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Carpenter XHP Steel

Carpenter XHP Steel

Carpneter XHP is a steel that is used in a variety of knife applications including some kitchen knives that we sell at Chefknivestogo. Carpenter CTS XHP is made with the following composition 1.60 C, 0.50 Mn, 0.40 Si, 16.00 Cr, 0.35 Ni, 0.80 Mo, 0.45 V, Bal. Fe

The steel can be air hardened, it's high carbon, high chromium, corrosion resistant alloy which can be described as either a high hardness stainless steel or a corrosion resistant tool steel. Very nice stainless properties on this steel but can attain a maximum hardness of 64 HRC. Offers superior edge retention and the surface finish is excellent. This stuff has an ability to be machined to a fine edge and it holds an edge better than many other kitchen knife stainless steels currently on the market today.

One of our blacksmiths in particular named Butch Harner likes using this steel in his knives.

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