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Cerax Combo 1K/6K
Cerax Combo 1K/6K

Cerax Combo 1K/6K

Item #: CR-4800

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Our Price: $74.95
Known worldwide for their longevity and ease of use, the Cerax stones are also super practical. This set has the 1k and the 6k stones, back to back, in a protective box that also works as a holder while you sharpen. They are 185mm long and 65mm wide, but the 1k is a bit thicker at 16mm than the 13mm 6k. The set also has a small nagura stone for creating a slurry or cleaning your stones. These are water stones, so you'll want to soak them for 5-10 minutes before use, but let them thoroughly dry between uses.

Customer Reviews


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  Great water stones
Posted By: Ode Poesmann - verified customer

I'm not a pro since those are my first water stones, for my first Japanese knife, and my first time sharpening a knife. So, my knife was not scary sharp after using them, but it's only because I'm a beginner, and my hand movements are not quite good yet. I did not achieve to create a burr, and I sharpened my knife during almost an hour, I hope I will next time. It was a real pleasure to use the stones though, so I'm really happy with them.

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Posted By: JJ - verified customer
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Recently purchased this 1k/6k combo along with the 700 grit Cerax stone. 1k - It cuts at a very predictable speed, and leaves a predictable 1k edge. 6k - It had a soft, creamy texture, and readily removed the 1k scratches. The finish on both stones was hazy. If you are after a stone, that produces contrast, esp for san mai or even damascus, I suspect these stones, are perfect. If you are after a bright lustrous polish, these stones will not get you there. Both can be snow plowed (gouging), if your angle is not correct. They were a bit softer than what I am used to, but a pleasure to sharpen on. Tons of feedback on all three stones.

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