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Kohetsu Blue #2 Gyuto 270mm
Kohetsu Blue #2 Gyuto 270mm Kohetsu Blue #2 Gyuto 270mmKohetsu Blue #2 Gyuto 270mmKohetsu Blue #2 Gyuto 270mm
Kohetsu Blue #2 Gyuto 270mmKohetsu Blue #2 Gyuto 270mmKohetsu Blue #2 Gyuto 270mmKohetsu Blue #2 Gyuto 270mm

Kohetsu Blue #2 Gyuto 270mm

Item #: AA2-G270

Average Customer Rating:
(5 out of 5 based on 10 reviews)

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Our Price: $129.95
A big knife with big aspirations…but a small price. That’s the Kohetsu Blue #2 Gyuto 270mm in a nutshell.

The Blue #2 270mm gyuto is a great performing knife. Very thin behind the edge, it almost falls into the laser class of knife. Using such a thin knife requires some extra care, but that care is rewarded with its superior cutting abilities. And the stainless cladding really helps with day-to-day maintenance.

The exposed carbon edge is very sharp out of the box but give it some time on your favorite fine grit stone and it will reward you with a cutting ability found in knives costing multiples of its price. New to sharpening? This is a wonderful place to start as the steel enables a beginner sharpener to get a really good edge even with a less than perfect technique.

A great value and one of our favorite low cost gyutos. Give it a try. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

  • Maker: Kohetsu
  • Location: Seki, Japan
  • Construction: San Mai, Laser Cut
  • Edge Steel: Blue #2 Carbon Steel
  • Cladding: Stainless
  • Edge Grind: 60/40 (okay for left- or right-handers)
  • Handle: Yo Pakka Wood
  • Weight: 9.6 oz (272 g)
  • Blade Length: 267 mm
  • Total Length: 405 mm
  • Spine Thickness at Base: 2.9 mm
  • Blade Height: 53.3 mm

  • Customer Reviews


    10 review(s) WRITE A REVIEW (Reviews are subject to approval)
      Great knife
    Posted By: Shelly Olander

    Sharp right out of the box, great all around knife

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      Excellent gyuto!
    Posted By: AK

    This is my second gyuto, after the Richmond Artifex II.
    The Kohetsu Blue #2 is clearly a superior knife. Great ergonomics, very sharp edge and edge holding is excellent too. I was debating between this and the Tojiro DP VG-10 gyuto, but at the end I decided to try the carbon steel one. I think the Kohetsu has a better grip and while the Tojiro might stay reasonably sharp longer, The Blue#2 steel I think can get sharper.

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      Great value
    Posted By: Schein Glick

    Girlfriend purchased this for me after she saw me looking at it. Slightly chunky blade feels weighty in the hand but gets super sharp and performs well. Some issue with the fit and finish as small gaps in the scales where the bolster would be allow food debris to accumulate and must be meticulously cleaned. Other than that no complaints. Love it for breaking fish and other butchery tasks. Makes me feel cool every time I pull it out. Thanks cktg!

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      So good
    Posted By: Karyn Tomlinson - verified customer

    Three years later I still love this knife. I sharpen on my stone once or twice a week and it holds an edge beautifully.

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      All purpose
    Posted By: Lee

    I got this knife to break down salmon, but I cant keep my hands off it. Ive used it two doubles in a row on a sushi line and it still cuts green onions paper thin. I'm really happy with its versatility and edge retention.

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      This Knife Is Outstanding
    Posted By: Tom Dickinson

    I took this knife to work with me and I used it with my culinary students today. I cannot complain, and the saya I purchased for it fit perfectly. It came out razor sharp and it went through onions like warm butter. The blade did start showing some discoloration immediately, but it adds to the fact that this knife is a wonderful addition to my knife bag and it powered through onions today like nobody's business. It's not the prettiest knife to look at, but as I said in a previous review, and what my grandfather would always say "I didn't buy it to look at. I bought it to use." Great blade. Totally satisfied.

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      I just bought this knife
    Posted By: Tom Dickinson

    I just purchased this knife and a saya to go with it. I hope it lives up to it's hype. It's not the prettiest knife in the collection, but as my grandfather would say "I didn't buy it to look at, I bought it to use."

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      Great, Big Knife
    Posted By: cjdilts

    Won't give this knife a four star review because the few flaws are based on my preferences and I knew what I was getting with this knife thanks to Steve and his awesome videos.
    This knife is what it is. Nothing flashy, thin or overly unique. If I was going to pick a word to describe this knife I would say homely. She's not going to turn heads but she has a good soul and if you show her a little affection she won't let you down.
    This knife is big, thick and stout. Thin enough at the tip and behind the edge to perform beyond my initial expectations. Once I put it through some food I was very impressed. I bought this mainly for whole animal butchery this summer. The primals I've broke down so far have been easy and the knife has held up perfectly. 10 pounds brunoise onions easy. Carrots were a little wedgy but to be expected.
    My critiques are basic. I wish the knife was more blade heavy but with the yo handle thats to be expected and I would have liked maybe some embossed kanji. Screened on reminds me of my shun days and thanks to the great things Mark and Sue have offered us here I am so glad those days are behind me and with all they've done for me at CKTG I only wish I had more money to give them. For those of you looking to try a low maintenance carbon workhorse knife you shouldn't look further. Thanks again CKTG.

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      excellent job !!!
    Posted By: RICHARD K SATO - verified customer

    Weight,hardness,pricewise everything fine.

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      Kohetsu 270
    Posted By: Kendall Phillips - verified customer

    I used CKTG's sharpening service. This knife is wicked sharp, sharpest knife I've ever owned. I do have small hands and te handle is huge but I can still get a good pinch grip. It is a little sharp on the back of the knife blade and i'm afraid i'll cut myself unless I sand it down a little before I chop with it.

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