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Naniwa Traditional Stone 1,000
Naniwa Traditional Stone 1,000

Naniwa Traditional Stone 1,000

Item #: T-210

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Our Price: $29.00
Naniwa has long been known for exceptionally high quality stones, and these new Traditional style stones are no exception. These are water stones and require soaking before use; the coarser the grit the more readily it will absorb the water.

This new line of Traditional stones is a great balance of price and quality, being thick enough for years of use but without the higher price tag of some of their other stone lines.

  • 1000 grit
  • 210mm x 70mm x 20mm

  • Customer Reviews


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      My New Straight-Razor Bevel Setter
    Posted By: Jonathan B. Horen - verified customer

    After a 30-minute soak I drew a grid and lapped it on a DMT-8C (325 grit) in my kitchen sink, under dripping water -- it didn't take long to finish, and a second "verification" lapping took even less time.

    Cut to almost two months later, where I again soaked it for half-an-hour, lapped it, and then set to work resetting the bevel on a 5/8", quarter-hollow Little Valley straight razor. It's a fast cutter, and the work went quickly (at least, quicker than I'd expected).

    Boy, is this a thirsty stone! Initially, I worked with the stone in a holder, on my kitchen counter. But I couldn't make more than a dozen back-and-forth passes before it was dry and needed spraying. After about ten minutes of this I decided to move my setup into the sink, and continued under dripping water. BIG difference! Next time, I'll let it soak for an hour, but bypass the counter and work in the sink.

    I'm glad I bought this stone, and feel no need, whatsoever, to seek anything else for my bevel (re)setting chores.

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      My New Straight-Razor Bevel Setter
    Posted By: Jonathan B. Horen
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    (please add this to my previous review)

    CON: It should be a full 3" wide -- the 70mm (2.76") is far less than the "normal" 3", and forces me to work with "X" strokes, which I hate, rather than my preferred up-and-back motion. It might not be a problem for others, but it's definitely a functional criticism (rather than a cosmetic one).

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