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Naniwa Super Stone 400
Naniwa Super Stone 400
Naniwa Super Stone 400

Naniwa Super Stone 400

Item #: S-404

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Our Price: $40.00
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
This is the new version of the Naniwa Super Stone with new packaging. They are made with a new resin bond and a tighter control of grit particle size. This bonding agent gives the stones two distinct advantages. First, the resin bond allows for a higher concentration of abrasive particles compared with less expensive methods of stone bonding. The higher abrasive levels contribute to the speed and ease of sharpening. Second, these resin bonded stones don't require soaking in water prior to use, just a sprinkle on the top is all that is needed. Do not soak these stones!

This particular 400 grit stone is excellent for establishing a new bevel angle or removing chips from the blade. This stone is the lowest grit you will need if you maintain your edges. If your knife or tool is not damaged or allowed to get too dull between sharpening sessions this 400 would be the coarsest stone you would need.

They measure 210 mm x 70 mm x 20 mm.

We are happy to be the only US distributor of Naniwa Super Stones that come in the larger 20 mm thickness without bases.

Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

4  Koppa, July 26, 2017
Posted By: Luis entrialgo - verified customer

Product was as good as advertised and came quick.

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5  Great for Repair Work, August 29, 2016
Posted By: Marc - verified customer
3 people found this review helpful

I picked this stone up recently and used it to repair a buddies chipped chef's knife. It had a nice little notch in the blade after a dinner guest tried to "saber" a champagne bottle with it. I was impressed with this splash and go. Didn't take long to complete the repair. I'm glad I added it to my stone collection.

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4  Naniwa Super Stone 400, August 26, 2016
Posted By: the Radical Educator - verified customer
3 people found this review helpful

The Stone was shipped out to me rather quickly, was packed with care and arrived in tact.
This stone helps develop an edge rather quickly and give good feedback. A nice wide working surface
for sharpening and holds water well.

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5  Great stone for moderately neglected knives, August 22, 2015
Posted By: Noah
5 people found this review helpful

This stone is a fast and a smooth cutter, and I have used it on many very low cost German-style knives that have steel with a lot of pitting, and I've been able to rapidly get back to a good blade. It only takes about 10-15 swipes on this to completely reset a blade to the point that it can be polished up at higher grits. I just did a set of cheap to half decent German knives with this, switching to the Naniwah Super 2000 grit and the knives all went from dull to very sharp in very short order. I would have tried the Nubatama Bamboo 400 and the Naniwah 2K 'green brick of joy' for this type of work but CKTG were sold out at the time. Builds a swarf quickly and cuts quickly and very smoothly/uniformly. Very long lasting and harder to gouge than the fact it doesn't gouge in my experience. While I have some 800-1200 grit stones, I feel like I don't need to use them when using this because it polishes up so cleanly and leaves a nice haze on the knife to assess the new edge. For already sharp edges it's too much, but for the 6-12 month neglected knife that can no longer cut paper or tomatoes...this is a go-to.

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