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Suehiro Rika 3K
Suehiro Rika 3K

Suehiro Rika 3K "Ouga"

Item #: Rika3K

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Our Price: $54.95
The Suehiro Rika 3K Ouga comes from the same line of stones as the Rika 5K and has a yellow color and is one of our favorite middle grit stones on the site. Ouga means "The King". It is a nice finishing stone for kitchen knives; many customers of ours who are looking for a toothy edge may want to try this stone in conjunction with a lower/medium grit stone like a 1K or 800 grit and use this as the final finisher. This would give you an edge that will fly through tomatoes or peppers but still have enough refinement to keep its edge. Measures 205x73x27mm

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  Like this stone a lot, July 30, 2022
Posted By: Ryan R

Very nice middle grit stone. I find it to be a bit harder than the Rika 5k. Still has very good feel and feedback. It's not quite as fine as some other 3k stones I've used, kind of like the Rika 5k seems a little coarser than other 5k stones I've used. It feels a lot like a finer Cerax 700 to me if you're familiar with that stone. No complaints at all, it's a very nice soaking stone you don't often see discussed. I often won't take my stainless kitchen and hunting knives past this stone, it refines the edge well but leaves enough tooth for good slicing aggression

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  Great mid level stone before polishing
Posted By: Chef Peter - verified customer
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Great mid level stone before polishing...great feedback like all the suehiro rikas...pretty hard so it will last a good while creatse mud at an average rate not to fast not to slow....also does a nice job with single bevels ( if you are doing a kasumi finish)....all in all great stone... suehiro rika line is great espcially if you like stone,s that soak in order to sharpen both single and double bevel knives

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  Very nice intermediate stone!
Posted By: Carol T. - verified customer

I very much like the feel of this stone. It is on the soft side, and makes a decent amount of mud. I find that it cuts fast, but unfortunately also tends to blind very fast; I usually have to lap the stone often during sharpening with it. Even though it has a soft, silky feel, it really doesn't wear too fast. In my hands, most of the wear is due to removing the surface due to the blinding. Overall, pretty much the best feeling stone I have used in this grit range. On balance, a really nice stone!

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