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Tojiro Angle Guide
Tojiro Angle Guide Tojiro Angle Guide
Tojiro Angle GuideTojiro Angle Guide

Tojiro Angle Guide

Item #: F-443

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Our Price: $12.00
The TOGRIP angle guide is unique in that it can be used on both sides to accommodate both large and small knives. All you do is slide the item over the spine of the knife and this will give you a quick and easy set angle to sharpen your knives on. There are good instructions on the box in English and we think this is the best little angle guide on the market currently. As you can see from the photo the guide has large ceramic bumpers that glide on the stone which helps prevent wearing away the plastic underneath. We recommend you use some blue painter's tape on the blade to prevent minor scratching of your knives where they contact the guide. This guide is set to only one angle that is specified on the packaging. Not for use on single bevel knives. Eventually you’ll want to move on from this and use muscle memory to sharpen your knives freehand. But it will get you up and running quickly.

Customer Reviews


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  Works great, July 25, 2022
Posted By: Peter K Wakamatsu

I should have bought this years ago. It's simple and is very effective--I used it on my two Japanese stones to get a decent edge on some dull knives. Like many people, I've always found it hard to find and maintain a proper angle when using a sharpening stone. This simple device makes it much easier. You won't become an expert, but you'll do a lot better job using this device. It definitely gives me more confidence to use my sharpening stones.

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  Tool seems useful. Horrendous description by the seller.
Posted By: Brian
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To preface this review, it is important to say that, for what this guide is, it seems to work perfectly fine. The problem is not with the item, but with the description of the item by the seller.

First, the seller does not specify that this guide is set to only one angle, and they do not specify what angle that is (it is specified on the packaging you'll get). Second, the description does not say that the manufacturer explicitly says to not use the angle guide on single bevel knives - this would have been very useful information pre-purchase, as my primary knife is single-bevel. Pretty much the only things the seller gets correct in the description is that using tape is a good idea, the ceramic bumper makes use with a stone smooth and easy, and that it is, in fact, some type of angle guide.

Again, I think the item itself is perfectly fine. If you are sharpening a double-bevel knife with a generic 22 degree angle, then this will fit your needs perfectly. However, if you have a variable collection, maybe not so much. I am extremely disappointed with the description by the seller, and felt incredibly mislead when my package arrived.

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  Heck of a useful tool
Posted By: Cameron - verified customer
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I'm a newbie and I haven't got the knack for getting just the right angle for sharpening my knives. But this guide is perfect -- it doesn't slip around and is simple to use. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to get the most out of their knives but doesn't sharpen them frequently enough to master the skill.

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