard work now goes to this stone and I have yet to even flatten or lap it. Thanks for a great little beginning stone.

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