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Suehiro Deluxe Stone Holder
Suehiro Deluxe Stone Holder

Suehiro Deluxe Stone Holder

Item #: SuehiroHolder

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Our Price: $39.95
This Suehiro stone holder uses a single rod for clamping. Elastomer rubber and stainless steel construction. For stones over 150mm long. It is large enough to hold stones that have bases and is easier to adjust than 2 rod holders.

Holds stones from 150mm - 250mm in length

Overall Size: 230 x 85 x 37mm

Customer Reviews


17 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
  Exactly what I was looking for, July 29, 2020
Posted By: Mark - verified customer

I bought this to hold my Suehiro Debado MD stones. Works perfectly. (Probably because Suehiro makes it specifically for those stones.) My only very minor complaint is that Suehiro should have used a metal washer to keep the adjusting nut from digging into the elastomer jaws. But I can fix that for a few cents.
Oh! Also, this holder emits a potent odor when first unpackaged. Dissipates in a few days.

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  Suehiro stone holder, April 9, 2020
Posted By: Jose Garcia - verified customer

Very good stone holder, it can fit those 8 inches stones very easily. It is perfect height. The only drawback of is that when trying to sharpen with a 4 inches stone like a Coticule or a bout it can't clamp it.

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  Quality Item, April 22, 2019
Posted By: Robert Ungaro - verified customer

Tank. Quality item. True stainless, will not rust like most of the retail stone holders out there. Commercial grade rubber. You will not be disappointed.

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  Single adjustment , April 13, 2019
Posted By: T O - verified customer

While this is my first stone holder I bought this one over the slightly cheaper stone holder on this site bc it had a larger, single adjustment. This isingle adjustment is quick and applies plenty of force to keep the stone in place. I like it.

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  Almost perfect, February 6, 2019
Posted By: Gilberto Padilla

Works well, it won't clamp as tightly as the stone holders with 2 screws, but it is made well and holds most stones with bases attached. These should come with a washer so you don't eat into the rubber when screwing the nut down hard. I bought one for 16 cents at my local hardware store.

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  More adjustable than it says., April 15, 2018
Posted By: Jack

I hone on a 4-1/2" coticule bout and ordered this holder to keep my stone from sliding. The description says it holds stones 6" and longer but I took off the top and center pieces, put the top next to the bottom then the center support (to fill up the square portion of the rod) and that reduces the minimum size this can hold to 4-1/4" while still allowing the adjustment nut to engage the threads.

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  best stone holder for the price - excellent, February 19, 2017
Posted By: Stanley Johnson - verified customer

best stone holder for the price - excellent

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  Nice piece of equipment, February 3, 2017
Posted By: Frank K Jones - verified customer

Gets the stone high enough to clear the knuckles while sharpening. A little stout in odor, as others have commnted when first opened, but the odor seems to dissapate in short order. Securely holds the stone and easy to adjust to different stones.Only problem, if you can call it a problem, is the base does not sit entirely flat on the sharpening surface.. A sheet of corase grade sand paper on a flat surface, allows you to correct the base with a stone locke in place. Doesn't take much, but you shouldn't have to do it.All in all, I am glad I purchased this product, and I wouldn't dream os sharpening without it in the futureFrankk.

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  King wet stone, July 18, 2016
Posted By: paul - verified customer

Great product delivered quickly.

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  Stinks!, July 11, 2016
Posted By: Chris - verified customer

The holder does its job very well. It is stout and seems very well made. The problem is it REEKS of rubber! It smells like a a tire making factory and stinks up everything around it.

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  Excellent holder, June 21, 2016
Posted By: Andrew Metz - verified customer

I've been searching for this unit for some time now. I have been using the 2 screw holders for a while and they work fine but tend to rust up after a while. This unit has the single screw and is made of stainless steel which I prefer. Now I can just rinse it off and dry it as opposed to having to break down the holder, wash, rinse and oil it to prevent rusting. Well worth the money in my book.

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  Excellent Holder, December 23, 2015
Posted By: Jeff B - verified customer

Have been using the universal holder for the few couple years with no complaints. Was needing a second holder for convenience reasons so bought this one to give it a try. It is now my primary holder, bigger heavier and just better feeling than the universal holder. I like it much better, well worth the price difference.

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  perfect!, December 28, 2014
Posted By: Sean - verified customer

raises stones enough to provide ample knuckle clearance!(even for thinner stones! does not slide around even on wet surface, only one nut to spin to adjust for different stones! does not rust i know some have complained of rust about the other stone holder! can't say enough good about this stone holder!

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  Product Review, October 6, 2014
Posted By: f graham - verified customer

I got this holder for my mobile scissor sharpening business. It's solid, it adjusts to different sizes quickly and efficiently. I'm glad I chose this one.

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  Product Review, May 8, 2014
Posted By: Tyler F - verified customer

Solid stone holder, doesn't want to slide around and the single bar makes it pretty easy to swap between different sized stones. My only gripe is that the rubber that holds the stone at the front and back is pretty tall and the shapton glass stones only slightly peer over the top of this. This isn't a problem now, but years down the road this could prove problematic to flattening your stones and sharpening your knives. If you exclusively use Shapton glass stones or other thin stones, spring for a nicer stone holder, otherwise this is a great investment for those of you who are sick of your stones sliding around on wet towels

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  Product Review, July 12, 2013
Posted By: Jeff - verified customer

While a little more than the two-rod universal holders, this one is a lot easier to adjust as the nut spins easily on the shaft and noticeably more stable (it's wider as well as longer). Well worth the modest difference in price.

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  Product Review, May 30, 2013
Posted By: DJ - verified customer

Almost perfect, but does not quite fit one of my stones. Otherwise this really is the best out there. Easy to clean, stable, puts the stone at a nice height. So good, I have two!

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