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Naniwa Professional Chosera 2,000 Grit
Naniwa Professional Chosera 2,000 Grit

Naniwa Professional Chosera 2,000 Grit

Item #: P-320

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Our Price: $78.29
This Naniwa Chosera 2k water stone offers an excellent solution to several niche applications. When working with extremely wear resistant steels, like modern powdered metallurgy steels, using a 2k stone to follow up a 1k stone decreases the duration of a sharpening session and increases the accuracy of the edge thanks to reduced fatigue for the sharpener. Alternatively, the fast-cutting action of the Chosera stones means that sharpening progressions can reach a broader grit range with fewer stones. This 2k stone could readily refine the scratch patterns of coarse girt stones like a 600 grit before moving onto a much finer stone to finish. Like all stones in the Chosera line, this stone is fast-cutting and slow dishing and has an excellent reputation for providing pleasant feedback. Due to the composition of these stones, they require only a splash of water and may crack if soaked for extended periods of time. These stones are 210mm x 70mm x 20mm.

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  Fine Stone
Posted By: John - verified customer

A fine stone. I am enjoying using it.

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  Nice stone!
Posted By: JimmyD - verified customer

You can't go wrong with any of the Naniwa professional stones. 2K,5K,and 10K for a progression from bevel to right before my Jnat finish. Nice! Quick, well packed, thanks guys.

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  Very Satisfied
Posted By: Bill - verified customer

About me. The family business was industrial tool sharpening until the late 1970's. The family heritage is western pioneers, with a culture of maintaining tools, especially knives. This product functions exactly as designed and advertised.Product arrived in good condition. It has performed as advertised, cutting cleanly and with good polishing action on harder, high alloy cutlery steels. When it comes time to replace or expand my whetstones, this series will be at the top of my list.

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  stone review
Posted By: chef mark - verified customer

Very long time user of the various Arkansas stones in multiple grades--all with, seemingly, good results. However, I noticed that I could never obtain the same edge on my Japanese knives to match the OOTB edge. Thanks to a small bonus at work, I ordered the 2000 grit Chosera/Nanawa stone and was blown away by both the ease of obtaining a sharp edge and the mirror-like polish the stone rendered. I have now re-sharpened both my work and household knives to an entire new level. Presently starting a fund to purchase a progressive lineup of Chosera stones from 400 grit up through the 5000. Go ahead a purchase the best stones you will ever use.

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  Smooth but thirsty
Posted By: Ronnie Parault - verified customer

Excellent stone for the type edge that i like.Using a shapton 1000 then chosera 2000 gives quick and excellent toothy cutting edge. I let the chosera soak while using the shapton. After that it is still thirsty but the results is worth the thirst. That is as far as you need to go. Going to chosera 5000 gives you a smoother better shaving edge that does not last as long. I rarely ever cook hair so a shaving edge is of no use to me.

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  Product Review
Posted By: Tom Brewton - verified customer

Like all my other Choseras, this is a hard, but easy to use, stone that yields a good kitchen edge quickly

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  Product Review
Posted By: Socrates7 - verified customer

An oddball in the lineup, it's hard to choose this over the 3k as they're pretty much equivalent. That said, it's really a great stone -- great feedback, great start to a session -- marries well with the other stones in the line.

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