+Gihei Blue #2 Tall Petty 165mm
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Gihei Blue #2 Tall Petty 165mm
Gihei Blue #2 Tall Petty 165mm Gihei Blue #2 Tall Petty 165mmGihei Blue #2 Tall Petty 165mmGihei Blue #2 Tall Petty 165mm
Gihei Blue #2 Tall Petty 165mm Gihei Blue #2 Tall Petty 165mmGihei Blue #2 Tall Petty 165mmGihei Blue #2 Tall Petty 165mm

Gihei Blue #2 Tall Petty 165mm

Item #: GAN-P17R

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Gikei Blue #2 Tall Petty 165mm

The Gihei Blue #2 Tall Petty is a true all-rounder of a knife. It is long enough to take on most ingredients while being short enough for the smaller cutting tasks around the kitchen. The knife is rather like a cross between a small gyuto and a short santoku.

Atsushi Hosokawa and his son make this line of knives using Hitachi Blue #2 steel which is hardened to 62-63 HRC. The exceptional grinds on these knives are a symmetrical 50/50 which is perfect for left and right handed users. The inner core of Aogami #2 is clad with SUS 405 stainless steel which helps to protect and strengthen the knife. The cladding is given a great looking pear skin (nashiji) finish above the primary bevel. Overall fit and finish is exceptional given the knife’s reasonable price point.

Care must still be taken with the exposed Blue #2 edge as it will corrode if left wet or dirty.

It comes with a nice magnolia oval handle and buffalo horn ferrule. This is a really fine handmade, hammer forged knife made using traditional techniques. The outstanding blades coming out of this small father and son blacksmith shop should receive your consideration. We like them a lot!

  • Blacksmith:Atsushi Hosokawa
  • Location: Sanjo, Japan
  • Construction: Hammer Forged, San Mai
  • Core Steel: Blue #2
  • Knife Type: Tall Petty
  • Edge Length: 165mm
  • Blade Height: 38mm
  • Spine Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Handle: Magnolia Wood Oval
  • Ferrule: Buffalo Horn

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Reviews

    5  Still a beautiful knife - my go-to knife for most kitchen tasks, October 22, 2019
    Posted By: John Potter - verified customer

    I wrote a review a couple of weeks ago about this very knife. CKTG sent me an email today that asked me to rate the Gihei Blue tall petty knife, so these comments are a follow-up to that initial review.
    The knife is well balanced and retains its edge even with daily usage. I only cook for two people, and therefore "daily usage" does not necessarily mean "heavy usage". I use it mostly for vegetables and root veggies like potatoes, turnips, beets. When I need to dismember a butternut squash, I do the initial slicing of the top and bottom with a heavier blade, but this Gihei knife is excellent for dicing prior to roasting.
    The handle is unfinished magnolia wood. If you want a prettier handle, feel free to attach one, but I like the slight roughness of the wood, which allows a good grip even when wet.
    Maintenance includes immediate drying after washing, to avoid rust. On the one occasion when I forgot to dry the knife, it developed a couple of small rust stains that were easily removed with a damp paper towel. The rust only appeared on the blade edge because the cladding is stainless.
    The knife perfectly slices fish such as cod and salmon filets. Goes through salmon skin easily, which means creating individual portions is no problem.
    When I need a taller blade, I turn to my Tojiro Shirogami Hairline Santoku, a "best buy" knife here at CKTG.

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    5  Beautiful knife, well balanced, October 4, 2019
    Posted By: John Potter

    For some time now,I have wanted to get a Gyuto knife to replace my 6-inch Wusthof Classic chef knife.I like a smaller chef knife, and Gyuto knives are usually 7 inches or more (i.e, greater than 180 mm). When I found this Gihei Blue #2 knife at CKTG, I thought it would be perfect. At the time, though, it was out of stock. Good for CKTG to offer the option to be notified when an out-of-stock item is available again! I got my notification and immediately ordered it. As usual, CKTG filled my order, shipped it within a day, and I had it in my hands in only a couple of business days.
    The knife is 3.6 ounces (102 g) and very well balanced. The handle is not too large for the knife in my opinion - I wish the video did not spend so much time on the handle and how it needs replacing with a smaller one. I'm a guy, by the way. I also have a Tojiro Santoku knife, also 165 mm, with a similar sized handle, and both knives feel right at home in my hand. Of course, if you plan to use this as a petty knife rather than a chef/gyuto knife, maybe the smaller handle makes sense.
    Speaking of the handle, it is very smooth with a perfect transition between the ferrule and the wood.
    The spine is 3,5 mm thick immediately above the heel of the blade, but it is 4 mm thick where it enters the handle. Near the end of the video is a demonstration of where the blade is straight, before it begins its smooth curve toward the tip. It might look like about a third of the edge is flat (about 55 mm), but I measured the flat portion to be 35 mm long - with lots of curve for a rocking motion for mincing or similar tasks.
    The steel sharpens easily, at what feels like a 10° angle. The documentation that comes with the knife is in Japanese, but with the hardness identified in English as HRC 62-64. Oh, and the knife is shipped with a plastic sheath, although I have replaced it with a knife guard for storage.

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    5  Falcon142, July 21, 2018
    Posted By: Tom Lovelady - verified customer

    Very beautiful. Very sharp. Buy it! You’ll love it.

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    5  Fun Versatile Knife., June 25, 2018
    Posted By: Jeff B
    2 people found this review helpful

    Wanted a taller larger petty for multiple uses and this one fits the bill well. Compliments my smaller shorter 150mm very well. Excellent for small duty board work and prep. Sharpens up great and has excellent edge retention. Really like the full size handle on this one as opposed to the tooth picks you usually find on a petty. Great cutter and just a fun versatile knife to have around.

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    5  Unique knife, August 23, 2017
    Posted By: James - verified customer
    1 people found this review helpful

    I bought this knife to round out my collection of pettys. It is rather like a gyuto instead. Nice grind, it thins nicely. It was rather dull out of the box, but just a single session has it really sharp. When I bought this, I was prepared to knock the handle off, and install a smaller handle, because of the info in the video. Now that I have it, I don't feel the oversized handle to be an issue at all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. There is zero issue with finger clearance for me, and I find this to be a really cool knife.

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